“The A7sii is definitely one of the best Cameras for the price on the market today! The low light capabilities are amazing. I did research for about a year before buying a new camera and I’m very happy that I got this camera.

You can produce some beautiful images and video if you know how. One of the main deciding factors for me was the 120fps in 1080p. It has added significantly to my production value. I plan on keeping this camera around for a while!”

Words cannot describe

I had seen YouTube videos with sample footage but WOW… It is one thing to watch a compressed YouTube video and a completely different one to actually view the footage on my 5K screen.

The image quality is really breathtaking for the super small form factor. About those menus: I was confused the first day, I watched some tutorials and that was it. From day 2 It has become second nature for me to take advantage of most of the camera’s features (mostly related with video in my case).

I haven’t had overheating issues and the battery life surprisingly hasn’t been that bad as everyone says it is (although I enabled airplane mode and other settings that help in that regard). This B&H combo with the Rode VideoMic Pro is really good, as a YouTuber myself I saved some money buying this instead of the camera and mic in a separate purchase.

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Sony Alpha A7S II reviews 1
Sony Alpha A7S II reviews 1

About the Rode, I was using the SmartLav+ with my iPhone and I was hoping to get better quality from the VideoMic Pro but unfortunately that was not the case. I realized that a lavalier mic has some advantages (like being closer to the source) and because of that produces cleaner sound. With the lav mic I was recording to the voice notes app on my iPhone and then syncing the audio with Adobe Premiere Pro (which by the way, does it automatically with 1 click).

It is convenient however to use the VideoMic Pro in other cases where a lapel mic is not suitable and for those cases I have experience great battery life and quality.

So far, so good

I got the Sony a7S II to up my video game. I’ve previously been shooting with Canon DSLRs, a variety of camcorders, GoPros and the like. I’m adapting my Canon EOS mount lenses and some manual lenses via both a Fotodiox smart adapter and the same company’s ND Throttle.

So far, I’ve been doing test footage to get used to the controls and how to expose footage via the different picture profiles. And how to grade the resulting video. Luckily, there are plenty of videos online with suggestions on how to set the camera up, including assignments for the custom buttons, as well as how to expose and process movies under different conditions.

Last night, I shot some low-light footage in S-Log2, applied a LUT and graded in FCPX and am very happy with the results. Tomorrow, I’ll put it through its paces on an assignment. As many others have noted, the thing eats batteries (get extras), rolling shutter can be an issue (don’t whip the thing around). But so far, so good.

Love My Sony a7S ii

Perfect for my needs. Wedding and event filming, plus a couple music videos and shorts here and there. The ability to shoot 4K of course is great. The stabilization is great. And it is fantastic, of course, in lowlight. Using a lens adapter can start to get tricky (autofocus is not as tight), so I recommend keeping it simple with native lenses!

VIDEOGRAPHERS – This is the camera you need!

Videographers: THIS IS THE CAMERA YOU NEED. I spent hours, days, weeks searching for the right camera. There were so many biased options online that it made it really tricky to decide what camera was right for my needs. I made the switch from Canon to Sony and I am AMAZED by this camera. If you are a videographer in the dslr market, this is the camera you are looking for.

My favorite body yet

I do both video and stills so this camera was the best option for me. This camera is a beast at handling noise even though for stills I still prefer ISO 50 on everything. For all of those debating on this camera body or the a7rii, I would say probably best to go with the a7rii. I would of liked to have the higher res pics for prints. However, I am happy with the disk space I’m saving with shooting 12mp raw files.

Perfect Companion to my FS5!

I had heard amazing reviews prior to purchasing my a7sii. Especially in the low light situations. This little guy is a perfect companion for my Sony FS5. Fantastic for movement shots via gimbal, as well as run and gun b-roll the steadyshot is money! Because I use this as my #2, I’m not concerned with the battery life so much. The little ones can be a slight pain because I’m used to my larger Sony batteries for my FS5.

But I also have a portable usb charger I can use if I need longer times. PRO TIP: Do yourself a favor and watch Matt WhoisMatt Johnson’s Run & Gun setup on YouTube before shooting ANYTHING. Best hour you can spend getting your camera up. Although, I prefer slog3. Watching this video also removes any cons I would have about the camera clunky menu, stupid auto shutter in video mode and few other rediculous decisions Sony made.

Beautiful pictures in manageable file sizes!

I went backwards to 12mp and couldn’t be happier. This cameras beautifully clean and small file size make this camera the best for web viewing pics ever. I wanted to minimize my work flow for snapshots I share and the race to 100mp just adds time and bloat for that. Obviously if you are printing huge landscapes get another camera, but if you enjoy just taking pictures and sharing them, this camera makes the most beautiful pics of any I’ve owned. So happy I regressed!

The Nightcrawler, low light master

I have owned the Sony A7R MKII for a year now and have been very impressed having come from years of a MAJOR DLSR brand. But while reading constantly about the low light magic of the A7S MKII I finally acquired the body….and WOW.

Its nothing short of amazing, I have never used a camera that does so well with available light and minimal high ISO grain. The samples below are low rez for computer viewing and just JPEGS straight out of the camera, the RAW images are astounding. If you are thinking to buy one Sony body no question, the A7S is the choice.

Unless you’re enlarging your images for highway billboards the difference in sensor pixel count is negligible. You’d never know the difference. I have had two friends who are novice shooters and bought the A7R MKII based solely on the MB pixel count, which was a mistake.

I rarely ever use a flash and the A7S MKII incredible, underwater case – housing is next for this camera! I hope this helps you choose the body for your application.

Great camera for video purposes. Was a Nikon user and got an adapter for my glass to work on this which is a nice bonus. My only issue is the bit depth is only 8 bit which can make color grading a bit more difficult than I would like, but really not that bad. If you’re target audience is youtube, then this is more than enough.

Just a small note, if you don’t need it for a while, the Panasonic GH5 is coming out, and I would recommend that simply for the 10 bit color depth, but then again, this has a low light capability that is unmatched (so far) by any other DSLR. This means that if you want to shoot using natural light indoors, you can keep your depth of field large enough so that you can keep your subjects in focus relatively easily.

Also note that with this camera you can get 4k images from the center part of the image sensor at the size of super 35. One of my issues is that the depth of field of a DSLR can be too narrow and then you run into issues with available light and a high f-stop/t-stop. But by cropping (and still recording at 4k) you can use a wider lens to get the same framing, and use a wider f-stop/t-stop to allow more light in and keep a bigger DOF.

Do this using the settings: Gear:3:ClearImageZoom. Then use the zoom shortcut. (c3) and then the scroll wheel to zoom into about 1.4 or really whatever your choosing is.

Source: http://sonyalpharumors.net/

Sony Alpha A7S II – Best bang for your buck!
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