The only reason why I am giving this camera a 4 instead of a 5 is this: I wish it had a zoom rocker under the shutter button like the A5100 has. With the A6000, one has to zoom via the lens zoom collar as opposed to a zoom rocker on the body.

Other than that, I love this camera. I own a Nikon DSLR … the D7500 with the 18-300 lens, which I use primarily for sports photography. It’s not the kind of kit I would want to carry around all day, but when stationary or almost stationary it is perfect. I also own a Sony RX100 III, which is very small and perfect for when I go hiking. I can easily slip it into a pants pocket, and it’s small and light when those things matter. I was looking for something in the middle between those two systems from a size and weight perspective.

The Sony A6000 fits that requirement perfectly. It is just as good as my Nikon DSLR when it comes to image quality, but it is something I can tote around all day due to its small size and weight. It’s like an SLR that can go into a very small case or jacket pocket, and not strain my neck if carried by a neck strap. It meets the walk-around-a-city-all-day test.

Would I walk around NYC all day with my Nikon DSLR and its zoom lens? No way. But I would with the A6000.

Sony Alpha vs Samsung NX

3yrs ago I bought a Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera. It was a great camera – and cool looking too. But this past summer it fried out and because Samsung has gotten out of photography, parts are no longer available.

This fall we went to Europe for two weeks and I borrowed a Sony a6500 with a Zeiss lens. There are some things that I liked better on the NX but I have grown to enjoy the Alpha series. When I got home I bought an a6000 for 1/3 the price of a 6500. I am not sure internal image stabilization and weather sealing is worth the price difference. Otherwise they are nearly identical, with the 6000 a bit smaller and lighter.

So far I like this camera, it has the biggest sensor, smallest weight (for travel or hiking), and best price. Fuji cameras seem expensive for what one gets. And Panasonics and the others seem to be a step down. However, one thing I have yet to work out is working with RAW images. Sony isn’t supported in Lightroom. Also, be forewarned, the setup menus are lengthy and sometimes cryptic.

Personally I hate having to buy a new digital camera due to being outdated or electrical issues. That is why I still use my Nikon F2 – like a rock! This Sony will be used heavily and like a tool (vs like a fragile instrument), I hope and expect it to live up to its reputation.

Not a DSLR, but a nice camera anyway

I purchased the Sony Alpha a6000 as a travel camera, something smaller and lighter than my dslr. With the 35mm prime lens, it takes great sharp photos with true colors. The 24 mp resolution is very nice.

The control dial at the top makes switching modes easy. I like the electronic viewfinder and tilt screen. The manual that comes with it is ok, it describes the function of the buttons and dials but does not do much beyond that. For example, I had to go online to find out how to delete a batch of photos rather than press the delete button for each one. Adjusting the focus zone area is a bit cumbersome in that I can’t seem to do it while looking through the viewfinder.

Have to go to the menu, set my focus zone, then look back through the viewfinder to take the shot. Some controls that are at my fingertips on my dslr, is buried in the menu. I think this is common for most mirrorless cameras though. The battery life is not the greatest. Taking along a spare battery is advisable. All things considered, I think its a good camera.

Not good for low light

I had this camera for about a week, I took some shots in low light outdoors, the sun was not completely down. The photos even at ISO 400 look really grainy. I was shooting RAW, when I got home, I took a look at the photos in Lightroom, they where not usable. Maybe its operator error. I dont know, but I wish I wouldve done more research before purchasing this camera. Ill probably be selling it soon, since I cant return it.

Great camera

This Sony takes very sharp images with the kit lens. I bought the speedlight for it but found that I don’t need it. The camera flash does the job. I love the video but you can’t video for more than 30 minutes or the camera shuts down due to internal heat. Also, if you buy an additional battery be sure it’s a Sony battery because the off brands don’t last 15 minutes in the camera.

I saw that someone complained about taking shots in low light. If you use the yellow setting it sees the scene almost as well as your eye does so the images are fantastic! I also love that the camera is so light. I sometimes use it with my studio lights. I’d recommend this camera.

Great Camera Package Except……..

Still learning all the features of the A6000 which exceeds my expectations but you do need an advance course to harness all of its capabilities. The manual provided, if you can call it that, does not come close to explaining the features or operation of the camera.

And Sony does not have a manual online. If you’re doing anything more than point-and-shoot, you’ll need to invest in a guide book. My only other criticism of the package (A6000 body,2 lenses, and accessory kit) is the camera bag. You can’t fit everything in it and if you buy any other accessories, forget it.

From a cardboard KodaK to this!!

70 years of searching for the best camera is over. this is it! ( for Me ). I s hoot candid portrats ; alot of perfromers in poor light. . It finds the light, and the color. the speed of the Autofocus is as fast as Human. . I am Pushing up into 5000ISO and it still absorbs every pour. I has taken to giving it to friends to shoot me! they have become instant experts.

Great camera but LOUSY LENS

5* for camera and 1* for lens. I have owned this camera for 3+ years now and it is a great camera for street shooting. Unfortunately the same cannot be said about this lens which is very soft throughout its entire range of focal lengths. lens choices for the e mount are somewhat limited but I personally recommend some of the Sigma prime lenses. These are cheap and super sharp but are not telephoto. Still as they say, you are standing on your best telephoto!

Sony Alpha A6000 – Perfect Size and Weight
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