I have had the camera for a couple of months. I was able to give the camera a good workout on a trip to Jackson Wy. and on to the OR. &CA. coast. The camera captured the difference in the tones of color the grays against the snow on the mts. and the different greens of the trees, and the blues of the ocean. The camera is easy to use. The batteries for the NEX 6 fits the sony alpha A6000. I would have given the camera five stars except for the battery drain. You can take several hundred pictures on a charge, but TURN OFF THE BATTERY between shooting if it is going to be more then a few minutes.

Sony tells you in the not so good manual the batteries only last about an hour and a half if you leave the camera on. Back to the good points. The focus is very fast even in low light conditions such as twilight or in the Redwood forest. If you want a small, light, fast focus, easy to use and will give great pictures check out the A6000.

Perfect for learning!

This is a really great camera to learn more about photography. It is light and small enough that it doesn’t require an entire backpack, produces great results even for an intermediate amateur, and has all the necessary controls to learn about advanced photography features.My favorite characteristic is the focus peaking, allowing the combination with legacy lenses, for an affordable introduction to fixed-width photography. Because, let’s face it, shelling out $ for a single lens is very expensive when you’re not sure you have the skills required to actually get the most out of it.

Good value for the price

I am satisfied with the overall performance of the camera, but there are three things that disappoint me: battery life, poor quality LCD screen and the raw format is not yet recognized by my software. It is essential to buy a battery and extra charger.

So Far Amazing

Believe the hype. I haven’t even scratched the surface with this camera yet, but the initial results are amazing. I was looking for a camera to take high into the mountains and this is small enough to do so. The speed is perfect for action shots.

Great little camera

Really small – about the same size as my Canon PowerShot G11 – but with a much larger image sensor.Too bad SONY does not include an external battery charger. I believe an external battery charger is necessary, and the SONY charger costs about $.

Excellent value

I’m a beginner when it comes to DSLR and this is my first camera. Have been using it extensively the last 2 weeks and I’ve been loving this baby so far 🙂 Pros: – APS-C Sensor – Controls are easy to use – The 16-50 mm kit lens and the 55-210mm telephoto (I bought my camera with these 2), are really good lenses for a beginner or an amateur from what I could see. – The auto-focus is really fast. – The continuous shooting mode works nicely. – Wifi/NFC connectivity and the PlayMemories app on Android/iphone makes things a breeze to transfer photos from the camera to the smartphone Cons: – Sony E-Mount lenses are priced relatively higher than Canon or Nikon counterparts for identical lenses from my searches. – Does not come with a battery charger. The USB cable based charging directly in the camera is very finicky and doesn’t work reliably. (The main reason for giving a 4-star against 5).

Amazing Lightweight Camera

I am not a professional photographer. I picked up this camera to use as a hobby. The camera has amazing Auto Focus! With the stock kit lens and good lighting I am able to get 98% of the photos in focus. This was extremely useful photographing for a kids birthday party.

The problem with this camera is that there is not a lot of E-mount lens available, and the ones are not really that fast F Stop Speaking. If I knew better I would have gotten an NEX 6 or 7 for cheap and just gotten a Metabones Speed Adapter to Canon FD lenses or Micro 4/3rds. The cameras use the same sensor as the A6000.

Fun to shoot with

I use the a6000 as a carry with me quick draw ready to shoot camera. This camera has a stellar sensor. Put a great lens on it and find out. I really like the 11fps, EVF, focus peaking, small size and weight. It’s always ready to shoot. Unlike my D800. The a6000 is really fun to use. Controls can be customized to your hearts content. If you have kids, or pets, you can take action stopping shots you never new you missed until you see them right before your eyes. Love it. There are no cons.

As Great as I could possibly expect

I purchased this camera to have updated video features and a small walk around camera. I do not like the sensor size of the m43 camera’s and wanted to adapt my Nikon glass. This camera has blown my expectations out of the water. Great clean clear image, and I love the colors and look straight out of camera RAW for photo’s. The EVF is very responsive and almost no shutter lag. Amazing camera, and a must have for video shooters looking for a light package. If only it had XAVC-S like the upcoming A7s, then this camera would be perfect.

Liking it so far

I primarily shoot with Nikon bodies and lenses, currently a D7000 and D800 and lenses ranging from a prime 35 to the Sigma 150-500. Those are great options for travel where photography is the primary object or at least a significant focus of a trip. But what to do when you are really traveling for business, but want to be prepared?

This is a really great option. I had a previous version of the alpha nex series, and upgraded to this body because of the advancements in resolution and control, as well as the ability to use a simulated viewfinder and shoot raw. I bought the kit lens (16-50 power zoom) and I traveled with the 16-50 and 18-200; I have not yet tried it with the 20 or wide angle / fish-eye attachments.

So far I have been pleased. The rating is four stars rather than five because the manual controls are neither intuitive nor particularly easy to adjust mid-shooting sequence. But it is four stars rather than three despite this problem because the auto scene mode is really improved, which is great because I have relied upon it a lot as I try to work out the manual modes. Some photos are attached, showing how the auto mode dealt with various situations with varying success. I am pretty happy, although some of the images are a little soft as I also figure out the adaptive focusing mode.

Bottom line: I am keeping the Nikons, but I would definitely recommend this to a person as a second pocket system (I attach the 20-50, wrap the 18-200 in bubble wrap and dump both into my carryon tote) or to a person who wants DLSR operation but doesn’t need something as complicated as the basic Nikon. Just find time to practice with it before you travel!


Sony Alpha A6000 – Outstanding pictures
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