I use it almost exclusively for video. It’s mostly a good upgrade from the 5D MkIII as a B Camera. I most often put it on the Zhiyuan Crane 2 (for which it’s a bit light). The image stabilization is amazing. Auto focus on the Sony 16-70 zoom is terrific. The 120fps looks great. The 4k (in truth UHD) looks very good.

Complaints: The on/off button for video shooting is about the size of the head of a pin. What were they thinking? But worst feature – the menus are terrible – kind of like shopping at one of those big box discount stores where the mayonnaise is right next to the motor oil. Seriously, the various selections related to video are spread out all over the many pages with no rhyme nor reason as to why they’re there.

All the video/audio functions should be together. As it is, when you wish to change to slow motion , for example you have to seek out quite a number of pages and functions all in different places. When you activate the S&Q section, even if you’re shooting 24fps manually the audio turns itself off. Not at all intuitive. It almost seems as if the guys at Sony are stills guys who just didn’t have their hearts in giving the camera video capability.

I’ve been using the camera professionally for a month and I’m still far from familiar with the menu settings. It’s pretty irritating when the sun is going down. I bought it, I’ll learn to get the most out of it, but honestly, I can’t recommend the Sony Alpha A6500 for a filmmaker on the go.

Just dropped my rating

Today, during a shoot, the camera locked up with the message, “Camera Error. Turn power off and then on.” I did as I was told, and it didn’t fix things.

Now, I wouldn’t ordinarily drop a rating over something like this – stuff happens. However, when I went to research the problem I find that it is a common issue across the whole Alpha line, and that it pretty much means your camera is about to become a paperweight.

If this problem is happing as often as it appears, then it calls into question Sony’s quality control – and raises the question, “why don’t they recall and fix the problem”.

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Luckily, I have three days left on my warranty, so I’ll be covered. But most of the people I found online were not so lucky. A camera this expensive should not have a problem like this.

Solid upgrade from the A6300

I actually had the A6000 prior to this camera, and the upgrade from that model is significant. It was the IBIS that sold me on the A6500 vs the A6300. Both are excellent cameras with the same APS-C sensor. I purchased this with the 16-70 f/4 lens as a compliment to my existing A7RIII system / lenses. I use this as a second camera for video, and I also use it as a compact option when space / bulk is a premium.

Now I have three of them!

I shoot video on A6500 and even in long events it holds nicely. Just finished dance recital – one hour and 30 mins in 4K continuously in quite hot theatre. Just got that high temperature sign, but kept rolling. Make sure you use battery grip or some external battery, keep LCD screen fully flipped out and use great SanDisk Extreme Pro memory cards.

This is 4K camera – 1080p is not that great but when you know what you doing, it gives you great results. Its lightweight, so having three of them in one backpack for wedding shoot is just awesome.

A mazing Camera

When I first purchase the camera it had some issues, dead pixel in LCD. B&H resolved this by exchanging the camera and now the camera has no issues (knock on wood). B&H was surprisingly quicky, in less than a 2 days I had a new camera in my hands.

Now lets talk about the Sony A6500, this camera is amazing with so much potential that I am not even using my Nikon D7200 anymore. Still images are amazing, I dont do video but after seen youtube short films I am surprise of all the potential this little guy has.

The reason I bought this camera was to get something smaller that would deliver same or better images than my Nikon D7200. This camera blew my D7200 out of the water for sure, only issue is the battery dying super fast. Not an issue I bought 4 batteries so we are good.

I am satisfied with my experiences so far

I use it for portrait, street, and occasionally sports. The menus continue to be tricky and I wish Sony would put more research into improving them. For ex., when something can’t be done, suggest what should be done to make it happen. Otherwise it is an extremely capable camera, and with a good lens is capable of remarkably sharp and well exposed images. The jpg files are really superb. They are pricing it very high, but it is an excellent product, and delightfully compact.


Sony Alpha A6500 – Good camera, poorly organized video menus
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