Am comparing with the Sony Nex-7, of which I own 3 bodies. I dismiss DSLR cameras as inappropriate for my purposes. Film SLRs and DSLRs are too bulky and weighty, even APS-sensor DSLRs, to be carried when photography is not my sole purpose of travel and recreation.

Despite all the SLRs and DSLRs I have owned, most of my photography was with upper end point and shoots. Your best camera is the one you have with you. A camera too burdensome stays home. Professional grade mirrorless cameras have provided pleasure of full control in totable size. I purchased the Sony alpha A6500 for its weather sealing. Recently while traveling in deserts and in wet maritime climate the lack of sealing in the Nex-7 proved a liability.

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Many will buy the a6500 for its astounding auto focus, shooting speed and buffer size, fine features, though for me not sufficient to justify purchase. E-mount APS size lenses are not weather sealed, but a single wrap of a 1/4 wide strip of gaffer’s tape applied over the lens mount gives good protection. (I do recommend a rain sleeve, as well, when needed.)

In body image stabilization is a plus when hand holding in low light with wonderful but unstabilized Zeiss 24/1.8 and 50/2.8 macro. Vs. the Nex-7 handling is improved. Stray hand and body contact no longer moves the top control wheels nor is the movie button as likely to be inadvertently activated.

Custom and function buttons allow command of exposure parameters, ISO, focus mode, exposure mode, exposure compensation, flash compensation, exposure bracketing, and viewing of histogram and of electronic level, all without removing eye from EVF. Nex-7 was excellent, but a6500 is even better. Menu navigation is improved. Solid feel. It is a lot of fun to use.

So far have failed in attempt to link to iPhone but this level of remote control is a stunt I’d only use for long exposure on tripod, controlling focus point, shutter and exposure from phone screen. Eventually will succeed.

Sony Alpha A6500 – Best Camera for My Purposes
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