I’ve had them all: from Nikon through all the mirrorless back to Nikon, a few years ago it simply was not the time to switch yet but this camera changes it all. Finally something with a reliable super fast autofocus, features that will make it uncomfortable for you to go back to dslr like eye autofocus.

And speed with a high res sensor like never done before. All of this comes in a small but packed package. Finally I don’t see a reason to want anything more. One thing that is noticeable is the lack of build in intervalometer so I just fire it off from my cellphone but its strange that with such amazing features they didn’t get this one in. Both sample images taken with a tiny 35mm 2.8 Zeiss.

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Cleanest, sharpest most amazing pictures

Going from and entry level micro 4/3 to a full frame beast really shows the difference in the sensors sizes and renderings. I’m so blown away at the photos taken with this camera, although it does seem to like to underexpose a little bit.

Great piece of kit

There’s really nothing on the positive end that I could say that has not already been said. The only thing I do not like about this camera is the port doors. They simply do not match the build quality of the rest of the camera. They get in the way and they’re probably going to break off in the next year.

Love the camera

Love the A7R III. I take photos as a hobby. So fsr, the camera has lived up to my expectations. Battery life is a whole lot better than the A7R II. I can take picture the whole day without having to worry about running out of juice. In my opinion, eye AF is a lot quicker than the previous model.

Responsive, innovative AF system, full frame IBIS

Very surprised about how well AF works (especially with lock-on flexible spot in AF-C). Technically this can be two cameras in one (42mp full frame or 18mp APS-C). Matches really well with EF sigma lens via MC-11.


The camera is incredible. I especially like all of the flexible customizable buttons and memories, the bright electronic finder and dual memory slots. The auto focus is fast, reliable and accurate. The camera body is a perfect size and weight for travel with and a wide assortment of lenses to satisfy all of my requirements.

The Best I’ve ever owned

Came up from an A7ii, what a change! Its everything I hoped for as an enthusiast, the detail from the 43MP sensor is quite astounding. Cropping has just been taken to another level. But that’s only the small of it. You know all about the camera if you’re reading this.

Fantastic body – great improvement

This is a huge functional step-up from my A7RII – it feels more solid, the viewfinder images is at least an order of magnitude better for focusing manual focus lenses such as the Loxias. Autofocus is significantly improved including eye-AF, etc. I could go one but no need – its great.

Lost Some Weight And Invigorated My Photography

Switch from a top end well known brand that shall remain nameless and am totally satisfied. No adaptors for me; sold all my N equipment.

The menu was mind boggling at first but I adapted quickly after watching a ton of tutorials. It took a while before I lost my muscle memory that went back about 15 years. Just about every button can be matched with the feature of your preferences. This camera is so customizable.

I also took this opportunity to fine tune and limit my lens selection going with all Sony G & GM lenses.

Image quality is outstanding and in my opinion better than its chief DSLR rival, even though the pixel count is slightly less. Eye focus and silent shooting work without conditions. Seeing your image before you take it…what could be better.


Coming from a D750, this camera is amazing! Was deciding between this and a D850. Opted for the Sony because of mainly video autofocus capability. So many cool features and great video too! Happy about the switch from Nikon to Sony. Also, was worried about the convoluted menu system I’ve heard so much about, but to be honest… I don’t find the menu system that bad at all. Excellent camera with great resolution. Evf is very sharp as well.

A big surprise

Before buying I read a lot about this camera. I got it while in a trip and immediately started to use it. I was aware of the complexity of the menu options but I was so excited to use it that I planned to configure as I’m used with my Nikon D750. I found everything I need.
It is really a wonderful equipment.

Photos went out with an image quality as good as or even better than my Nikon. My main difficulty is to get used to the digital viewfinder. I don’t feel so comfortable and seems not to be the real world. I was a little confused if what I was imagining getting from the camera will be the exactly output. It was a lovely surprise. The results are amazing. Hope I can get used very fast to the viewfinder.

A Real Pro Camera from Sony

Make no mistake, this is no consumer dumbed down piece of equipment. My first impression of this camera was I now have to learn 130 menu items which is about double that of my old a7RII. of course such an expansion means more control and flexibility.

And, Sony fixed everything most of us complained about, like longer battery life, twin SD cards, faster more accurate focusing, touch screen and several other features too numerous to list here. Since I just got my a7RIII, I really have not put it through its paces. From what I have done, it appears to take better videos and more accurate color on stills. It is well worth the upgrade from the II in my opinion.

Great Camera but go for the G Master Lenses instead

The camera preforms better then most said it would. So the expatiations of what I could do have been exceeded. The one thing that I did not realize is that for this camera to get the sharpness I was expecting you need to have the G Master series lenses. Other then that. I will be buying another one of these soon!

The best Jerry, the best!

It’s every bit a five star rating! I’ve put this camera through it’s paces and am still amazed at the results I get. I’ve been brand loyal to another company for decades. Had they jumped ahead and kept up with the digital technology, and produced something like the a7R III I’d still be with them. Thank you SONY for lightening my load and at the same time upping the quality of my images.

Stated Maximum Flash Synchronization Speed Is Misleading

This is a great camera in many ways and I’m excited to be using it.
I work a lot with flash photography in natural light situations. Ideally, the faster the maximum shutter speed synchronization, the better, with the best being all speeds, as with leaf shutter lenses. But, the A7RIII works within the limits of its focal plane shutter, which is reasonable and cost effective for an interchangeable lens camera.

But let’s be factual and not fantasize about it’s maximum flash-sync speed. The specifications on the B&H website state that the A7RIII has maximum flash synchronization at 1/250 of a second. This is simply not true. The maximum flash sync speed is 1/200. That is 1/3 stop slower, which is significant, but it wouldn’t surprise anyone if Sony, B&H, & other websites would just state the truth.

The Sony A7RIII instruction manual goes another step and says the maximum flash sync speed is 1/250 when using a flash manufactured by Sony. Well, professional photographers use professional flash equipment, in the studio and in the field. Let it be known that with the major brands of professional flash equipment (which does not include Sony) the maximum sync speed on the A7RIII is 1/200 of a second, period.

Excellent camera!

There is nothing on the market at this price point that even comes close to the specs and quality of this camera! Did a birthday shoot over the weekend and I was very happy. Some low light photos had a bit more noise than I would have liked, but I was using a Cannon 24-105 with the sigma MC-11 adapter and no flash…sooooo. Just a fair warning, in my opinion, the kit lens is garbage LOL.


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