I purchased this camera to work on my Movi-M5 and support our Sony F3. I’m using Zeiss glass with a metabones Nikon mount converter and I can not believe the performance and image quality of this little camera. Slog-2 is fantastic. The menu is easy and the camera matches very well with my larger sony production cameras. I’m very VERY happy. I also own a GH4… I listed it for sale the day after I first played with the A7s. AMAZING in low light. Basically no light… Just amazing.

It sees in the dark

This is an amazing piece. I have a RED EPIC that is my A cam, but I needed a second camera that could 1. Do 4k 2. Shoot at least 1080 60p for Jib, RC, and gorilla Run and Gun. 3. Interchange EF glass 4. Durable. Sony has answered the call where canon and nikon haven’t.

So far, really great!

XAVC S looks great on my TV, but is not yet compatible with Final Cut X. Contacted Sony about importing and they were estonishingly unhelpful. Low light is several stops better then the a7r. Comes with two batteries. In still mode, it does not get particularly bad battery life, but in Video, it burns through a battery in about a half hour… Dynamic Range is extremely good. Silent shutter is, Silent. No really, it is Silent.

So far, so good

Received this today and immediately put it to action. First impressions, small. It goes without saying and if you just read the specs, but this camera is size of a big point and shoot (remember those?). Smaller than the 5D MIII, almost TOO small. I got the Sony battery grip which helps, but with an adapter (metabones speed booster) and lens on it, it becomes very front heavy.

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I’ll be looking for a cage or bracket that fits with the battery grip for more balanced ergonomics. Forget handheld on this camera. You need to have it on something. Handheld, unless you’re a statue, is very difficult giving its next to nothing weight. ***Important. I ordered some of the 32GB Sony SD(XC) cards rated at 94MB/s.

They will NOT work on this camera if you want to utilize the XAVC codec. The camera will simply not do it, gives an error message. You have to use the 64GB (or higher) version of these cards to access the improved codec. I happened to have a 128GB SD(XC) card, and it fired up just fine.

The menu is intuitive and fast. There will be a quick learning curve, but I anticipate it being easy. With the MetaBones adapter and Canon lenses, you need to shoot in APS mode. Having ‘APS’ off will default the camera to the full frame sensor, which gives crazy vignetting / barreling on a full frame lens (+adapter). The APS mode with a Metabones adapter and Canon L glass looks fantastic. I see this camera being an excellent 2nd camera to the FS700, as with the sensor size and Sony settings, it’s very close. S-Log 2 is a good time. Coloring with Magic Bullet or Film Convert yields very nice results.

As you know, crank the ISO to 3200 to access the S-Log 2 which is quietly tucked in the Menu under Picture Profiles (PP7). On board mic is actually usable for a reference track, not bad. Quirky con: the 2 strap handles on either side. When you move the camera, it sounds like screws are loose inside. I’d like to remove these sometime soon, no use for a strap.Play with Picture profiles. I found that the low light monster everyone is raving about is only effective when you’re NOT in S-Log 2.

We shot in somewhat dark conditions and it was very noisy. Of course you can adjust this with noise reduction, but it’s not optimal. I have to play with this some more to give a more accurate review of the low-light. Overall, very impressed with what this camera can do for its size and price. Looking forward to 4K, but I’ll wait to properly record it on a Shogun or Odessey Q7.

Image quality: ExcellentForm Factor: Great, but VERY small (get a rig, cage, bracket or something)XAVC Codec: Very robust dynamic range. Full Frame? : Only with a Sony lens. Once you slap an adapter on there, it’s APS city – Super35 – still awesome, just back-up. Same as FS700.Great 2nd camera, I hope the vendors start cranking out rigs for it asap.

Love it!

So far, this camera is amazing! I don’t have many full frame lens options so I’ve also used this with my e-mount crop sensor lenses. It seems to do a decent job with those lenses as well.

For video the main disappointment is that when you are using the camera with the 120fps option it crops the image down(to crop sensor mode), as well as only doing it in 720. For photos it is definitely a little bit of a challenge working with just 12mp. But you can’t beat the low light sensitivity so I’m still stoked on what I have!

A7s is it is a keeper

So far I am really impressed with this tiny camera. It will mix with my FS700 and C100 very well, and it probably spells the end of using my 5DmkII for video, I will keep it and my 7D for stills though. I am working on a sensible kit for it. I have the remote and it works well.

I really like the EVF, so the trick is to make a kit that takes advantage of the EVF and still can house the O7Q or the Shogun (on order), I have also heard rumors of much smaller 4K recorders coming soon, this is very interesting. I think by next summer there will be several HDMI 4K recorders out in the wild. And that is fine with me.

Right now I really only need HD. 4K is just icing on My initial impression of the A7s is it is a keeper. And it may become one of my all time favs, time will tell. I always go through a longish period of getting to know a new cam, finding a few PPs that work for me. The most important (p)art for me is to match my other cams. Like I said this will be a B or C cam to my FS700.

But it also can do things the larger cams can’t. And the low light is just astounding. This will probably also become my location scouting cam and all around carry cam. With a Pancake lens it will fit anywhere and may take the place of my GoPros, the pic quality blows them right out of the water. I also see it a a great drone cam, more on this soon.


Sony Alpha A7S – Amazing camera
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