The Sony A6000 sees a low light scene very comparable to what your eyes see which is one of the best features of this camera. The Superior auto mode is absolutely fantastic for low light scenes.

The camera very light weight, takes sharp images, and shoots excellent video. I like that I can use the view finder to shoot video rather than using the LCD screen. It is easier to keep the camera steady when hand holding it. (although you can use the LCD screen to shoot video if you choose to). Keep in mind if you shoot for 30 minutes continously, the camera will shut down because it is too hot.

Also, the battery exhausts extremely fast on off brand batteries, and pretty fast on the Sony brand batteries also. This is one thing to think about if you buy extra batteries for it. For these 2 reasons I rated it 4 stars instead of 5.

Excellent camera

am really happy with the quality of the pictures that this camera takes. My son in law is a professional photographer and is the one that recommended to purchase this camera. I completely love it.

Great image poor navigation

This camera has great still and movie images. However its menu system is a bit busy and time consuming to thumb through. The blacks are a bit too black. If I designed the camera it would fit the scroll dial on the top so thumb can access it. the white balance and focus mode would be accessed on the shooting menu asa pose to the “in camera menu. I like that it has white balance in kelvin and under water if into that.

Great Camera For the Price

This camera was purchased with a specific intent. Since I already own one Sony A6000 and have 2 lenses for it as well as a Leica ‘R’ Adapter I knew that it would do what I wanted it to do. It was purchased specifically because it has the ability to be hooked to my phone or my iPAD for composition and exposure. Since the camera will create a WiFi connection that can be hooked to the Sony Play Memories APP I can place the camera where it needs to be and products photographed quickly & easily.

Exceptional Camera

I have a Sony a65 and am getting tired of toting it around and wanted something smaller. I chose the a6000 because I don’t do a lot of video and could not justify paying the higher prices for the 4K on the a6300 or a6500. From the moment I took my first shot with my a6000, I was very happy with it. The focus is so fast it is unbelievable.

Since owning several Sonys, I was quite familiar with the menu system, just needed to get acquainted with the new features. The size is perfect for me so I will have my camera with more much more often now. All I need now is a better lens and I’ll be all set. Thanks B&H for your super service.

A little early for a review, but…

I’ve only had the camera for a couple of weeks and the first week had no real opportunity to use it. However, after a week or so using it and getting familiar with it, I am very happy with it. The fast and accurate auto focusing is really good. The images are sharp and clear considering the capabilities of the kit lens. The lens is adequate and for the price I think it performs very well. Overall for the price I believe this camera is a great value. Lightweight and easy to take with you anywhere.

Setup has been impossible!

I (and many others) have found it impossible to display the OR code that allows the camera to connect to WiFi, or your mobile devices. or Sony! I spent four days on a trip after receiving it and was never able to succeed! Also, on-screen editing does not seem possible, but, then, I can’t access a user manual because the OR Code Will Not Appear!

Great camera at the price

Great camera at the price. Light weight, stunning pics. Perfect for me, the beginner. Yet to learn alot. But absolutely love this perfect camera. Love the fact that it came with an extra battery, memory card and awesome small camera bag. Love evth about it. Thanks!

Good deal for a great camera

I previously owned a Sony NEX which doesn’t have a view finder. I found it difficult to shoot using the LCD screen especially in very sunny condition. So I bought this A6000 because it has a viewfinder and and because it was on Black Friday sale. One thing I wasn’t happy was that UPS just left the camera outside my door on day of delivery. Luckily nobody stole it. B&H should probably insist on shipping with signature confirmation. The camera itself was nearly everything as advertised.

The viewfinder is a great upgrade for me. I use manual lenses with an adapter on the camera and with peaking focus assist, I was able to achieve accurate focusing using the viewfinder. There are a couple of negatives. One, at high ISO, the quality is only borderline when viewed at 100%.

Two, the lack of an external charger makes it very inconvenient; even with a spare battery, I cannot charge up a battery in the hotel while I use the camera on my vacation. You have to insert the battery in the camera and connect a charging cable and plug into an AC. Sony has an external charger for the battery but you will have to pay quite a bit for it. This should have been included.

The alternative is to buy cheaper third-party charger on B&H or through elsewhere. To me, it’s a necessity because I have 2 spare batteries and they drain rather quickly. I can’t afford to charge them in camera because they take a long time to fully charge up. For this reason, I am giving it a 4-star rather than a 5.

MY 2ND A6000

Bought this one to mount a Sigma 150-600 Sport and Sigma MC-11 in Canon EF to shoot BIF and wildlife in general. I bought my 1st A6000 about 18 months ago so I can also have a couple different lens handy when not using the Sport lens. I’m no techie and was able to figure out this camera relatively quick.

It has great features, is light making for a good hiking/walk around camera. Does what I need it to do and battery life is great. I do not have issue with anything about this camera. For the money and features, the A6000 is a great camera for those looking to step up from the P&S game.

Sony Alpha A6000 – This camera is awesome!
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