I switched over from a Canon EOS 70D to the Sony a6000. At first I thought I would be missing the big body Canon but quickly after I started using the Sony my mind eased. I have gotten some great shots with the Sony that i wouldn’t have been able to with the Canon due to its size.

The quality of the shots I have been getting from the Sony are remarkably colorful and sharp. I have the Sony 50mm f/1.8 lens on it and I am pretty sure it will almost never come off even when I get the Zeiss 24-70mm. The battery Life could be better but I am still please with its performance. I have had it just shy of two weeks and have only had to charge it one time. I take at least 70-100 pictures a day with it. I could not be happier with this camera. I did debate over getting the Sony a7 instead but after using the two side by side I believe I made the better choice.

The a7 was loud when it comes to the shutter and the battery life was very poor. I used it in the store with a full charge and I was only using maybe 15 minutes and it was down to 75% when I handed it back. I wasn’t doing anything in the settings too crazy just navigating the menu to see what was where and it went down that fast.

The FullFrame would have been nice but the lenses for the Full E-Mount are too hard to come by and too much money for only having a constant f/4 on a majority of them. Yes there are the 55mm Zeiss and the 35mm Zeiss but those are a little on the pricey side. The autofocus with very quick and very sharp I have yet to have to wait for this camera to find focus even with the kit lens. You press the focus and it is done no waiting and guessing if it is in focus with this camera. The audio on the video is nice but if you are outside I would recommend using the stereo mic Sony sells.

All in all you cant go wrong with this camera for its size and ability. Its a great starter camera for people who don’t want a DSLR body camera but still want the quality of the images to match that of the DSLR cameras.

Great image quality, a few Sony quirks

I’m moving up from a Sony NEX-6, and after using it for a couple of weeks I find the A6000 to be a significant improvement. Low light shots are better, and overall I find images to be sharper, less contrasty and containing more accurate color than with the NEX-6.

Fairly rugged construction, a nice viewfinder, a tilting display and decent on-camera flash are other positives. So far I’m using only the 16-50mm kit lens (which is better than I expected), but now that I’ve decided the camera is a keeper I expect to add some fixed lenses into the mix very soon. Hopefully the selection of E-mount lenses from Sony and other manufacturers will continue to expand. I have had some negative experiences with certain aspects of the A6000’s functionality: In typical Sony fashion, the menu selection is a bit cumbersome.

For example, actions such as formatting a memory card or accessing picture effects are buried in various sub menus. A mitigating factor: when you press the menu button again, it doesn’t default to a main menu, it opens on the function most recently chosen, which is usually a good thing. Battery life could be much better (on advice from an earlier review I ordered a spare battery, and I’m glad I did). Battery charging time is long (according to the manual: 310 min. via the AC adapter).

Wireless connectivity is very non-intuitive, and the manual is no help whatsoever – I got it working with both computer and smartphone, but figuring it out was a long, painful process. I seem to remember the wireless aspect being easier with the NEX-6. I have not been able to get the Sony PlayMemories application to work on my Mac – it successfully uploaded all images initially, but now it just hangs and crashes upon opening. That isn’t really an issue as I was eventually able to upload images wirelessly, but it would be nice if it worked.

Challenges in fully understanding and executing the operation of their products has become almost a hallmark of Sony over the years, at times almost to a comical degree, so I suppose I should expect there to be some issues. In summary, I haven’t found a better (nearly) pocketable walking around camera at this point in time, especially in terms of image quality, which is what matters the most to me. If you’re looking for a physically scaled down DSLR substitute and you can live with the quirks, I believe the A6000 is a great choice.

Fun camera that takes seriously good pix

Lots of good stuff to play with but if your not in the mood switch to an auto mode and be surprised at how smart the camera is. Also, keep in mind that the 24mp chip allows use of digital zoom while maintaining picture quality. You might opt to use only the included 16-55mm lens and keep the camera size (& price) to a minimum.


I’ve been shooting left and right with the camera. learning about all its features and trying to use as many as possible. The camera is EXCELLENT and I’m truly happy I bought it. I think I could have done with out the 16-50mm lens. It seems to stretched the images at their frame edges. However, it came truly handy last weekend during the the crossfit northeast regionals. the ability to zoom in out was right on the money. The battery life was pretty decent a solid 7hrs with enough left over juice. Bottom line, the Sony Alpha a6000 is superb!

Nice little camera

I really like this little camera and I purchased it mostly for its portability on travel. I also own a NEX6 (that my wife has taken over) and the A6000 is a worthy upgrade for sure. I like the styling and the weight and I LOVE the new menu system and wish they would come out with a firmware upgrade so I had this on my A77 also.

The speed is shooting is great and I really like the ability to set the speed to low, medium or high when continuous shooting. The Autofocus speed of this thing is just crazy and even though Sony reduced the viewfinder in size and resolution I don’t see that as a negative as I could not see the whole screen on the NEX6 previously with my glasses on and I now can on the A6000.

There are some negatives though for me anyway and they are;

1) I would have preferred Independent dials for adjusting shutter and aperture on top of the camera or even being function programable dials on the top (like the NEX7) and the mode switch be down on the dial in the back as I hardly ever switch out of aperture priority mode and I certainly don’t do it in a hurry!. I like shooting manual and in Shutter priority modes sometimes and it is hard to adjust shutter speed with camera to my eye.

2) I really don’t understand why Sony chose to leave the hotshot cover out of this package! They supplied one with My A77, NEX6 and I noticed it on the NEX7 as well as many others. How much could it cost? I bought a 3rd party one from China for $ as the camera just looks better with it.

3) Not directly to do with the camera but how about a reasonably priced and sharp mid zoom? Like a 28 to 70mm or something in that ranger rather the $1K ones that are too much money for a secondary travel camera for a hobbyist. Anyhow its really hard to beat this camera for the price and I certainly think for the money it is the best choice.


Sony Alpha A6000 – Worth the wait and the money no question
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