I’m seriously surprised by all the gushing reviews this camera gets. The best thing about it is its size and customization functions. Besides that, I experience so many obstructions to what I consider a professional workflow that I’m sometimes left laughing (inwardly, because it’s not terribly funny).

The Sony A7R III feels like a Canon 5D Mark IV dipped in molasses. It’s like a sports car with an outdated plastic interior, where the performance is there, but the experience just doesn’t satisfy. It seems expertly hyped as I find myself reluctant to rely on it as my only body on professional shoots.

You can’t see the focus point you selected very well. Things feel slow in general. Button pushes sometimes don’t have any effect at all, as the camera seems to be trying to remember what that button did before responding. The compact size makes it so that buttons are very close and even my slim piano fingers have had to adjust to this. I often have to turn it on-off to tell it to behave.

I’ve been using it every single day since I bought it almost 4 months ago. I bought a Metabones adaptor to use my Canon glass and I bought the Zeiss 35mm f2.8 to experience all the wonderful things promised by the literature and YouTube reviews when using native glass. I’m not wowed. I’ll write a separate review for the glass but the long and short of it is that it hunts, by design. And it has tremendous vignetting and is an f.28 at $700.


In short, my love for it is limited to silent shooting, extreme customization, and the size.

My cons list is quite long. 8-bit color in video, delayed responses to basic controls like playback, sometimes no response at all. Deep, complex menus, and get this- you can’t use the touch screen to navigate the menus. Yes, you read correctly. HILARIOUS.

Incredible Camera

I have been shooting with this camera for 2 weeks: Traded up from an A7R II to the A7R III so the transition was very easy.
The most noticeable difference with the A7R III is faster focusing and much better focus tracking.
I mainly take pictures of critters, flowers, and landscape, and readily admit, I have limited photographic talent. What this camera does is let me capture some really incredible pictures under all lighting conditions. People actually think I know what I am doing! This, to me, is what makes the Sony A7R III such an outstanding camera.

Lenses: Sony SEL24240 and SEL100400GM – 1.4x and 2.0x Teleconverters

Sony Alpha A7R III – I’m so surprised… by all the gushing
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