As someone who travels nearly half he year, I needed a flexible, light weight camera that could still give me gallery-ready results. Increasingly my professional friends said that they found mirroless was giving them the same or better results than their traditional SLR,mouth were afraid to make the change or found that the investment they had in lenses was prohibiting the move.

After years lugging my Nikon, I’m thrilled to say that going to this Sony mirroless has made my life so much easier and re inspired me as a travel photographer. The adapter ring has allowed me to even use some of my favorite lenses. Eventually mirroless will certainly be the standard. This SONY offers much more than the others on the market. Go for it!

An Amazing Little Camera!

I wanted a light, small backup camera for my heavy full-frame DSLR. After doing extensive research I decided to get the Alpha A6000. For the price, I can’t imagine a better camera. It suits my needs perfectly for street photography, portraits, and travel. The video capability is exceptional for a still cameraof course, I would have expected that from Sony, with their years of building high-quality camcorders.

The audio quality for videotaping exceeded my expectations, for such a small camera. I had thought that I would probably have to buy an external microphone, but for most of my needs, the camera’s microphone is adequate. It’s just a great, fun, and exciting camera. I carry it everywhere I go.


Light & compact……great for hiking, street photography and everyday camera. Love the customizable buttons and high burst rate. I also own a Nikon D7000 whichI love especially in low light but its size & weight prevents me carrying it on a daily basis but with the Sony A6000 I now carry a camera all the time.

After my NEX 7 body died….

Bought the Alpha a6000 after my NEX 7 body died (after 52,000 images–I’m not complaining)–with a little trepidation–the price of the 6000 is about half of what I paid for the NEX7–so I worried that the quality would be a step down– Fortunately, this does not seem to be the case–the camera feels familiar, even though some of the controls are in different places–the double thumb wheels on the NEX 7 have been replaced–but I like the mode wheel on top. I’m using mostly the Sony Ziess 24 f1.8 lense with the camera–one of the best lenses I’ve ever owned–a lens I hope to use the rest of my life–and it’s great to see that Sony is continuing to improve the bodies that work with this great lens.

A great travel and general family camera

While I have only had it for a couple of weeks, I love it. 11 pictures a second, makes catching those special moments in sports easy. One button video at the tip of your fingers. Enough resolution for large prints. As a long term Canon owner, I am still adjusting to some control differences. tg I s light enough to have at hand at all times. I recommend it to all serious photographers.

Absolutely phenomenal camera

I have been a Nikon guy for 30 years. I have a ton of lenses and my current favorite Nikon SLR is the D7100. (I prefer the DX format to the FX format for a number of reasons). It’s a great still camera, but shoots absolutely terrible video. Sony on the other hand is known for making amazing video cameras, but has struggled to gain market share in the stills world.

My wife got an a5000 and I was incredibly impressed with it, but it lacks manual controls–too many menus required to get into the settings. I decided to buy this camera as something more portable than an SLR but with much higher quality images than a typical fixed-lens point/shoot. This camera is amazing. The video looks like the video from an FS100. The stills are as good as the ones from my Nikon D7100.

The autofocus is as fast as any DSLR. It can do ANYTHING a DSLR can do, and a few things they can’t. This may be the future of cameras. A DSLR is starting to look like something I don’t really need anymore. My only complaint is that the battery is pretty small and the battery life could be better. So buy a couple. It has enough manual controls and assignable buttons that you can set it up to be able to change settings/focus/mode/etc in just a few actions and once you get it set up, the darned thing is absolutely fantastic to use.

The kit lens is sharp and has optical stabilization built in which works in both stills and video mode! Crazy cool. Honestly, I haven’t been so amazed by a camera in a long time. For the money? Best camera I have ever owned. Buy a battery charger with the camera….Sony is too cheap to include one with the camera and expects you to charge it through a USB cable.

Lame Sony! Was this review helpful to you?9 0 12/13/2014 Best Bang for Buck in my opinion By null VERIFIED BUYER I own a Nikon d7000 and a D5100 which are both wonderful cameras. I have taken 10s of thousands of pictures with both and I am mostly satisfied with my user experience.

My only two issues are that I often don’t have either with me for a great photo opportunity because of size and focusing accuracy with my f1.8 primes are sometimes out. So I decided to try the mirror-less world. I debated between the Olympus OM-10, Panasonic GX7 and the Sony A6000. I couldn’t pass up the recent deals on the A6000 along with the 50mm f.18 OSS.

Too good to be true. I also got the sigma 19 and 30mm f 2.8. M43rd primes are reputed to be great but just above my budget. So what is my verdict? After one week of use, I love the a6000. The ability to see what you are getting, before you shoot is wonderful to the dslr user. The focus seems more reliable than my My Nikons. I haven’t missed a shot with the 50mm f1.8 wide open as yet! It is small fast and image quality is as good if not slightly better than the Nikons. I also got a dumb adapter for my Nikon lenses and I am finally able to accurate focus the lens because of focus peaking and image magnification. It really works well for me.

The A6000 is also easy to carry around. Does it replace my Nikon? Not yet. Battery life can’t compare, I have big investment in Nikon mount glass and three flashes which works best on Nikon equipment. But who knows. In time I may switch completely to mirror-less.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Perfect travel camera
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