This mirrorless camera is the perfect carry and shoot companion! The camera specs alone trump my wife’s $ DSLR. With Sony’s amazing 179 autofocus points it’s hard to shoots anything blurry! She is so impressed after one use that she is switching to the sony a6000.

Even her DSLR lenses work with the proper adapter.The size and narrow depth of the body make this camera ideal for portraits, landscape and low-light photography. I have used it undersea with a water-housing, at high altitude shooting stars in the milky way, and at high speed on a New York train. Sony’s E-mount lens selection makes it easy to find the right lens for your need and budget.

This camera is so good, it is actually the second one I have purchased from B&H…when my wife tried mine and saw the quality of the shots and capabilities, she had to have one. 5 Stars.

Very Impressive Camera Indeed

I am a Nikon convert, Was not an easy decision but no regrets at all. Started with the a7s for night shots and was so impressed with the a7s, that I decided to try the a6000 out as well for all my speed action shots. MAIN USE: speed/action shots. Hooked up to the 70-200 F/4 G lens it is much better than I expected it to be. 24 meg is perfect too.

Focus speed is fantastic too. Pros: focus speed – weigh – quality Pros: People with big hands will find it a little sore around the thumb base area to hold for long periods of time while shooting. No deal breaker though. A monopod sorts that out easily. This a6000 has blown me away with how good it is. Thanks Sony for making the move forward with your cameras. Maybe now Nikon and Canon will both wake up.

A welcome return to photography

Haven’t had a decent camera since film days but finally decided to re-explore my old hobby. Originally ordered one of the tiny super cameras based on reviews. Only problem, it was inoperative out of the box. Decided that the A6000, with prime lenses, would be a better, more reliable choice. Am starting slowly with just a 30mm lens.

Next up will be a wide angle, followed by a longer macro. Just had it for a couple of weeks (by the way, B&H got it to me in two days in perfect condition) but have learned that the size is perfect (compared to my old SLR) and all controls seem to fall easily to hand.

Packs a lot of punch

Wanted a smaller camera than my DSLR that packed the most features with an affordable price. A major factor for me was a traditional viewfinder in addition to the LCD screen, which was a reason I went with Sony vs FujiFilm. The ease of use for the features, WiFi, and included lens are all great features.

Handles Better Than Any Other Camera I’ve Ever Owned

Sony A6000 Camera Review Over the past 40 years I’ve owned several Canon SLR and DSLR cameras along with a half dozen Canon lenses. Until a year ago my favorite Canon camera and lens combination was a Canon 5D camera with a 24-105mm lens, with a combined weight of almost four pounds. At age 86 I have a problem handling a camera that weighs that much.

So a year ago I decided to buy something smaller and lighter. I purchased a Sony RX100(M3) pocket camera with a fixed, zoom lens. The camera weighs 10 ounces including battery and memory card. I can carry it in a pouch attached to my belt. It has almost all of the features of my 5D and even some features that the 5D doesn’t have. It has solved my 5D’s weight problem and the RX100(M3) has preformed very well for me as a substitute for the 5D.

However, I discovered that, because of its size, it has some limitations. So a month ago to make up for those limitations I purchased a Sony A6000 camera with three prime lenses. Since they complement each other I’m finding uses for both cameras. The Sony A6000 is a big brother to the Sony LX100(M3).

Both are mirrorless cameras made by Sony. Both have most of the same menus options along with similar control wheels and buttons. The A6000 with a 35mm lens, battery and memory card weighs 18.6 ounces. So it is not a pocket camera that can be carried in a pouch attached to my belt.

However, except for weight and size, the A6000 is a better camera. And I purchased it, with three fast, prime lenses: 19MM, 35MM and 50MM, at an unbelievably low price for a camera and lenses of this quality. These lenses are not equal in quality to the best Canon lenses but they are remarkably good and are much lighter.

So what is it about the A6000 camera that has impressed me the most? – First of all the A6000 has an APS-C sensor that is three times the size of the 1 inch sensor in the RX100(M3). The pixels in the sensor are larger and there are more of them. Because of these features, I can shoot at an ISO of 3200 with very little signs of grain which I could not do with the RX100(M3). So, among other things, it is great for low-light photography. – The fixed zoom lens in the RX100(M3) is quite good, but the prime lenses that I purchased for the A6000 are better.

If I want to add lenses for the A6000, it has a variety of both zoom and prime lenses designed for it. With the addition of an adaptor, even my Canon lenses will work with this camera. – It has very fast focusing and rapid shooting which is required for action photography; the LX100(M3) is not as good for action photography. – My major complaint with the LX100(M3) is that the electronic view finder does not work well in bright sunlight – at least not for me.

The A6000 EVF has performed beautifully for me in bright sunlight. – The buttons are larger on the A6000. – I like the built-in grip which the RX100(M3) does not have. – Finally, I like the way the A6000 handles better than any of the other cameras I’ve owned. I have found it to be a joy to use and that it can produce images of excellent quality.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Trumps my wife’s DSLR at 1/5th the price
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