OK, first I use this camera for people, weddings, and stuff like this and don’t do video. I routinely used the Small Raw feature on my 5D3 for this so a 12mp file size is perfect. It took some huevos and vision for Sony to do this but, for it’s intended use, 12mp is perfect.

Criticizing this camera for such low resolution is like bagging on a great two-iron because it can’t drive a golf ball 300 yards. But what really excites me is that, with the rediculous low light capabilities, huge DR, lightning speed and the brilliant silent shutter, it’s almost impossible to blow a shot for any technical reason. Yes, it’s AF is in the hunt with the 5D3 but it is much more accurate. And you can remove AF from the shutter and use it with back button focusing. Shooting routinely with the lenses wide open the AF is perfect.

The color, saturation, vibrance and tonality are so good that there’s dissapointingly little to do in post processing. I routinely use Leica lenses with a Novaflex E adapter and they all work brilliantly. The EVF is killer good even in bright daylight so, even wearing glasses these manual focus lenses are fluid to use and easy to focus. So bottom line and for my purposes, this camera is by far and away the best camera I’ve ever used.

It is fluid, fast, sure, easy to use, forgiving and inspiring in every way. It is so good that it is forgettable, simply getting out of the way and allowing you to easily shoot whatever you can conjure up. Brilliant. I do believe that the A7s is the first mirrorless camera to be a truly professional tool and at least the equal than any DSLR out there for shooting people. Is it perfect? No but it is so so close.

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The ONLY things I would love for Sony to do is to include a few items in the Function menu for easy access that are now burried in the menu – all an easy firmware upgrade. These are: Silent/Regular Shutter, Format and Auto ISO minimum shutter speed. It would also be great to have a custom function that would allow control of Wheel direction.

I have heard that some would like image stabilization but the noise is so low that higher ISO is not noticable. Other manufacturers take note – a fully pro mirrless camera can be done. Bravo Sony!

Simply Incredible

This camera will blow your socks off. Yeah yeah yeah the whole 12 megapixels thing. Understandably photographers may turn the other cheek, but for me as a filmmaker this camera is REVOLUTIONARY. Shooting in pitch dark with little to NO NOISE. NeatVideo plugin works fantastic with any footage that might have a little noise.

But at 56,000 iso this camera flourishes. Picture profiles for days. SLOG 2 and cine gammas. The functionality is superb. Being able to pull focus inside the viewfinder and replay footage! What? My Canon 5D Mark III is done for. And yes I used the 5D Mark III with MAGIC LANTERN RAW. That’s the only way I shot with that camera. With the Sony a7s you no longer need to jump through hoops to get amazing footage out of your camera.

Even with the 8-bit output of the a7s you still retain so much information in your footage. And I can only imagine what projects are going to look like with the Atomos Shogun when it comes out. 4K all the way. Being able to download apps straight to the camera is pretty interesting too. I downloaded the time lapse app and have been experimenting with that. Ten bucks and no pesky intervalometer.

Sweet. For me, there’s really only ONE con to this camera and thats the battery life. Which is probably why they give you two batteries when you buy it. If you are a low budget filmmaker like myself. Please waste no time and buy this camera. I promise you will not be disappointed. The Panasonic GH4 AND Sony a7s. BOTH INCREDIBLE CAMERAS.


I am a 30+ year video professional. Like many others I jumped on the DSLR bandwagon due to the small size and filmic looks from full frame sensors. I have extensive use with Canon MkII, MkIII, 6D and 60D. While I loved much of the footage I shot with the Canon systems, I always wanted more dynamic range, a better codec and professional video features.

I’m not complaining because in truth these cameras were designed as still cameras with some video capabilities. I imagined the A7s as the opposite!!!??? If you are a video enthusiast who can appreciate the A7s’ video-centric features, then this camera seems like the logical next step. 50mps recording, s-log, 15+ steps of dynamic range and 4k capable… not to mention, audio monitoring, EVF, etc. So it should be the next big thing for SLR video enthusiasts??? I’ve had my A7s for about 2 weeks.

The images are beautiful, well. that is, when I can get the camera to turn on?? I have had two issues. One, when the camera boots all I can see are menus and such but no video image on LCD or EVF. Or when I power the camera I get no images or menus? I have confirmed that this is not a battery or lens issue… Lets just say the issues are not operator errors.

So maybe I have a lemon? I don’t know. I have told B&H and we are in the process of swapping out my current A7s with a new one, well, that is as soon as they have one to exchange with me. So…. my expectations were grand, my experience has not been great. I have not heard of others having the same problems I have experienced. So do not judge this camera by my experience, please read other reviews about how this camera performs.

Because of my particular experience, I have not choice but to downgrade my rating. All in all, the Sony products I have used in broadcasting for over 30 years have been absolutely stellar and I expect the next Sony A7s to perform as expected. Just thought I would share my experience wit the new Sony A7s. Steve

Sony Alpha A7S – First Pro Level Mirrorless Camera
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