I’ve owned a dozen camera systems in my life. This camera is better than any I’ve ever owned. OK, maybe not better than the Contax G2 with Zeiss lenses but that was film. This little thing is a marvel. I find the menus much more intuitive to navigate than I thought they would be.

The controls are conveniently placed. The size is great for travel, which is one of the main reasons I bought it. The electronic viewfinder is good, could be better, could be larger, but it does the trick. Some complain that it doesn’t have a touch screen. I guess some people want everything. I could care less. Quite frankly, this produces some of the finest images I’ve ever taken. Shooting raw and processing in Lightroom is the way to go. I could go on and on. One thing, though, put a good lens on it. A prime. The Sigmas produce wonderful images and are inexpensive and the Sony 55-210 is also a tremendously capable lens all things considered.

Avoid the 16-50 power zoom at all costs. It does not belong anywhere near this camera. It might be OK on one of Sony’s older, lesser resolution models but on this camera, no way. It’s soft and produces ugly colors. This sensor is really something when you put good glass in front of it, though. And for $! I love it.

Now, if only Sony would make a reasonably priced and well performing normal range zoom, I’d be in heaven. Oh, one other thing, the battery life is pathetic. Go buy a couple off-brand batteries and a real charger. You’ll need to carry two or three batteries with you. Even so, I give this camera a 5. It’s great.

An excellent camera and a real advance

I now use this and the Nex-6. I miss the horizon level function in the viewfinder on the a6000, but a small price to pay, I guess (though I wish they’d have kept it, even at a higher price for the camera) for the improvements in other regards.

The downgrade in resolution of the EVF is made up for by the quality of the image and the utter usabilty, even in assisted manual focus mode (DMF). All in all, I’m very happy to use both cameras, and I appreciate the somewhat greater resolution and higher quality of the sensor in the a6000.

Canon No More….

Headed out to test my new sony a6000 with 24-70 f4 Z lens. I just sold my TWO Canon 6D’s and ONE 70D, along with the lenses. I’ve replaced them with the a6000 and TWO a7s bodies. I couldn’t be happier! Canon and Nikon has lost my business and Sony has a new fanboy.

The perfect camera for me!

While I’m still getting to know how the camera performs, I decided to buy the A6000 rather than the A7 because I primarily wanted a fast auto-focus for photographing animals at my animal shelter. I’m getting some amazing photos and the cost of the A6000 saved me quite a bit of money that I can now spend on homeless animals. Light and easy to carry, I am so glad I purchased this Sony model.

Great travel camera!

Purchased this and the Zeiss 16-70 f4 for a trip to the Holy Land. The reviews on low-light performance sold me and I was not disappointed. Not sure if as good as my Canon 6D with the 24-105 but pretty darn close and a lot lighter to lug around.

The only downside and not a really fair comparison is the the full-frame 6D allows for some serious cropping and still have a usable image. Very impressed with low-light video! Yes you need extra batteries but small price to pay to keep such a small form factor while traveling.

Sony a6000

I am a professional photographer and have sold all my DSLR equipment for the mirrorless age. It is my third mirrorless, and I will never return to the old technology DSLR ever! Sony makes the best by far.

Great Streetlife Camera

I’ve only had the camera for a month, but have already captured some incredible shots of citizens using public space in New York, Pittsburgh, Copenhagen, Malm, and Stockholm. I love this camera, absolutely no buyers’ remorse like I usually have.My favorite thing to do so far is to do continuous shooting and create animated .gifs afterwards.

The auto settings adjust great when either me or my subject or both are moving and the animations have turned out awesome. I wasn’t able to make these with my old camera and they really add to my work as an urban designer trying to explain the experiential relationship between people and space.I highly recommend.


I do a lot of travel and this product was great. It arrived the day before I left on a two week trip to Europe. I was able to learn how to use the basics instinctively. Just wish the enclosed manual was more than how to insert a battery and memory card. I will be using this camera every time I travel.

Basically amazing

I’ve been a canon user for years, even made a living with their products. I recently gave up the photo living to pursue another dream so I thought I’ll just downsize. I picked up the a6000 after reading some tech reviews. I have to say, this little mirrorless camera blows away every piece of canon equipment Ive ever used.

The purists will disagree but when it comes down to it, nobody is looking at an image at 300% and evaluating pixels other than nut jobs with no life. The balance of capability is perfect with this camera. The autofocus is blazing fast, the image size is massive, the weight and size of the camera are non exhausting, and the adjustability of manual controls is all there. I’ve since started my photo business back up and been able to do higher quality work as a result of not worrying about equipment.

The 50mm Sony fixed lens is also a perfect mate for portraits. If your looking for the best all around camera for everything most people will use a camera for, professionally or amateur, look no further. I’ll never buy another canon as long as Sony keeps this kind of thing going!

Best camera for the price

The Sony a6000 features an APS-C with a standard 16-50 mm power zoom lens, which is great if you are like me and just beginning photography. There are numerous settings, it’s easy to use, and has an adjustable LCD for taking pictures at different angels. The pop up flash allows night photography with crystal clear pictures. There’s also a wifi setting that allows you to wirelessly transfer your photos to your device. Overall I think this is a great camera or the price, but if you want to do professional photography you should invest in a full frame camera.


Sony Alpha A6000 – The camera I’d been waiting for
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