Such a great camera very impressed! such great guys to deal with their business, they also scheduled delivery if you are out of town! which is very impressive very understanding helpers! Thank you so much you all guys for such a great offer and all the help that you did!

Very good investment

I wanted to have a good camera to make some photos when I am traveling and this was a very good purchase. The quality of the photos its very good, the only think that you need to do, its to watch some tutorials on youtube on how to set up the camera depending on what type of photo do you want to make. I had to choose between Best Buy and B&H, the price of the camera was the same but the difference was that B & H was offering the accessory kit and also a better price for the extra coverage warranty for drops and spills.

Nice But Not Amazing

It takes decent pictures, but if it grabs focus of something close by, the rest of the picture is blurry and I really do not care for that. I bought a very similar Sony in 2014 and it was much better.

Great Camera!!

I am a novice photographer and took this guy out to SLC Utah. The shots I got were unbelievable. Shooting raw in manual, I was able to get the most beautiful shots. So beautiful in fact, that a professional photographer actually commented on it and appreciated its beauty. Highly recommend.

Two purposes…

I have many cameras and lenses, but I got this camera for two purposes. 1. For a long time Ive been wanting a small/light camera that I can take everywhere and get quality photos w/o a tripod. 2. I have three Zeiss lenses from a Contax film camera that seldom get used, so I wanted a mirrorless camera (and adapter) to use the Zeiss lenses for digital.

Im happy to say that the Sony A6000 has served both purposes exceptionally well, and at a bargain price. And thanks to B&H for throwing in a memory card, extra battery with charger, and small camera bag, making it an even better deal. I will also add that I know the kit lens gets some bad rap, but honestly I find it to be a pretty good lens: its compact, has a useful zoom range, stabilization and IMO the image quality is pretty good. Im really enjoying it and happy to use my old Zeiss lenses again.

Great Camera – That said- it has no headphone jack

I am super happy with my purchase of the Sony alpha6000 – great camera for enthusiasts. I was just surprised to discover that it did not have a standard AUX headphone jack, which makes buying a compatible mic a little bit more complicated.

Great camera, but B&Hs kit leaves something to be desired

The A6000 is a great little camera, very lightweight and easy to carry, but B&Hs kit leaves some things to be desired. 1 No battery charger is included, they intend for you to charge the battery inside the camera from a USB connection. (Very slow and you cant charge one while the other is in use) I understand that this is Sonys decision, not B&H, but it would be nice if B&H told you this so you knew to order one with the camera.

Maybe this is just a Sony thing? All my other still and video camera equipment is Canon and every single one of them came with an AC charger, even the cheapo pocket camera. 2 The spare battery is an aftermarket brand, not a Sony. Again, it would be nice if this was clearly stated. 3 The bag included in the kit will hold either the camera with the small lens attached or the larger lens. It will NOT hold both at the same time. Kind of odd for a case being included with a 2 lens kit. If youre ordering this kit and need a carry bag, get the one Sony sells for it, youll be much happier.

Still Awesome after All These Years

I actually went backwards in this purchase. I bought the a6500 first. I love it! Its been a four-month love affair! I primarily use the a6500 for video shooting in my recording studio. I bought the a6000 to use as my B camera (Both are set to 24FPS. The a6500 shoots 4K and the a6000 1080P). So far, Im happy with the a6000.

Honestly, Ive looked at video of both and both are great! I shoot some still too and believe the a6500 does a better job. I know this camera is about four years old- pretty old for camera technology. I think the a6500 is right at that leveling-off spot. What I mean is while the technology will get better, the benefit wont lean to the high-end as much as it used to. But this is about the a6000. Im happy with it! Its a great tool!

How Cheap Can Sony Get?

Sony doesnt even include a separate battery charger. It must help their bottom line when you order a separate charger so you dont have to tether your phone to an adapter to recharge the battery. What a disappointment when a person opens the gift and has to wait hours to get it usable.

Without the charger, you will be out of commission until the camera which is tied up charging the battery internally gets enough charge to make it usable. No other digital camera that I have bought has been this stingy with an essential part. The camera might be an excellent performer, but I cant say because now it is tied up charging the battery – maybe I can come back in 10 hours and find out. Thumbs-down to Sony.

Brought my old lenses back to life

As a former Minolta MC/MC and Leica R enthuasiast, I had missed the touch, feel and rendering of these gorgeous lenses, which had been all but obsoleted by the digital revolution in photography. With some very affordable adapters, these amazing lenses have come back to life and I love it! I use the very capable a6000 body as a digital film, if you will.

Great camera, wrong bag

An excellent camera. Accessories are good, except the camera bag which is too small to hold the camera and lenses – the zipper already broke trying to close it. Still, its a great deal for the camera and lenses. Recommended.

Great pictures but getting them is the problem

I wanted to like this little mirrorless camera. I had heard so much about it I thought it was a sure fire winner but there are problems. First, the menu is a total disaster. It takes forever to figure out and to set the camera up. The manual supplied with the camera is quite thin and of little benefit. I had to use google to find out what is what and how to do what.

Second, all the buttons have the same feel to them so you always have to look away from the viewfinder to see which button you are about to push. Third, the viewfinder is awful. The screen is quite good. I have yet to figure you how to use spot metering in manual mode without engaging auto white balance. If you lmanage to negotiate the endless options and set up the buttons so that the camera will do what you want it to do, the pictures are terrific ….albeit not with the 16-50mm kit lens. It is pure awful.

Not Sharp…not even remotely so. Ditch it and pick up the Sony/ Zeiss 16-70mm f4. Its pricey but worth every penny. Great lens. Okay Camera but it will challenge you. Pixel counters will love it. Im lukewarm.

Sony Alpha A6000 – The best camera money could buy!
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