Ive owned the Sony Alpha A7RIII & 24-105mm G lens for about 9 months now and I can say that I am thoroughly impressed with this Sony full frame camera and the versatility of the G lens that I bought along with it. I jumped from using a Nikon APS-C sensor to this kit and can honestly say that it was a long time coming to make the change.

I could have gone with a Nikon full frame camera but decided to go with the Sony because of all the features it has and the reputation that it has been building up over the past year or so. I was looking at the Nikon D850 but when I looked at all the reviews on YouTube or other photography websites, I just couldnt get myself to stay with Nikon.

The main thing I noticed with this Sony kit is that since using it, I have not had to use Photoshop or Lightroom as much as I did with my APS-C Nikon. The image quality is just so much better. Yes, I know it is not fair to compare an APS-C sensor to a full frame sensor which has the higher megapixel count but it is just a great overall camera, which I will be using for years to come.

So far, Im very satisfied with my jump to Sony and this A7RIII camera kit. I will be adding more lenses to my set up. Most likely other Sony G lenses. G master lenses are just way out of my price range.

Sony Alpha A7R III  – The Best!!

The Sony A7RIII is by far the best camera I have ever used. Im an amateur photographer with very little experience but this camera takes shots as if I was a pro. I did a lot of research before purchasing the A7RIII and found that this camera is one of the best in its class. After shooting over 2000 shots I can say this Camera lives up to all the hype. I would strongly recommend this camera.

Well built and amazing image quality

This camera does not disappoint. While it isnt perfect (no camera is), it is clear that Sony has put a lot of engineering expertise into this camera and the 24-70 GM lens. I was a little surprised at how small the body is and yet it delivers FF at 42 megapixels.

The 24-70 GM is pretty heavy. Not really a problem, but my one big wish would be for Sony to make a tripod collar available for this lens for those times when I want to put the rig on a tripod for landscapes.

Best camera ever

So far it is an amazing camera best Ive ever had. I thought the 42MP might be an issue with file size but thats not the case I just shoot in jpg for normal stuff and RAW for the more important. I had good A type lenses from my A900 and are using them on the AR7III with an adapter and the quality is great.

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Sony Alpha A7RIII reviews 4
Sony Alpha A7RIII reviews 4

Ill get E lenses soon but no rush now. There is much to learn as this camera does so much but there is a detaile manual and lots of youtube reviews. I added the Meke base extension its much better than Sonys and half the price. I also got an Aodelan WTR-2 wireless remote that is working great.

Packaging was very bad but the cameras great!

The Sony Alpha A7Riii is a beast! Awesome upgrade from my A7ii
My main gripe is the packaging. Arrived without any bubble wrap of paddings so the Sony A7Riii was bouncing around inside this big box during delivery. Spent $3,000+ on this thing (w/ Sony 128GB UHS2). Big fail for me. Never again!

Fast shooting with high quality photo!

I am glad that I traded in my Nikon D750 with this camera. This camera is the best camera that I ever owned. I used to have Canon T2i, NIkon D650 and of course D750. Most of the time (98%?) I make a shot, I always getting a good result without any blur. I am using Tamron 28-75MM F2.8 that I got from a local store.

The only issue is the battery life is not as strong and very pricey. The choices of lens are not that many either and also pricey. However, with the Tamron 28-75mm I pretty much can shoot whatever I want. Video shooting is also way better than Nikon D750. I love this camera and looking forward for the next line of a7R.. — IV?

Amazing Camera – lots to learn about it

I am still getting to know this new camera. I am familiar with the Sony system having used the the a7II for four years. The menu system is even more complex in the a7RIII and the camera is capable of far more than I understand at this point.

I would suggest that you read reviews written by professional photographers in order to know if this is the camera for your own particular needs. I am primarily a Landscape photographer and I think its going to be very good for what I want to do.

Sony with Canon glass

So to be clear I’m giving this camera three stars based on how I’m using it and how it works for me. My opinions of the camera are influenced by the way I have it kitted out so take with a grain of salt…I’m mixing Sony with canon glass via a metabones adapter( Metabones Canon EF/EF-S Lens to Sony E Mount T Smart Adapter (Fifth Generation)).

As a still camera it’s great; quick accurate autofocus, a great chip with fantastic color and latitude. The EVF is fantastic, the reason I went with this camera over its cheaper little brother. The menus and ergonomics are a bit clunky but nothing that’s a deal breaker.

As a video camera, things get tricky. The autofocus with canon glass only has about half the functionality it would with Sony lenses. When mixing two different systems I’d expect this.

The metabones adapter works pretty well but it can’t fully translate between the two different manufacturers. In video mode I can’t get autofocus to work while filming, no eye tracking, and the lenses are too noisy to use any kind of on camera audio capture.

With Sony glass, I’m sure it awsom….


Sony Alpha A7R III – Outstanding kit
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