I was on the fence about jumping in to mirrorless. I’ve used all Nikon DSLRs and Nikon glass for years. The Panasonic FZ-1000 was my first foray into mirrorless. That was a great walk around but certainly not the caliber of this. I read all the reviews, pondered whether or not I was making a good decision, waited months more…then decided to go for it. I am sooo happy that I did.

For me, the EVF is fabulous. I shoot mostly Wildlife and Landscape so having the ability to zoom in for tack sharp focus is a game changer (again, for ME..) I also shoot a lot of BIFs so the high frame rate and very high pixel count gives me a much greater hit rate. Love that. The battery lasts a long time as well.

I am currently only using Sony glass. I have the 12-24 f4, the 100-400 f4 GM and the 2x converter. I am still waiting on the 24-105 f4 to show up.

As far as the menus that everyone seems to complain about…. I guess I don’t view them as an issue. Are they great? No. Are they horrible? No. Just figure out what works for you and if something is too difficult to navigate to, just create a custom function. Done.

Suffice it to say I am VERY satisfied with this gear. Is it expensive?…sure. What top quality, useful tool isn’t ?!?! Jump in… the water is fine. You’ll be glad you did.

1 Month In and I Love It

I did 6-8 weeks worth of research before deciding to buy the A7R iii and I’m glad I did. It’s a feature-rich photography beast which will perform excellently in most any photography scenario which I can dream up, and I’m looking forward to many years of shooting high quality pics and video with it.

After six months of hard use – It still a great camera

Using it in and out of the studio for six months without complaint. IQ is excellent as expected. AF functionality is much better than my A7RII.

And as I add more native lenses, I am getting a faster AF lock then before. However, as with the A7RII, DMF is my preferred focusing mode. Just started using Capture One Pro instead of Lightroom for in studio work and my life is so much better now.

So far so good

I’ve been shooting with this for a few weeks, both stills and video. I love all this camera can do. The still image files have a depth I don’t get from my Canon 5D Mk3. Only drawback, and this is small and typical of mirrorless cameras, is the dust that can collect on the sensor. Not a big deal for stills, but a big deal for video. I have to clean it before every outing.

Camera is amazing! B&H shipping packaging horrible!

When you save up for over a year for a camera, and then drop over 10k on switching systems, you’d think your camera would be packaged better than a GM 24-70, a Batis 85mm 1.8, some filters, a battery grip, and an Alpha a7rIII bouncing around in a box that is partially open from not enough packing tape and absolutely ZERO packaging materials inside the box.

All of this traveled from New Jersey to Los Angeles sliding in the box and crashing from side to side. That’s probably why the box was partially open. Let me say it was disappointing that I purchased most of my remaining lenses and gear elsewhere. I have been shopping at B&H for so many years, but this was kind of a let down. Luckily the camera and lenses didn’t have any damage.

Beware using with lens adaptor

I use this camera with the Metabones V lens adaptor for Canon lenses and I’ve experienced repeated incidents where the camera freezes/locks up in the middle of a shoot. I’ve missed several important shots because of this issue and will no longer use this camera for paid gigs.

When the viewfinder/screen freezes, the camera will no longer function and must be cycled off (sometimes twice) or the battery must be removed. If you plan to use a non-native lens, I recommend doing a search on this issue. There are also some reports of this happening with native lenses though I can’t personally attest to that. I know of no fix for this issue and am returning this camera. It’s a shame because everything else about it is incredible.

Thanks to technological progress

I am an amateur photographer. I have used A7 for more than 3 years and really liked its weight, functionality, and photo qualities. However, it reaches to a point that the new features on new a7 series can be a booster for my shooting, especially in portraits and landscapes.

The faster focusing time, eye detection,5-axis stabilization, and so on; these features just give me more possibilities and stronger confidences when shooting a photo. It feels slightly heavier but more solid comparing to 1st gen a7. Function menu and the layout are a little bit different. I am still getting used to the new camera. But so far, I am very pleased about a7r3 and its capabilities.

Significant upgrade

I had actually dislocated my shoulder at an air show with my Nikon D800/70-200 combination and was looking for something lighter but of equal quality to replace it. Enter the Sony A7RII. I was satisfied with the Sony on so many levels, but the slow autofocus caused me to miss many a shot. When I read that the A7RIII had inherited the Sony A9’s blazing autofocus, I became interested.

Once I started using it, I found that the RIII’s shutter is much improved as well: instead of the leisurely kaa-chunk, it’s like chkkk! Also, its photos seem richer than the RII’s images, but that might be my imagination. In any case, the exposure is much more accurate, meaning less time in Photoshop. I’ve only had this camera for two weeks, but I’m very happy with it and plan to take it to India with me in January.

Everything and More Than I Expected!

Having owned and used 2 other Sony mirrorless cameras, I sort of knew what I was getting into here. I loved the idea of having the same great camera that I’ve been used to, only with improvements and greater features. I look forward to doing more with the 42mp, and the greater dynamic range.

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My initial tests of doing 3 shot, 2-stop HDR combinations against a single shot image were very interesting. I actually preferred the single-shot image.

I also like the silent mode of shooting. I don’t think I will use it except during special occasions, but it is nice to see that it is indeed quiet.


Sony Alpha A7R III – Great camera ’nuff said
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