I am very pleased with this camera. It is powerful and discrete when being used at events. I have used it with a steadicam and a 16-35mm Sony lens so far, and am very impressed with the results.

I still need to master the feel of the focus as I had previously used only Canon. But the low light performance made the decision to go Sony an easy transition. The batteries will go fast, so stock up a few. The camera comes with two. Shooting at HD at 50 mb/s, I could drain a battery within 75 minutes.

Great Camera

A great camera, I primarily use it for video as a slider camera matched with my Sony PXW-FS7. Incredible images, takes a little to get used to. The menu system applies to both stills and video. However you cannot take a white balance while in video mode, you have to change it to manual then switch it back. Hopefully this will be resolved in a future update.

State of the art almost..

I just used the Sony a7sII for two weeks straight shooting two high end editorial jobs in Asia and two videos for the top publisher in the world and used it alongside my Canon 5DMKIII. It took some time to get used to it, but by the end I was a true believer. The a7sII simply delivers stunning video and stills.

For video hands down, state of the art for DSLR size. Stabilization is tremendous, but handheld for a perfect still shot is not perfect. A tripod certainly dials it in and a slider too, nonetheless worlds apart from no stabilization. For stills you can shoot at very slow shutter speeds an it’s tack sharp. Some of the physical buttons and exterior controls are in weird places. The video start button is on the side and is just ridiculous – why here? I used a custom function to change it, but a better dedicated location would be better.

Also the small size is great for saving weight, but it’s like a toy. I wish it was slightly larger especially as a professional. Viewfinder is simply tremendous. Hated it at first, but now I love it. Just love it. I always preferred a normal viewfinder – not electronic, but coupled with the metering, simply a tremendous asset. Though for Fashion not sure if the a7sII is up to it for the viewfinder.

Manual focus with the viewfinder is just about as good as it gets. You can clearly see if you are out of focus even if focusing from a distance. Very well done. I’ve been using all Canon lenses, 24-70 2.8 and the 50 1.2 my favs, but used 16-35 2.8, 35 1.4 and 45 2.8 tilt shift. I used with Metabones, but autofocus was so bad (four seconds to lock on at least), so it was manual focus which is superb on the a7sII.

I returned the metabones for the FotodioX simple because it’s $300 cheaper and for manual focus it’s fine. Overall a game changer for me. I don’t even really want to use my 5DMKIII anymore. I’ve met many photographers in New York who switched and I was skeptical because it looks like a toy. Great product design, but very small. I’m a true believer now. I specifically wanted a low light camera with smaller raw file sizes. I don’t need 45 megapixels whatsoever so this is phenomenal. A drawback too is limited fast Sony lenses.

One day, I’ll switch, but for now it’s Canon lenses. Another thing with the new A9 rumors, I might get that as a compliment – it’s bigger physically, but only if it can equal or exceed the a7sII and if it does not have large raw file sizes. Then I’ll leave Canon for sure.

Great Camera

I use this camera all the time.. so lite and easy to use. Once you set the C1 buttons to move faster through the menu changes its simple. Compared to CANON the Autofocus is a joke. But if you are ok with Manual focus the quality is better then Canon.

The low-light king

Switching from the Canon 70D to the Sony A7SII has really helped highlight even the darkest basements. Shooting real estate video tours with this camera is much easier.

Excellent Camera, Positive Buying Experience

Very happy & excited about our purchase of the A7S II. This mirrorless camera fit our company’s baseline budget constraints while still serving as a high quality camera we can use for a variety of corporate video shoots on a consistent basis.

The low light performance that the A7S II provides is a huge factor for us as we often need to shoot in locations where we do not have the ability to control lighting as well as we’d like. I’ve been pleased with the excellent quality footage we’ve captured already at multiple shoots.

We acquired a metabones EF adapter which of course is essential for utilizing EF mount lenses which we owned for our Canon 5D MarkIII. This has helped us advance our flexibility and we now have two solid camera kits at our fingertips.

The best ILC for video on the market

Love this camera, works great with the other big FS5 & FS7 Sony camcorders as a B-camera, or on its own for smaller work, and the lowlight is insane. I’m glad I purchased this camera from B&H, not only was the process easy, but I purchased the a7S II with a free $200 gift card.

Great camera (Best for video use)

It’s a great camera. I bought it as an upgrade of the A7s. Is it worth it? For me, yes: internal 4k video and IBIS (that’s a really nice feature indeed). The rest it’s the same. Rolling shutter too… Or maybe worse? With my Rokinon Cine 85mm it’s ridiculously unbearable, you really can’t do fast pans. But at least I can shoot hand-held with a 85mm unstabilized (thanks to IBIS).

That’s life, nothing it’s perfect. So, you can’t go wrong with this camera: light, good quality build (slightly bigger than the previous version), a lot of lenses (with the right adapter), internal 4k, low light monster. In general, it’s a camera aimed at videographers. Video it’s of great quality. For stills, the A7rii is better (however, stills are really good with this camera too, I can’t complain). Last thing: buy a lot of spare batteries.

Canon user with vintage glass

I’ve been a Canon user for around 20 years so this was a step out of my comfort zone. I wanted something that was smaller than my 5D mkII that would give me better video quality, but still allow me to take random candid pictures.

So far the A7S II is doing this perfectly. I don’t have any Sony lenses yet so I’ve been using my Canon glass along with several Minolta and Pentax vintage lenses. I bought generic adapters for those, but purchased the Metabones IV adapter for my Canon lenses. The peaking and focus zoom assist have made using my vintage glass so easy. Also, like many say, the auto focus with Canon and Metabones is extremely slow. It does lock on 9 out of 10 times, but it typically takes 3-4 seconds. I don’t find the menu system to be quite as bad as most say.

While I occasionally hunt for items, the customization between buttons and the function menu mean you can get to what you need quickly. Compared to my 5D mkII, the Sony video quality is obviously better. For stills, I find the quality is pretty equal, and with static portraits I feel more confident shooting wide open with my manual lenses on the Sony that I do with my Canon with auto focus.


Sony Alpha A7S II – Amazing Low Light Performance
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