I just got the camera, so I am still comparing to my NEX-6. Paired with the Zeiss 16-70mm, I find the IQ of my shots is excellent. The auto focus speed is amazing. The camera also feels solid. In build it remind me a bit of the Fuji’s. Still working through performance with my other lenses, and haven’t done any low-light shooting yet, but so far so good!

Good Value

I’ve only had the camera for about a week now, but I’ve had enough chance to use many though not nearly all of its numerous features. I had pretty high expectations from this camera considering the top reviews it has received at its launch, and for the most part my expectations were met.

The fast focus system works pretty much as hyped–very fast and pretty good at tracking. The photo quality is very good, even with the kit lens I’ve been using (16-50) and the additional Sony telephoto I purchased with it (55-210). It’s fairly easy to navigate the controls if you have a reasonable level of knowledge about cameras.

Amateurs used to point-and-shoot compacts will be somewhat intimidated by the sheer volume of control options, which is easily solved by switching the camera to full auto mode. The photos are sharp, the video is clear and virtually noise free, even going as high as ISO 6400 (which is the limit I set for the auto exposure mode–any higher and the noise will become noticeable). I was happy to find that the video is very low on compression artifacts in the modes I’ve shot on (24p and 60p). I’ve seen other cameras exhibit those blocky pixel clusters on certain video shots, indicative of high compression, but the sony a6000 so far has not shown those unpleasant artifacts.

The focusing is fast in most lighting situations, but, as with many DSLR’s, it slows way down in lower light situations. Otherwise, it’s pretty fast at focusing. I tried the built-in HDR settings and liked the ease-of-use and relatively subtle but useful effect it produces.

This is a great camera for all but the most specialized types of situations, and I would recommend it enthusiastically. I especially appreciate how Sony has packed so many features and quality electronics into such a small and light package, and for such a relatively low price.

Perfect size

I love my Sony a6000 so far. I’m still getting use to it, but the camera is easy to figure out. I also have a Lumix (10MP) DMC-LX5 which started acting up right after the warranty went off. It changes settings in the auto mode to settings from the Scene mode.

The Sony a6000 is nice because you don’t have to dig into the menu as deep as some other cameras. I don’t like the in camera battery charger, so I bought a charger and a extra battery. What’s nice about buying a battery from B&H is you will get the original equipment (Sony battery) & not a knock off.

Beautiful pictures and a solid feel!

Bought this camera to use on safari in Africa. My wife and I are amateur enthusiasts and decided agains lugging a DSLR on a ten day hiking safari. The size is perfect and the feature sets match our needs. The menus are easy to get around the body feels really good in hand.

The included lens is solid and will work well as a walk-around lens that requires little thought. I really like the view finder, it makes me feel closer to the shot. Images are stunning and image type option including RAW are stellar. -1 star for not including the external charger and having only one memory card slot.

Very nice camera package

I am just getting back into photography after a few decades of a hiatus. My last ‘good’ camera was a Pentax SP1000, so that’s a relic. I stayed out of the digital world except for point and shoot cameras as prices were high and quality, so-so. I waited until the mirrorless cameras could do what the big Nikons and Canons can do. I’m older and didn’t want to carry around a big, heavy camera so the A6000 is perfect for me.

The quality is amazing. I got the package with the kit lens and the 55-210 zoom. I know neither of these lenses are great, but for me to get back into photography and learn to use this camera, it’s the best deal around. I have never had a Sony but using it is very intuitive, especially if you have used a SLR in the past. Sony has priced it well for the enthusiast and I have done all the research and this is the camera for me. Combine it with Lightroom 5 and I am ready to join the 21st century.

Excellent DSLR substitute

When portability is paramount, this camera system is an excellent substitute for my big Nikon D4 and D800. It takes surprisingly excellent images and is very versatile as a travel and portrait camera. The din standard flash hot shoe is a key feature for me because I like being able to trigger lights with Pocket Wizards and getting off camera flash going.

I took this to Hawaii and found it to be a great hiking companion. I took a lot more photos than I would have if I had tried to drag around my pro size DSLRs. The menu system takes a little getting used to but once I set up my Custom buttons and Function button, I was able to access everything I needed quite fast.

Powerful Lil Camera

Great mirrorless camera at a great price. Love it so far. Images are great. I shoot in Raw and JPG to see differences and the JPGs look pretty good. I tend to only edit Raw photos tho. A little more time consuming using Photoshop to edit Sony Raw files – you have to download the Adobe DNG coverter for it to open up in Adobe Camera Raw (I tend to use PS instead of Lightroom since I already have CS6 and don’t want to get Lightroom right now).

Oh, and buy an extra battery + charger cos a) battery life is pretty short even with the camera on airplane mode (battery gets sucked up super fast with wi-fi on) and b) it’s a pain for me to charge the battery while in the camera. A minor quibble would be the manual it came with wasn’t very detailed.

Coming from using Canons, I wanted to read more about it. But as stated below, you can download. As far as Sony E mount lenses being subpar, this is true (I bought the 35mm f1.8 and love that, also bought the 55-210mm but sold that shortly after), but I think a great thing about using a mirrorless camera is that you can buy an adapter and use manual legacy lenses (bought 2 Canon legacy lenses and love the way they look and work with my A6000). All in all for the price, I think it’s really great. Was debating over getting the A6000 over the Fuji XT-1 and got the A6000 and used the extra money for buying lenses.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Solid, Responsive Camera
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