I haven’t fully had the chance to really go out and shoot with it a lot. So far autofocus is really fast especially with action shots. Clear indicator that it is focused. Shoots very fast. Seems like RAW can’t keep up with the 11 FPS. What I really like is I have the camera and a longer lens and it is incredibly light and portable. I really bought this to travel and am really excited to use it. I also got the Lowepro traveler 100 bag which is tiny and it fits an extra lens, charger and some accessories perfectly.

Great camera

Ive had a Canon powershot SX10 IS for about 8 yrs. My brother who is a photographer suggested this camera for my simple point and shoot needs. It is a great camera that takes high quality pics and video. It takes indoor shots alot better than our older camera.

Very Nice Sony A6000

I had rented the Sony A6000 to try it out and was very happy with it. So, when a 2015 deal came, I couldn’t resist. I love the camera. It takes great photos and I especially like the ability to shoot in low light. The camera is lightweight, so I don’t have to lug a huge heavy camera around.

Solid performer for video and stills

I used to shoot video on a Canon T3i, my thought process being that I’d invest in their lenses and upgrade the bodies accordingly. I love that camera, especially with the ML hack. It was reliable and versatile. I needed a b-cam so I bought a Sony a5100. The size alone made it far more likely for me to use it in situations where a dslr would be impractical or prohibited. The images were great but video stole the show.

After 3 months with both cameras I used the Canon less and less, even though the Sony was meant to support it. I used my buddy’s a6000, fell in love with it and ordered one that night. I love the manual control dials, USB charging, wireless connectivity and all in a smaller package that offers me far more value and versatility than any other dslr in that price range. Then you have features like zebras, focus peaking (default features on a Sony, Canon needs a hack) and the EVF.

For video I used to use a loop on the Canon’s lcd. I have that built into the Sony. I have autofocus during video. This allows me to leave b-cams unattended during shows while I operate the a-cam. I get clean HDMI out for external recording. Clips shot internally go up to 29mins without overheating (my Canon maxed out at 12min clips). I could just keep gushing.

The only complaints would be battery life, but that’s the price you pay for such a small camera. It doesn’t have a mic input. I use a Rode Videomic pro on the Canon since it has terrible internal mics. The stereo mics on Sony cams is good enough for a scratch track but there is a shotgun mic and a wireless lav system made by Sony for their shoe mount. I’m really happy with the a6000. I need the cons going in but everything good about it made me get over them. If you shoot stills or video this camera has something to offer for a lot of people.

Great camera!

I purchased this as un upgrade to my Nex 5n and have been very pleased. There are notable improvements to the automatic functions which makes it a lot easier to hand the camera off to a stranger and be able to be in the family shots while still getting a good picture. The wifi connectivity and remote with my android phone is also impessive.

The increase in speed for the auto focus is very welcome especially when taking pictures of my always moving child! There are a lot of great improvements from my nex 5n and the picture quality is definitely one of them. The images are more crisp and video footage has been superb.

Switched to Sony

I have had a Nikon D40 for many years and was extremely pleased. This camera however is a major leap forward in picture quality, flexibility in shot configuration, technology and well as value. I have had several opportunities to shoot with this camera in varying light and action shot scenarios and have been satisfied with the results.

I Love this Camera!

I love this camera! This is my first foray into the world of mirrorless cameras and I have to say again, I Love this Thing! And all the overwhelmingly positive reviews on the internet have just confirmed the wisdom of this purchase. Light and lightning fast. I have a sense that this will be my constant companion.

Wow. What a camera!

Got this for a ‘street’ camera. You know, something less obvious than a 5dMkIII (which I just added to the stable). Took the A6000 on two serious test drives, one in London and one in Cuba. Passed with flying colors. Inconspicuous (compared to my fellow traveller in Cuba with his Nikon D600 and enormo 70-300mm). Incredible photos. I will admit to having cheated a lot in Cuba — I did not have a lot of time to diddle with settings, so I set it on intelli-auto and fired away. I don’t feel guilty. I took a ton of awesome shots in London with all the time in the world, diddling thru multiple menus. I took a ton of awesome shots in Cuba, while being hustled along by guide and family.

This camera is the ultimate combination of quality/quantity. It is so easy to tote around, even if you want a spare lens or two you won’t think twice. If you want to agonize over every last friggin camera setting, you can do so without getting buried in layered menus. If you just want to take a vacation from ‘photographer think’ you can do that too — guilt free!!!!!!!! Only downside — this thing eats batteries for breakfast. Lunch. And dinner.

On cloud nine with my A6000

Wow!! I can’t believe a camera this small and inexpensive can produce such high quality images. I’ve shot graffiti walls, a botanical garden with hundreds of lights, an arboretum and a plaza with fountains. I’m amazed at its low light, low noise capabilities. The reviews about auto focus speed are right on! I can’t say enough good things about this camera. I’ve owned a Canon Rebel XSI, 60D and the Sony RX100M3. Mirrorless is the way to go! Also, the kit 16-50mm has been way better than I expected. I find it’s sharp, accurate colors and the zoom is nice. I recommend getting the Tamrac 76 Jazz bag with it!

Sony Alpha A6000 – So Far I love it
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