I am photo enthusiast and this is my first step of switching from Canon cameras. This Sony is a great camera. Super autofocus, great image quality and nice videos. Great features in general. I strongly recommending this a6000!

Great, powerful little camera!

I’m still learning how to use it, but so far, this little camera has many great features & takes really nice photos & video. Love that it has the viewfinder & the screen & that it shoots RAW format.

Amazing camera, however bag doesnt fit both lenses

The camera is amazing so easy to use, however the case included in the accessories kit doesnt fit both lenses. Therefore I am going to have to buy another case, which is frustrating and seems like a waste of money.

So far so… GREAT!

Have been using the camera for about two weeks now, and it takes such amazing pictures. I really think this is the best package because you get about $80 worth of accessories for free, which you could look at as a discount. Would definitely recommend to a friend, or honestly anyone looking for a compact camera that shoots (in my opinion) better than a DSLR, look no further!

Needs ergonomic help

I bought this to replace a Canon 7D DSLR. This thing clearly wins in the weight department. It is nice and lightweight like what I was looking for. Changing settings for anything is a pain. If you want to bump the exposure up or down a little you have to press a button to bring up the exposure settings and then rotate the wheel to change the exposure.

Manual focus requires another menu selection but fortunately there’s a single button to bring up the menu but still it’s a multi step process. The 16-50 has a different zoom method than the 55-210. You have to remember which lens is in the camera. The telephoto is not bad but sharpness leaves a lot to be desired, especially at closer distances.

Newsprint is hardly readable whereas it’s pretty clear with the 16-50 at the same close distance. Picture quality is on par with the Canon which is great. The other features need lots of help to even be a competitor. It’s keeper for now until something better comes along.

Sony A6000

The combination of the camera and lenses is a great way to start a photography experience. I see the need to further advance the camera capability is to get better lens, so keep that in mind when purchasing this package.

The truth about the a6000…

I recently purchased the sony a6000 and have been a long time a77 user. I love my a77 and especially the kit lens it came with while bulky it is extremely sharp. The a6000 is not the same, so if you are looking to replace a DSLR with a mirrorless let me say, “Don’t do it!” Keep your DSLR and use the mirrorless as an add-on.

Here is why the a DSLR performs better than a mirrorless. 1. Lense distortion and blurring at the edges of the image. On very compact lenses (which is the reason for the a6000 right?) their is significant distortion at the corners of the images especially when shooting raw. Since there is built in lens correction the jpegs come out of the camera significantly improved.

But be advised with the kit lens (and from what I hear other compact lenses) there is still significant loss of sharpness towards the corner of the images especially at 16mm or wider and with a wide aperture(**see rock picture). I did not have this problem with my Sony DSLR. I suspect that because of its size the distance from the front of the lens to the sensor is causing all the problems. With all the great reviews ( I did my homework )I am surprised I never came across this before I bought.

Now why do I give it three stars. As a lower end travel camera and a step above a point in shoot I think it has great potential. I will probably shoot .jpg more than raw. I mainly uses this camera for family travel, any vacations and more significantly resource photographs for my artwork. I try to carry it around wherever I go so I have a camera available for that rare moment instead of my phone. As far as my photographic quality images I will stick with the A77!

So glad I didn’t sell my A77 as I was about to…. I hope this helps you determine whether this camera is right for you. Oh and did I mention that is a fun camera to take pictures with? The shutter seems snappier than my DSLR and feels like I am using an old vintage film camera.

Old but great camera

I bought this camera mainly for photography. i purchased this with the 16-50 mm kit lens and so far i have been amazed with all the capabilities that this small camera has. this is a great buy for those for photography (new or experienced), as it is quite decently priced and has outstanding performances.

Before buying this camera i was a bit skeptical ( it was 3 years old) but i am happy to say that i am very pleased with this purchase. although the build quality is all plastic, including the lens, a plastic body enables it to be light, which is after all one of the reasons to buy a mirrorless vs a dslr. but it does give the camera a cheap feel, and at this price it wouldnt be too much to ask for a better build quality.

Another downside is the contents of the camera. my a6000 came with the camera body and lens attached with only a lens front cap (no camera body or rear lens cap), and there is no included hot shoe cover. in addition, the kit lens is a great lens to get started with photography, but is plastic and feels a little flimsy and cheap. other than these issues, the a6000 is a great buy and i highly recommended this camera.

Nice Sony Alpha A6000 Camera

Very good camera, I love purchase on BHPhotoVideo site. The package deal is perfect, as quality of product and additional accessories were perfectly what I was expecting. Even after couple of research I have found that the extra WATSON battery which comes with this deal is awesome as compared to other brands. also, to mentioned class 3 memory card is really good with fast access. Overall, perfect product to start photography!

Just buy it!

The Sony menu system takes a bit to get used to, if you are coming from a DSLR. And furthermore, the flush mounted buttons, and close tolerance wheels take a bit of fumbling to operate. You will go through at least 2x battery charges as compared a single DSLR battery.

The Electronic View Finder, Direct Manual Focus (DMF), focus peaking, autofocus speed, 11 frames per second drive speed, and wifi connectivity (sharing images using Sony Play Memories) make this camera worth the price by themselves. The kit lens is about 90% as sharp as the 55mm f/1.8 that costs around a grand by itself. Unless you need a really shallow DOF, this kit lens will be superb for about 95% of the users. I own a Sony A7r2, and A9. I purchased this camera so that I could have something to throw in my pocket when I take the kids to the beach, playground, theme park, etc.

I did not expect much from this body/lens combination. I just wanted to document the fun times our family has without also carrying the liability of 5 grand of camera gear around. My expectations were seriously wrong. The performance, ergonomics, and image quality of this setup blows me away.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Simply spectacular!
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