I couldn’t be happier so far. This is an amazing little camera. And you can’t see in pics how small it actually is. There’s a little bit of a learning curve because it does so much and has so many pages of menus, but it’s pretty easy to navigate. Pics have been great but I’ve only had it for a short time so I can’t comment more. All the things that have been said about it are true, for me anyway, and I look forward to learning all the things it is capable of. Great little camera.

Great pics from fun camera

I’m an amateur but I’ve been getting some great pics with this camera. Light enough to take on hikes easily. There aren’t a lot of e-mount lenses, but I have several that are a lot of fun. One complaint is the short little cord for charging. I don’t really like having to plug the whole camera in to begin with, but the short cord makes it even worse. That ends up being a small complaint for a quality camera at a pretty good price.

If only they Knew

If you want to see photos taken with it, my Instagram is davyn_9I bought this camera 5 months ago after doing extensive research before purchasing. I got the 16-50mm, and the 55-210mm. This camera has been amazing for me. As a new photographer who lacks editing (for now) having the downloadable applications, like time-lapse, and motion shot were amazing. When you compare this camera to bulky DSLRs there isn’t much that they can do better.

People are always impressed by the images i can produce with this camera, for many other photographers though. They seem to not take it seriously and think its a point and shoot. The grip is great even for its size. The only real downfall of this camera is the battery doesn’t last as long as larger cameras. Hardly been a problem for me and very avoidable by just buying another battery.

Small, Portable and Powerfull

I have to say this is my first real camera, so I won’t be able to compare to anything else. But this I can say: Easy to use (after you get aquainted with the menu) and it does everthing I could ask for. Totally recomend it.

Simply outstanding

I have had the sony a6000 for just about 5 months and I am smitten. My photography isn’t being held back by this camera – it is being held back by me!I concur with all the gushing comments in the reviews, and give this camera an overall 5 star rating, so I definitely love this camera. To be constructive, I’ll point out both aspects I don’t like as well as some areas that were not called out that I do enjoy.Minuses:Autofocus: with the 35mm f/1.8 lens in really low (i.e. candlelight levels), the lens can hunt. Particularly if your subject is just on the cusp of the minimum focusing distance.

Make sure you have enough distance between you and your target! I take a lot of sports photographs of my daughter playing soccer, and I am aggravated that the autofocus usually chooses the closer subject as opposed to the moving subject. I don’t have experience with DSLRs, so perhaps this is just a user / photographer error!(lack of) Horizon leveling indicator. You will spend more time in post processing straightening your pictures that friends with Fuji. Unless you’re on a tripod, just get it close and don’t sweat the fact your pictures will be crooked.LED screen. While the EVF is wonderful, the LED screen on the back is either too dark for the outdoors, or when set to bright, the colors are completely inaccurate.Resolving power.

Unfortunately, if you have low quality glass – Sony 16mm and Sony 18-55 zoom are culprits here – you will discover the limitations of these lenses. Even the Sony 55-210 zoom, which isn’t bad, is outgunned by the sensor on the a6000. On the flip side, good lenses, like the Zeiss 16-70 zoom, the Rokinon 12mm wide angle, and the Sony 35mm prime, are wonderful with the a6000.Focus selection: selecting a focus point is a pain. It is a minimum of two button presses to begin moving the selection area.Pluses:Camera apps: I was skeptical of this at first, but now I love them.

The remote control app in particular, which allows you to take pictures with your phone, adds a whole new set of capabilities to the camera. The time lapse app is pretty handy (it lets you shoot in RAW). And the lens compensation app fixes chromatic aberration and vignetting on the aforementioned Rokinon like a champ and works with live view – wow! I also love the app that allows you to shoot miniature + toy effects at the same time. The results are so amazing you have to stop yourself from getting to addicted to it.

Although people complain about the app prices, I think they are worth the money they charge. And some, like the remote control and effect apps, are free.DRO modes: The Dynamic Range Optimizer has several modes, and if you want to shoot in raw, you can really open up the dynamic range by selecting level 5.Eye focus: This is a great feature which allows you to focus in on the subject’s eyes when doing autofocus. I don’t take a lot of portraits, but when I do, this feature works just great.

Customization: The ability to customize the controls and menus makes shooting a pleasure because everything you want to control very easy to access.Grip: The handgrip on the a6000 is big and meaty. You never feel like you are going to drop the camera by mistake.

As good as advertised

This is a lot of camera in a small form factor. I primarily use this for the video features. What I needed was 1080 @ 60p with a low cost entry point and good functionality. The a6000 is all that I need it to be and shoots excellent photos as well. I paired it with the 35mm 1.8 Sony glass and feel as though I have one of the most powerful camera packages you can obtain for around $.

Soft images

Not sure if that was AF issue or the lens issue or it’s just lens limitation but the images came out way too soft, as with defective AF. I can literally make better photos with my Xperia smart phone.

Did not dissapoint

I was looking for a camera that was small and light weight that would take great pictures for backpacking. I was blown away! If youre a packer, I don’t think you could do better. Ive had beautiful,crisp,colorful 20X30 enlargements out of this camera. Could go bigger if I had a bigger wall!


Sony Alpha A6000 – Truly amazing tech
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