I came around (finally) to mirrorless when I looked at the specs, reviews and refreshing price tag. I’ve been a Nikon fan since the F1 and 2, and am THOROUGHLY over it thanks to this. Mine’s been to Hawaii and Peru, stunning shots and durable camera in a light package, day and night, with 5 different lenses.

The only negative is that it’s STILL being sold for more than I paid for it almost 2 years ago! I’m aching to get a 6500 with 4k video for no other reason than 4k, but so far Sony has stuck to it’s pricing. Shop around though or even buy this one used…there won’t be ANY buyer’s remorse!

The A6000 still wonderful

Since the a6000 are out, I own one and love it a lot. Bought with the kit lens 16-50mm it is not the best quality, but don’t leave home without it. The quality is more then acceptable. I bought also the great Sigma lenses: 19mm F2.8, 30mm F1.4 and the superb 60mm f2.8 Those lens will work also on the a6300 and a6500 Yes, I would choose again the a6000 and not the a6300 or a6500.

Great Mirrorless camera!

So far so good! I wanted a camera that could let me control ISO, shutter speed, and aperture without having to carry around my big DSLR. This does a great job of that. There’s still so many controls and functions I haven’t figured out how to work.

Great product, I would buy again!!

Just got this camera last week, have taken maybe 4 dozen pix so far. Grand results, love the smaller, less intrusive body, lots of options and to learn yet!!

Compact and capable companion

Since my main digital camera is a Sony A7, this was a logical choice for something lighter (boy, has the mirrorless revolution spoiled me!) and more inconspicuous as a go-everywhere camera. Controls and functions are nearly identical, which is to say that they are logical and intuitive.

Great finder, almost the equal of its big cousin. Excellent image quality, solid construction considering it isn’t a pro model. Paired with the 20mm pancake lens, it makes a great combination for those times I can’t or don’t want to carry a whole bag of stuff. It won’t ever replace my film rangefinders, but does make a great digital equivalent for the sort of shooting at which they excel. Highly recommended.

Compact, Packs Powerfu Punch

I’ve been a Canon DSLR user for years. I decided to make the jump to mirrorless and am in love! The quality of the images from the A6000 is beautiful. There are so many little features on this camera that I didn’t have on my old T3i. Love the size and lightweight nature. Easier to travel and hike with this great little camera. The silver is vey elegant. I’m so glad I ordered this color!

If you want full DSLR in a pocket camera-get this!

I have a Sony a65 full size camera which I love! For travel photo trips however, I wanted more of a pocket camera. The a6000 which I took on a trip in june, 2017 to Yellowstone produced the same excellent results as the a65! It has the same sensor. It also has a view finder that allows a better view in bright sun light when doing landscape’s which is mostly what I shoot! Also the 16 to 55 mm lens closes almost completely into the body. The cost with 2 lens is a bargain ..I love this camera.

Camera worth buying!

My a6000 was shipped quickly with no problems with the packaging. The image quality the pictures take is really worth your time to look at if you’ve got the right lens. For the price, you get a fair amount of choices if you want to stick to native lenses. While some may argue that the quantity of choices are low, expanding to vintage lenses with the right mount still have a great image quality.

If you are a beginner, rest assured knowing that there is a great community of forums that you could explore that could guide you to the choice of lens that is suitable that pair well with this camera.

I would buy this again

This product was recommended by a friend. I am just starting out in photography and this is a great camera for learning how to take great pics. It has tha automatic mode if i am trying to figure out how to set my ISO, f-stop, etc, It also can go full manual witch is my ultimite goal. I take pictures mostly of kids and landscape.4

Fan of Sony

My upgrade from Sony RX-100 which I also love, but wanted larger sensor, yet also not a bulky camera (for hiking convenience). So far images look great. I am really impressed. Also really like the viewfinder.

Nikon could match the Sony a6000!

I have been a Nikon user for 47 years, since I bought my first SLR — a black Nikon FTN. I still own it and many other Nikons that I have bought from B&H since then. On my table nearby now I have D810, D610, D700, and D5100 Nikons. I have even collected several 1950s rangefinder S-model Nikons for display.

When I determined to buy a mirrorless camera with a sensor at least as large at the one on the Nikon DX models, I found that Nikon does not make such a camera. Its mirrorless camera sensors are just too tiny. So .. what to do? I found the Sony D5000 with a sensor the same size as the DX’s. So I bought one from B&H of course. I was amazed it. It is a fabulous, quality camera.The only thing wrong is you cannot see the viewfinder screen in daylight.

What to do? I bought an alpha-6000 from B&H. Problem solved by its eye-level viewfinder. What a fabulous camera! Its size, quality, and features have made me a partial convert to Sony.

Best value in small digital camera

Small, viewfinder and screen, excellent IQ, fast focus, 24 Mpixel is adequate for all normal print sizes. With 20mm lens (30mm eqiv. on full frame) it’s very compact and useful for most non-sports photos.

First time mirrorless and its great

Been using a Canon EOS APS-C DSLR for years and am quite comfortable with it but I have wanted to go mirrorless for a while and this Sony a6000 is a great little camera. The camera packs quite a bit of functionality into a small package. While the included lenses are kit lenses and I am still learning the Sony lens world, the pics I have taken to date are very good.

Auto focus is amazing as is the low light sensitivity. The in-camera app store is interesting; I updated the included remote app and downloaded the complementary iPhone app to use as the camera remote. That works great and is impressive. Mounted the camera on my tripod and took a number of moon lit evening shots in the back yard using the remote app and was truly surprised at the quality and relatively low noise level at high ISO.

All in all, this is a great piece of gear that I am still learning – coming from the Canon world where the manuals are very comprehensive – the included Sony docs are somewhat light so I have spent quite a bit of time reading tips and tricks online. I saw a number of posts on various sites asking if this camera should still be purchased in 2017. Since I was looking to move up but also not spend a fortune, the price with body and two lenses was a no brainer.

The Sony a6500 is something like $1400 for the body alone. I believe this camera will serve me well for quite a few years to come and would recommend to anyone looking to move up or into mirrorless.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Superb, every time!
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