I’ve been using the canon 5D’s (Mark 2 and 3) for the past 4 years and recently switched to the Sony alpha A7s. I’m blown away by the video capabilities of this camera. The dynamic range is superb, low light is better than anything I’ve ever seen, the internal compression is great (XAVC), being able to shoot both full frame and aps-c in 1080 make all of my lenses more versatile, and frame rates up to 120fps makes this a killer camera. The only downside is the rolling shutter in full frame mode, but if you have IS lenses or shoot on a tripod it’s a non-issue.

Worth every penny

I can only echo what everyone else has already commented about. It’s a great camera overall. I think the ergonomics are very comfortable overall. I traded in my canon t2i which ended up saving me about $ on the A7s. I use this primarily for video. No need to buy the expensive Metabones adapter ( have one for my FS100).

I just purchases a $ adapter on @ which powers the lens and control most of the functions including EXIF data. I would have gone with the GH4, but Micro Four Thirds is a deal killer for me. Battery life is horrible when shooting video. Less and an hour.

The best camera that I have ever used!

This is the best camera that I have ever used! I am completely satisfied with it in every single way. I have owned the 5DM2, BMCC, BMPCC, GH3, GH4, and have to say that none of those can compare to the A7S.

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I had purchased 3 GH4’s for my business thinking that it would be the best camera for me, but I quickly realized after using the A7S that I was wrong. I quickly returned them and purchased A7S cameras instead and am very glad I did. This one is a keeper.

Best investment so far!!!

I have had this body since before it came out. I had to wait a while do to the fact that I did not have any lenses for it but I have been using a 28-70 telephoto for now and it still has an amazing quality. From using the FS 100/700 at school, this small camera blows them both out the water. I have used it at a local video shop for display for others to see and every one is amazed by its abilities. I use it over my schools expensive film equipment and have yet to receive less than an A! Iihave yet.

Another Superb Member of the Series

Although I have just started using this body, it clearly builds on the excellence of the Alpha 7 R for its own niche uses, including video and superb optical quality in very low light situations.

Holy S

A revolutionary breakthrough for photographers AND film makers. I got this sweet little camera when it came out and have been shooting for a month now, and I am floored at how much I like it.

Being a canon guy, I never thought the day would come when I would want to jump ship, but this camera is INSANE. The quality rivals probably every canon camera and for sure rivals the fs700. I can’t believe the color, sharpness and how fun it is to shoot. AND it looks pretty cool.

Just go to vimeo and search for a7s and see the footage for yourself. I also never realized how much I would love sonys zeiss lenses. Got the 55 1.8 and the autofocus is instant. I love it. I love that sony didn’t hold back some features until we all bought it, like what I feel canon has been doing. only cons are battery life, but with the grip I shot a full wedding on just those two batteries.

A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing!

This camera is a raging BEAST! Sony took a 747 jet engine (12mp monster sensor) and installed it into a small Toyota Corolla body! It’s such an odd and ironic match up.The camera does not look impressive on the outside. However, once you browse into the configuration setup and see all the incredible features Sony placed there,..you will be extremely impressed.

The low light performance is second to none. It truly is remarkable and that is certainly NOT an exaggeration in any way. Pros:Insane low light image.Fantastic image processing.Spectacular dynamic rangeFull manual control with no gimmicks.No line skipping = sharp, sharp, SHARP detail.CLEAN, manual mic inputsS-LOG2. Yes,….S-LOG 2 on a $$camera!!Full image profile control -Knee/slope, Black levels, Saturation, Cine Gammas, sharpness…and much more.FF, 10 megapixel oversampled, 4:2:2, S-LOG, 4K image from HDMI. (I never dreamed Sony would allow that much image output on a camera this cheap)Sony allows almost every button to be assigned for about 20 different functions that you choose.

Function menu icon programmable. Sony lets YOU select and save all the function shortcuts you want all available with the touch of 1 button.Cons:Small batteryVery small body. (hard for big hands to hold)Internal 4:2:0 codec. (should be 4:2:2)I could type allot more of what I think about the A7s but I’ll just sum it up by saying that this camera easily smashes my EX1r, FS100 and any other camera I have ever worked with in low light.

The cinematic quality is just wonderful. Call it a Pocket RED or Pocket ARI or even Pocket Sony F55Great job Sony! Keep up the great work.

Like an old sports car that delivers

If you ever had the chance to ozzoz down into the bucket seats of a classic 60s sports car you know the feeling you get from the mirror less Sony digital cameras. The speed is there and the quality is as good as any of the top brandsin fact because it is full frame it has an edge over many in its category. To over-ride any of the auto features is a breeze. And setting the functions up through the menues a snap.

My work is general so I need a camera to do both video and still . Some of my journalist assignments require me to take both down and that is an easy accomplishment for the Alpha a7s. I like the idea that there are many different ways of using this cameralook at the screen from two feet away or look through the viewfinderit does it all. The auto focus better than my own eyes and the auto and manuel focusing an easy accomplishment. The best part about it are the images..bright , sharp, colorful great with detail.

Great Camera

Great camera, overall. I’m primarily using this camera for film, but love taking stills with it. It takes wonderful stills, so don’t let a 12.2 megapixel camera fool you. The wide shots are amazing and the video quality is wonderful. The only problem I encountered was the file format. The XAVC S codec it shoots in wraps its files into MP4s.

These files are extremely difficult to import into all major film editing softwares, so you’ll need to find a video compressor/converter software to edit the clips you shoot. The high ISO is great, though I may need to tweak my settings cause at the extreme highs I’m getting more noise than I had expected, though I’ve seen videos with these ISOs with much less noise, so I’m sure it can be adjusted.

The rolling shutter is what everyone was worried it would be, so if you need a film DSLR and plan to shoot action scenes with shaky cam, look elsewhere because this camera is not built for it. Can’t wait or the HDMI output to be released!


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