Well, meanwhile, you all know the pros and cons of this little gem. But what you maybe don t know is that there s a massive fail on some units (a lot of them actually, might want to test your own camera) when shooting video at high ISO. On some users it appears already at 12800, on some at over 100k. There is a nasty, high visible and annoying purple flare in the left upper and lower corner, making the footage unusable.

Problem is that Sony Service doesn t fix this problem, doesn t replace the camera with a proper unit, even if under legal warranty conditions. Unacceptable, especially when we bought this camera for its outstanding high ISO performance and when in all the reviews there was no trace of this nasty purple flare. Beware, lots of the a7s units have this problem and Sony Service doesn t do anything about it.

Excellent camera!

Im not professional and not too advanced user but have Canon t2i and 70d with multiple lenses (Canon, Samyang, Tamron and Sigma), the preferred ones are Canon 24-70 f2.8 II and 70-200 f2.8 II that I used widely for nature and family photos and videos, but low light footage was still noisy. I was hesitating between 6d and a7s primarily, but decided to try Sony.

Now with a7s I can take photo and video till ISO 12800 or 25600 almost without noise. I use Sony-Zeiss 24-70 f4, 55 f1.8, Sony G 70-200 f4 – excellent lenses with good AF (and great investment!), think that Ill buy the 35 mm one soon. It is possible to use my Canon lenses with Commlite adapter (this is what I did initially)- with MF which is not so bad (and very sharp with L-lenses!).

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But not so fast to take pictures of my kids (and now grandkid!) Id like better image stabilisation in video mode and the camera is not so great in pixel resolution (12M) – Id like 20M or more to have better crops, but the quality of pictures is stunning even without light! I prefer using silent shutter and manual mode with auto ISO (which is limited to 12800) changing it to manual if I see the picture too dark.

The possibility of APC-S mode is useful for better zoom. Video is very detailed, almost as 4K with XAVC codec (I ordinary use Sony AX100 in 4K which is very sharp – but in low light the better choice is definitely a7s). Very impressive!

Greatness but at a cost

After much anticipation, I purchased this camera in hopes of stepping up from the DSLR world to something more professional (as far as video quality goes). Without a doubt, the video is super nice especially with the right lens…it’s a great camera to do basically whatever from short films to weddings and music videos.

However, other than the cons stated in the reviews with the short battery life, etc… I have one BIG problem with this camera…I finally started using this camera and when I came home and viewed the footage I saw dark spots on the video! This is so frustrating cuz I’ve barely used the camera and apparently it has dust on the sensor ….this is a big problem because theres no way to fix it post…it might be easy on an image, but with video is a different story…I cleaned the sensor and yet I still have this problem so hopefully Sony will fix this issue for me.

Also when shooting Slog ,sometimes the image quality darkens for no reason…I dont know why this happens??

Incredible Low Light Machine

I purchased this mainly to use with my collection of Leica lenses, specifically indoors. For that purpose, I could not be more please with this camera. It excels in low light situations…not only producing shape, clear images with negligible noise at high ISOs, but also with exceptional dynamic range.

You can pull shadows out of the dark and get good quality texture and contrast. Operating the camera is a piece of cake. I had no prior experience working with Sony cameras, but it was a breeze to go through the menus to get settings how I wanted them. The camera is much more portable than my D810. It’s lighter, smaller and generally easier to handle. It’s not so small that it becomes difficult to use…I found that most Micro Four Third camera bodies are so small that the buttons become annoyingly cluttered together on the back of the camera body.

Not on the A7s. It strikes a very good balance between size and usability. The biggest con I’ve noticed so far is battery life. This thing does suck the life out of a battery…especially in colder weather. Just make sure you always have a full spare on you. The images I’ve gotten with my Leica lenses so far are on par with the Leica M240.

Color distribution, contrast, and clarity are very smooth and subtly rendered…the RAW files are not overly harsh or super-saturated. I’ve shot regularly at 12,800 ISO, and even at this ISO range, picture quality is very good…easily able to print 8x10s with no noticeable noise or image degradation. Obviously, at 12 megapixels you won’t be printing any 40×30 posters, and the images don’t leave you much room for cropping…but what you lose in size you gain in low light performance. LCD and viewfinder have good resolution, without any lag time. No complaints there. Manual focusing is very smooth. Focus peaking and magnification work seamlessly with the camera.

It’s hard to miss with these helpful options, and you won’t miss using auto focus, either. Anyone who is interested in shooting in low natural light without a flash should take a long look at this camera.

Sony A7s Scam

Sony does not offer firmware support for the A7s outside the US. DO NOT BUY IT unless you live in the States. I bought it and I can’t even BUY the time-lapse app from the Sony Playmemories site, which they will charge you a lousy 9 bucks for it! I called Sony service support and they say they are sorry, but I need to be in the US physically with the camera to be able to BUY and download their app.

It so happens that I am in Brazil, and this lame condition is not advertised anywhere when you buy the A7s camera. I would have bought the Panasonic GH4 instead if they made public such an important restriction.Shame on you Sony for this this absurd way to treat your clients.

You don’t like when hackers break into your site and mess with your business, but see no problem with this lame conduct?No, you are not sorry. I am the one who’s sorry. Along with quite many others who bought this camera. Just check the web for confirmation.

Sony Alpha A7S – A jewel of a camera, But Sony Service fails
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