This little gem produces sharper, cleaner video than my high dollar Pro cam and my Sony Alpha 77m2. It offers complete manual control of all parameters, full automatic, or any combination of both. You can also pre-program three modes with all your prefered parameters.

Depth of field is deep enough to provide soft backgrounds but not so deep that only parts of a face are in focus during close ups. It provides amazingly clean video in low light, and even better stills in light where it’s difficult to see with your eyes. For video, it’s better than most DSLRs. For stills, it’s a close match.

A great camera

I purchased this camera after a 5 month review of my own. It works just as advertised. This camera really shines if you will learn to operate in the full manual mode. I did use this on a recent wedding and also used my sony 16mm 2.8 e mount lens and the video was exceptional as well as my nikon 50mm 1.8 I also mounted my sony ea50 18-200mm and it works quite well for day or night time shots. My only complaint is that is does not have audio in.

Not as good as most people say

I heard many reports about the fast AF system, and how this was replacing some pro’s DSLR. So, since I shoot a lot of sports and this was inexpensive relative to a DSLR with similar characteristics, I decided to try it. There is no way a professional sports photog would use this.

The AF system is no where near as fast as my Nikon. The 11 FPS is awesome but if the subject is running the AF system can’t keep up – so the 11 FPS would be worthless. The lock-on focus is nice, but you have to use the wide area focus area and it has issues distinguishing between your subject and others. The renders lock-on essentially worthless unless you subject is very well separated from other objects. Otherwise, this camera is nice and many features.

Pocket Rocket

Heard so much about this camera. I had the original fuji x100 (12 mp). Had to upgrade to bigger file size because I’m doing some wall prints. Instead of lugging around my 5D mk3 around, this camera fit the bill in: file size, image quality, quick handling and small form factor. Matter of fact, I’m so happy with this camera’s performance, I’m thinking of using it as a 2nd camera for video shooting.

The video features on this surpasses the 5D MK3, I think, notably the auto focus during video. Because of its light weight I’m using it as my stedicam camera. Some concerns. It is a consumer camera so I don’t think its too durable. Its nicely made but not solid enough. But if it was more solid, it would be heavier which would negate its pocketable charm.

Also, when you use a quick release plate on this tiny bottom area, it seems that there isn’t enough surface area on the camera to securely attach the QR plate. Here’s the big design flaw: So when you tighten the quick release on this camera, the rubber pad starts to grip the LCD screen to a point where you can’t pop it out. I’m more concerned with putting upward pressure on the LCD screen like that. I pop the screen out then I tighten the QR plate.

They should’ve made the frame of the LCD so so flush with the bottom of the camera. But once again, this camera was not designed to be used on pro camera support. But more of pros are using this camera. This says a lot about this camera. Good job Sony! Just upgrade few things like more durable body, weather sealing, and better means of coupling the camera I would pay more money for these features.

Fast AF & Great Image Quality

I bought the sony A6000 to be used as a camera for sports, primarily skiing, but love it as a general purpose camera for kids, birds, etc. Another reason I bought it is that I wanted a relatively inexpensive, high quality camera I can take into riskier situations (backountry skiing) without worrying about breakage.

Since I also own an A7 I share lenses with the A6000. Thus far I find myself using the Sony FE 70-200 G lens the most but I’ve also got the Zeiss 35mm, 50mm and 24-70mm lenses. I’m very pleased with the image quality even with cropping. The frame rate and autofocus speed on this camera is incredible…you won’t be dissappointed. Sony really seems to be on a great run with all their mirrorless products. Some reviews knock the EVF resolution, but I have not found that to be an issue at all, in fact, I was very pleased with the clarity.

Stunning Image Quality

Have had this camera for a week after 30+ years w/ Nikon SLR/DSLR. I shoot derelict properties and street photography. So far, 90% has been with the kit lens–bought the 55-210mm but not sure I’ll need it much. Mainly in Aperture Mode. Good menus and Fn options. Bottom line is simple: the image quality I’m getting from this camera is stunning. Highly recommend this piece to a serious advanced amateur or semi-pro.

Love my A6000

Although I’ve only had my camera for the past 2 weeks, I’m already convinced that it was an excellent purchase. The autofocus is extremely quick and the camera is lightweight and compact. Taking my first trip to Europe and I’m sure to add to my review after the trip…

Go for it

Being recently retired, I find myself traveling more and more. My main camera is a nikon D90, however, it is way too heavy to carry all the time. I’ve been looking at mirrorless cameras for awhile and finally made the decision to purchase the Sony a6000. What a great decision! The a6000 lives up to it’s reviews. Easy to use and beautiful photos. For the price you can’t go wrong with this mirrorless gem.

Amazing Compact Powerhouse

So I originally bought this camera to be an interim solution while waiting for the new line of Canon cameras to hit the market. I am officially sold on the Sony’s and will probably end up just buying the a-mount adapter and buying some good a-mount glass. Pros: Camera is super lightweight and very compact. With the 150/mbs card the 11fps doesn’t ever bog. Great features, including a very good auto-focus system. Cons: Obviously the lens selection isn’t great, but easy to get around. Wish the Manual focus mode didn’t have the zoom factor added.

The EVM is decent, but proves to be just a waste of space most of the time. Overall, I would highly recommend this camera to anyone including PROs who are looking for a good solid shooter. With the right glass this camera can rival even higher end Nikon and Canon.

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