While I am new to photography, I have studied hard. I do both photos and video. I started out with a Canon 70D and it was a great camera. But for Video outside I found it to clunky when switching between Photo and Video.

Now the sony alpha A6000 Fixed that. I can change Mode, and setting on the fly. I loved the OLED viewfinder. Finally I can shot in Bright light and see what I am videoing. The video quality and photo exceed my Canon 70D. The only thing I am missing is that I must be good cause I have a big camera. This camera is small. The more I shot with it the more I love it.

New tricks for old dog

First, it may be a five star product, but I am still learning how to use. I am an apple user, but a slow learner with some technology. The camera is great in taking sharp pictures, quick focus and frame speed. Having a little trouble figuring out how to use the recommended software.

The manual supplied with the camera was superficial. It mentioned all the buttons, menus, etc, but assumed I was at least an intermediate digital photographer. Bought a book to explain, and it is a little muddy in spots, but has detail. Went on line for the official manual.

Had to print on each separate section to print, if you wanted a paper copy. A paper copy is available on line at a cost too much . Goint to China next month and will give it a workout. Light weight and great photos.

High performance camera

Bought this camera prior to a European vacation. Did not plan on a Sony, but the specs spoke for themselves, so we decided on this camera. Hard to take a bad picture. The intelligent auto mode adjusts beautifully as the scenery changes.

Even in the darkness of the Parisian catacombs and cistern in Istanbul, no flash required. Shutter speeds adjusted accordingly and captured beautiful photos. I am a simple point and shoot kind of guy. Highly recommend this camera for the novice photographer looking for a reasonably priced, high performance rig.

Great camera for a beginner

We were looking to buy a basic camera, but not a point and shoot. This was the next best option for someone who doesn’t want to just have everything on Auto focus. We are not fancy photographers by any means and were looking for upgrade from our camera phones. The camera is small and light weight. The different settings take a minute to learn but within an hour I was able to learn and take beautiful pictures.

Seriously loving it

I am a macro and nature enthusiast and I also want a high-quality point and shoot that I can carry around for family pictures and such. I formerly had a G15, which is great for the second use, but not so much for the first. I upgraded to this camera recently and I have not regretted it in the slightest.

The 16-50mm kit lens is perfect for P&S features, and there is nice array of other lenses that I have yet to try out. It is much more photographer-oriented than even the G15, however. It is highly customizeable, and it really seems to behave the way you want. It reminds me a lot of a DSLR, but without the bulk. It has a built-in pop-up flash which is what it is, but folds away neatly.

The hotshoe will take all kinds of other flashes. It has good video capability. The handheld close-up videos I did of a spider, for example, looked much less shaky than I would ever have been able to achieve. It’s got a nice, fast, multishot setting for stuff like macro stacking. There are all kinds of adaptors for it that make it compatibly with basically the entire Sony and Minolta line of lenses. I have only been able to try out the kit lens and a 30mm macro.

The feature I was most hesitant about, in terms of functionality, was the viewfinder. When I first saw the camera, I rejected the digital viewfinder outright, but it actually works really well. It displays all your settings, like you would see in a DSLR, and though the display you’re looking at is digital, it is extremely sharp. I have gotten some great macros with it with just those basic lenses, and I can’t wait to get a better macro lens to try out. It has other cool features, like you can use your smartphone to do remote shutter release, and you can touch it to your phone to upload a picture automatically. It’s just a great camera. I like it more than the DSLR I used to have. It’s great. As far as negative points, the biggest negative I’ve run across is that there are some special settings that you have to download, and a couple of features that you would have to pay for if you wanted them.

But it’s nothing crucial, It’s stuff like an automatic timelapse and in-camera processing. The wifi upload to computer is a little wonky. I got it basically to work, but it was easier just to plug it in. Wifi to phone, though, works great and is a neat feature. I’m coming at this camera from a perspective of having had experience with a DSLR and a point-and-shoot. I can’t speak to the learning curve, etc., but for me, it was the best of both worlds. Love it.

Great travel camera !

This little camera is a dream to use when on vacation with friends and family ! You can use it as a point and shoot, or get more creative with it with manual settings. I bought it because it’s lightweight, and I’ve found that I don’t take as many photos when I’m out and about as I used to because I don’t want to bring along the Canon 5D MarkIII with the 28-300 lens. WAY too heavy. So this is my solution. I’m waiting for Sony to come out with a lens that zooms from wide angle to super telephoto. maybe 10 to 200, (this is a crop sensor), but for now, for what I’m using it for, I’m happy !


Sony Alpha A6000 – Wonderful Product
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