My expectations of this camera was to allow me to use the divers brands of lenses I own in a way that wont restrict my artistic creation. The Sony A6400 tics most of my photographic needs.

I once shot only Canon DSLR cameras, but they were heavy, and limited me to Canon glass. The file output was nice if all you wanted was the Canon look. Once I heard Sony mirrorless cameras allowed you to adapt almost any lens to it I was bitten. My first Sony mirrorless was an 16mp Nex 5n.


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It was tiny, and light, and I could carry it with me everywher. It shot amazing pictures. Better yet, I was able to adapted vintage Nikon glass, Minolta Rokkor, Pentax, Zennet, Canon FD, Ziess, Konica Hexinon, etc. When Sony A6000 arrive I upgraded without hesitation. I offered much increased flexability and still remained small enough for easy portability. It offered pro quality images, a hot shoe and flip out screen for low, and overhead shots. Then came the the a6300 with beautiful 4K video, and button customization.

Today I own A beautiful FF Mirrorless Sony, and A A6400. My most used camera is the A6400. Here is why. First is light weight, and then the lenses. There are just a few sony lenses I own, the 18-105mm, and the 50 f1.8 OSS. I have a huge collection of carictor rich vintage glass. Then there are the Sigma DC DN 16mm, 30mm, and 56mm set of lenses. All are fast f1.4s.

They offer me that FF look, and are compact, and affordable. Rarely do I need more than that, even with my professional portrait, and fashion work. I can set up every button, or switch to my style of shooting. Though I shoot mainly in raw the out of camera jpgs in the A6400 are sweet. As long as youre printing your file under 16X20 it is unlikely you will see much difference between this and any top tier FF camera. If you shoot mainly low light pictures (without a flash), and you need two memmory card slots for added security, than a FF would be a better choice.

If you are looking for a point and shoot, dont buy Sony. What they offer is huge flexibility, and customization. There is a learning curve. If you take the few hours to set up the system to your shooting style, they are in my opinion superior. Most negatives I see online from critics are from people who dont set up the camera properly, or place way to much expectations on a $900 camera.

I find the flip up screen very convenient. The shooting speed, and buffer size more than I need 99% of the time. The flexibility of setting choices, including time laps, amazing. This is a fabulous tool in the right hands. I hope my thought helped.

Sony Alpha A6400 – I love little cameras that shoot pro quality images!
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