“I wanted a quality camera to carry with me when I bicycle tour. The the Sony A7 met all my requirements. Compared to my Nikon gear this is small, lightweight and weatherproof. And it’s full frame.”

Terrific lightweight full frame mirrorless

I also have the Alpha a7RII. I use the a7 when I want a lighter body to carry around and don’t necessarily need all the megapixels of the a7RII. The a7 is smart, light, fast accurate autofocus, terrific viewfinder and a great companion to the slightly heftier a7RII. Nice walk around camera.

The Sony A7 product line is stellar

My original intent with this camera body was to have a modern platform for my collection of Leica M lenses by adapting them to the A7 with the Hawks M to E mount adapter (all of my Leica lenses work with this setup both older Leica M lenses and the newer digital Leica lenses).

The Leica glass on this camera body is amazing and images are sharp and vibrant. Also, it’s very easy to use the Leica lenses in manual mode on the A7. I was so impressed I bought the Vello Nikon F to E mount adapter for my older Nikon lenses to use on the A7. I was equally impressed. I tested the 20mm f2.8 and 300mm f4 Nikon lenses and obtained very good results.

The A7 and my Leica lenses will be my new travel systems – small, compact, and lightweight. The A7 is so compact, light, and produces stunning images that I really wished I had gone mirroless sooner.

Nice Platform for my older Leica Lenses

I bought this camera along with aHawksLeica M Lens to Sony E-Mount Camera Macro Helicoid Adapter V5. I wanted a platform for my older Leica glass in a Mirrorless configuration.

The Sony A7 line provide a great choice for this purpose. I’ve tested all my older Leica M lenses – 28 Elmarit, 35 Summicron, 40 Summicron, 50 Summicron, and a Leica made 90mm f4 Rokkor and all work great and produce stunningly sharp and vibrant images. Also, the Hawks adapter allows closer focusing with its Helicoid adapter.

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Sony Alpha A7 review 3
Sony Alpha A7 review 3

I also have a Leica M digital (typ 262) and have the 50mm f2.4 and 75mm 2.4 Summarits – new digitally enabled. The Summarits also work great on the Sony A7. The big advantage is a very lightweight camera outfit along with the stunning Leica lenses. My DSLR equipment was getting to cumbersome for travel – I will still use the DSLR equipment but not for travel.

I don’t own any Sony E lenses but just ordered a Nikon F mount to Sony E mount adapter since I have 30 years worth of Nikon gear. So far, the Sony A7 is a fantastic camera and wed with Leica glass is a real winner.

Love it so Far

I am really liking this camera. It is a great mirrorless smaller camera with a lot of features. I have already had some great pictures while on vacation. I am just getting started and I am already excited with all the possibilities. I am already looking at getting some more lenses to try with the camera and then only thing I will definitely need is a flash for some low light pictures since there is not built in flash.

You won’t regret it

Ah man, I’ve owned canon gear for years and never thought the mirror less cameras would ever come close to the practicality of the DSLRs. But for some reason I decided to invest in this camera and after owning it for a couple weeks I can tell you that it is one of the best investments I’ve made. The capabilities of the tiny body are amazing! If you purchase the Sony a7, you won’t regret it.

Value for Money Full Frame Camera

Just bought this camera a week back . Have been using Nikon D7000 for quite sometime . My comments : 1. Very happy with service of B&H 2. Great product considering price point . 3. Very light and handy for travel 4. Getting great pics with Kit lens. I am sure prime lens will give much better results 5. I found camera menus pretty freindly . Happy with my purchase till now !

Spectacular Image Quality

I bought this camera exclusively to use manual focus lenses, mostly wide angle and normal OM Zuiko primes, but also some longer focal lengths. I do a lot of landscape photography with Olympus micro four thirds.

The problem with the film primes is that wide angle lenses are no longer wide angle on the crop sensor. I wanted to see what the wide angle film primes could deliver on a full frame sensor. The results are nothing short of spectacular. The lenses came into their own, and the sensor delivers.Yes, there are a few issues, chiefly vignetting, but stopping down and doing some post processing takes care of that, and in any case it is not the camera’s fault, but simply the fact that digital is not 100% backwards compatible with film-era products.

The quality of the raw files is magnificent. The detail and dynamic range are marvelous. I have so far stayed at low ISO’s, but have done a few test shots at high ISO and noise is not a problem at least up to ISO 3200. I mostly shoot with a tripod, so lack of image stabilization is not a problem. The color rendition is not up to Olympus standards, but it can be fixed (for the most part) in post processing. It just takes a bit more of work, and one must accept the fact that each sensor has its own color characteristics, and that a perfect match to what I am used to is unlikely to be possible.

Both the viewfinder and LCD provide excellent images. Focus peaking and image magnification work very well and make manual focusing a piece of cake. Although unfamiliar at first, the menu system is very straightforward and took me just a few minute to be comfortable with it. Assigning functions to buttons took care of essentially all of my needs. Battery life is short, perhaps 150 – 200 shots, with MF lenses which I assume drain less power than AF. But so what? Carry a couple of charged spares. Build quality does not feel as solid as flagship Olympus gear, but is nevertheless excellent, and I expect no problems under all reasonable usage conditions.

In summary, this is a superb combination of sensor with all the additional hardware needed to produce the best possible raw files. I cannot comment on jpg quality, as I do not use it. I do not plan to use any native AF lenses, nor to use the camera for video, so I cannot comment on any of these aspects either. All I can say is that when the A7r goes on sale I may go for one.


Sony Alpha A7 – Great quality compact camera
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