First off when I went to the support website everytime I clicked on download it would return to the same page, So I don’t have the software or firmware updrades, and the manuel was a short version instruction manuel of 48 pages. I found the Sony English website had a larger 209 page manuel un available on Sony USA. I like the camera, but it didn’t come with a shoe cover that I thought was tacky.

The complexity of options, and lack of in depth descriptions of their utilization has me still experimenting rather than shooting productively. In short, great camera (so far) and poor support!


Having previously owned a Nex-5N, I really enjoy this camera. The extra customizable buttons are a godsend, and the EVF makes composing shots a lot better. I almost think the screen on the A6000 is harder to see in daylight than the 5N is. The autofocus speed is crazy fast, and very accurate. The extra megapixels are much appreciated.

For whatever reason some buttons can be customized for certain things while others can not. A little annoying but nothing too bad. I’m a little disappointed that the new BIONZ X processor doesn’t process images faster than the old one.

A6000 knocked my sockes off

Simply awesome camera. I upgraded from an NEX-6 (which is not too shabby either) and I could not be happier.First: IQ. I am using the Zeiss 16-70mm lens and the photos are terrific. The details and colors are stunning.I love the customization of the function keys, makes operation faster without having to go through the Menu system, which is actually very logical and easy to navigate. All in all: better that my Nikon D5300 at half the weight. BTW, Sony does not provide a hot-shoe cover,but I bought on e on* for a buck.

I feel like a pro!

I was ready to step up from my 6yr old megazoom camera with it’s much smaller sensor, but didn’t want to spend pro-level $$. I was also interested in mirrorless because I didn’t want to pack around pounds of gear, but wanted higher quality lens than a current megazoom. Several web reviews of the Sony A6000 were near glowing positive, but I stopped by a brick-n-mortar to spec it’s actual size. B&H had a sale on certain E-mount lenses so I jumped on the camera w/kit lens, 55-210mm and 50mm/f1.8 around father’s day but the body was sold out.

B&H said it would be on backorder for up to 5 weeks but it came in 2 weeks.The camera with attached 210mm lens fits in the palm of my hand, but wow, it takes crisp accurate shots.For the novice, it had two intelligent modes, as well as std Program, Aperture and Shutter priority, Scene, Manual, Panoramic and Movie modes. The electronic view finder auto-senses your eye (or anything waved near the eye sensor) and switches display from the tiltable flat screen to the indispensable viewfinder (for those sunny day shots).

The little manual that comes with it gives just the basics. You can get a better manual from the Sony support website, but it is only 48 pages for a very capable camera but isn’t written well- doesn’t clarify many topics very well.Still, the camera itself exceeds my expectations. The detail and bokeh it captures set it apart from megazooms, and promises pro-like shots (I wish I could share a few samples).

Reliable and compact DSLR

Nice camera with a compact lens that performs good enough. It is all around compact camera to carry around for shooting a wide range of pictures, from wide scenic shots to portraits. The fact that camera has two dials is a bit of an issue but not a big one because this is not a professional camera that you have to quickly adjust a set of parameters. You generally leave it at Aperture or Shutter priority and then the two dial would work fine for the rest of the parameters.

If this is a big issue for you then you can pay around 900-1K more and buy an A7 but I traded in A7 for this camera since the price difference is not justified. A7 is not worth the extra bucks even though it is full-frame mostly because there is no reasonable lens out there yet to attenuate its advantages and I don’t want to carry around heavy converters as the biggest selling point of this camera is its compactness.

Otherwise I’d just go with my Nikon D610. Digital EV picture quality is not as superior as A7x cameras but the difference is not easily noticeable. Popup flash is one of the advantages against A7x cameras. Look if you’re building a camera for compactness then you have to include the popup flash because otherwise you’re losing compactness edge if I have to carry around my flash around.

Sony a6000 w/Sigma 60mm

I am an advanced amateur with Canon DSLR (60 D)and several Canon lenses. I wanted a lighter ILC for travel and landscape photography. I am impressed with the quick AF, the color rendition is fantastic.. Comparable to the Fuji camera lineup. I chose Sony( for the first time) because of price and product specs.Battery life is terrible. Maybe a firmware update in the near future. I would recommend this product up to the ProLevel.

Great APS Camera

IT fits well and is quite reminiscent of the Nex7 I used to own. I also find the EVF to be at least as good as the Nex7 for color and refresh rate and usability. The only thing that is missing is a mic jack, which has required me to look at other options external audio recorders, which kind of defeat the purpose for a portable solution. But, video to me, right now, is not a big issue for me. I would buy again…

Pretty versatile low profile camera

Nice camera. I’m just a casual photographer, but have always wanted to get into it and see what you can do with different lenses. So… I’m thinking I found my gateway drug with Sony Alpha A6000. Very versatile. I got the 16-50 & the 55-210 lenses, and am looking hard at some others now. The apps you can download are nice. Controlling the camera with your mobile device is sweet, as well as being able to send the photos directly to it.

Sony Alpha A6000 – The Ying and Yang of it!
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