Have been a Nikon devotee for many years. I own the Nikon D3, 7000, and 800E. I was wary of getting a Sony camera at this time. However, I was gifted an a6000 and couldn’t be more pleased. I have 9 Nikkor lenses, including several primes but plan on purchasing a Metabones adaptor for Nikon F lenses to use them on the a6000.

The sony a6000 possesses all of the features that I want in any camera and its portability will be appreciated when my wife and I travel. I am confident that I will be even more impressed with this camera as I continue to explore all of its features. The construction of this camera feels very solid and it is ergonomically comfortable for my bigger as well as my wife’s smaller hands.

Great image quality but needs work on

This would be a perfect small camera if sony would do a couple of things to it.One thing is give it a front dial and rear dial for aperture and shutter speed and do away with the fiddly scroll wheel on the back and just make that a joystick pad for selecting focus points.

That fiddly little scroll wheel on the back is a pain because it is so flat and you will constantly find yourself trying to turn it to change your shutter speed in manual mode and instead it will click something else and change your iso, drive mode and so on because it has too many other functions attached to it. the other thing is the sloppy fitting lens mount, it doesn’t seal very tight and has too much play when you attach a lens. Picture quality is great and i love the form factor but button and dial functions needs improvement.

Great entry level and beyond camera!

Coming from a galaxy s4 to this for my photography needs and the Sony a6000 is above and beyond my expectations. I needed a versatile compact but capable camera to open up the low light relm and freeze lifes moments.

Now i can get the 3 year old in frame without her being a blurry mess 🙂 I originally bought a a5100 from a department store chain. I was so glad my uncle suggested i check you guys out. I was able to buy the a6000 and a better memory card for the same price i paid at the other store. Needless to say I returned the 5100 and sacrificed a selfish cam…… I think i will live.

NFC feature is great and I use it often. Its a bit tricky at times to get the camera and phone lined up. After a while you find the sweet spot and it becomes easier. (Would not transfer when using a otter box case) Menu system is easy to navigate and after a week i felt very familiar with the configuration and its already second nature. P.S thank you B and H for excellent videos on youtube. I was able to learn the camera before it even arrived with the a6000 tutorial video.

Great Camera

I am still getting use to the a6000. It has so many controls. Check out Gary Fong’s website for tons of tutorials on how to use the a6000. I was able to bundle lens and an SD card for less when I bought the a6000. I love the Electronic Viewfinder. Really excels in low lighting conditions. It is so light weight.

I made the right decision…

‘m a serious digital photographer and was getting tired of carrying all my DSLR stuff around. I thought about a smaller camera but hastier until I saw the specifications of the Sony a-6000. Picture quality is super. The viewfinder is bright and clear. There are plenty of advanced features. All this with reduced weight.

Light, compact, but serious camera

I have two SLR bodies and several lenses. I wanted this light camera for the occasions when I don’t want to haul around heavy equipment. Secondly, I want to have a compact lightweight back up camera.

The grip is very nice for a camera this size, the menu is easy to navigate and controls are well placed. The 16-50 standard lens is a little soft at the edges as I expected from reading many reviews. Out of the box, the camera was overexposing, but this is easily corrected with compensation. This is the first camera I ve owned with an electronic viewfinder and I love it! the cold appearance if the finder image is adjustable and you can review the image you just took, without looking at the LCD. With a little tweaking I am very happy with exposure and sharpness.

My SLRs are certainly more durable and offer much better optic performance, however, for hiking etc., this is camera seems to weigh nothing by comparison. Suggestions for future models: 1) add an electronic level to the finder, this is particularly useful when doing panoramas. 2) Some abbreviations used in the instruction book are a mystery to me. The instructions are a bit too concise – I would like more information about settings and their purpose.

Will not buy this product again

I wasn’t plan to write the review, but I saw most reviews from the web are good, but I find it differently, I brought the alpha 6000 in Dec. 2014. I can’t return it…the battery is very bad..you shut it off, it still drain the battery, overnight it can drain 3-4% battery life.Even you turn on the airplane mode, battery still get drain too.

On internet, I saw many people have same battery problem, I wish I know this early.I call customer service for helping the problem: they said that the extra battery will help for long trip. And they gave me web site to submit the repair work, but the web site is not work, I can’t submit the work http://www.precisioncamera.com/SonyRepair /Also I found the shutter sound is quite loud.

Awesome camera!

This camera is the perfect camera if you are looking for the manual options that a DSLR provides with the compact convenience of a point and shoot. It takes beautiful pictures!! we couldn’t be happier with our purchase!

A firecracker of a camera

I’m a professional who started with minolta 30 years ago, went to nikon through the f-5 film days and then to canon to the mark series and then to nikon through the d4. sony is the next generation and the future to me. mirrorless is pretty fantastic. there is a learning curve in using this little, tiny, itty bitty shrimp of a camera and it’s also tricky remembering all the options in powerful tools.

It works perfectly when you are sitting and moving at a normal pace, if you are chasing a news event or reacting to different fast moving situations, you better be well versed with the tools. it’s just around the corner when this sony system will be the standard and everyone else will have to come up to them. the focusing on this camera is stinking amazing. and all the fabulous features in the a7s and on are all available in this baby beast! it’s a good intro to the world of sony.

Sony Alpha A6000 – Very Gratifed
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