Far superior to my excellent Sony NEX 7, the new Sony A7S II (coupled with a Sony/Zeiss 55mm lens) delivers portraits, nature still life’s and even 4K videos of my grandchildren at play that astound all viewers. Though technically sophisticated, this instrument is easy to set up and use. I cannot recommend the A7S II enough!

Light and Bright

I have decided to go light with my camera gear so the A7SII was chosen because of its low light capacity and its weight. A small plus for my because I am a still guy is it’s quality of video.

The storytellers tool

I am a filmmaker and an MFA student. I’ve used RED Canon 5D MK III C-100 and C-300. You can push the A7sii further then any dslr I’ve used in the past. The internal 4K is amazing, however I would record externally to an ATOMOS recorder if I were planning on filming something over 20 minutes like a short film or feature.

The codecs suck for me because I cut in AVID and AVID has not release the plugins for the A7sii yet. The only codec that works effortlessly without converting to the .MOV codec in AVID is the AVCHD option on the A7sii. The slow motion is incredible and the ability to have 100fps in the cropped sensor is very useful.

Partnered with Sony lenses, you have a formidable rig that can be used anywhere without permits and will not attract attention like a RED or ARRI would. I had the A7s this upgraded model is a huge improvement, everything is better including body design as well as peaking and of course the picture profiles like the milky white slog 3, if you need it. Most don’t, if great filmmakers from the past had cameras like these, they would had been spoiled rotten.

This camera is a beast and worth every dollar. I would take the a7sii and a handful of lenses over the c-300 any day, and make better movies with it as well–and save $10-15,000.

Best camera ever!!

Outstanding performance, Best low light capability out there!, love the picture profiles and dynamic range. Battery life it’s descent but you need to buy some xtra, compact, lightweight great built. As a videographer myself running like crazy, I consider this the best camera I ever had!

Great Buy!

We really love this camera! Great features for a great price point. We bought this camera for our business and we love the flexibility it gives us when we are in low light situations.

This Camera and I share a room

If you’re shooting videos, and A3 sized prints are enough for your photos, then this is the best option for you in the market. In different words, this is the best wedding camera in the market IMO.

Excellent, big improvement

The a7s II is a big improvement over the the first version. I also own the a7rII which is my main photo camera. I use the S almost exclusively for video and only occasional photos. This camera IS expensive, and it is even more expensive considering how many accessories become necessity in order to get the full potential out of it.

The size is both a negative and a plus. I would be totally happy if this camera was a little larger in order to accommodate a 1,500ma battery instead of the 1,000 that it currently has. You will need external power but thankfully you can use simple cell phone USB chargers that are very inexpensive, small and lightweight. I use the excellent Varavon Zeus cage almost all the time. The only downside is that the custom function buttons in the front are hard to hit when using a cage but you will need it for handheld action shots in order to your hands further out to the sides and reduce your angle deviations.

The custom buttons are essential on this small camera since everything you want to do requires a menu dive. So get familiar with the functions, study the features and know what you will need to use to fit your shooting style because once you set up the quick keys and function menu you will not want to change it again.

My S is set up for video hot keys and my R is set up for photography. There is no easy way to switch back and forth. I do not think this inconvenience is worth a downgrade in star rating because to complain about a plethora of options not being more simple is pretty self indulgent.

The image quality is spectacular out of the box and it gets even better once you edit the picture profiles. I have adjusted my color to go a little more green and less magenta since I do not love the Sony color science. I also have deepened the black a tad on the s-log because I find it to be a bit too low contrast for most shooting and grading. I don’t use the slog-3 profile because for what I do I don’t see the point. S-log 2 is pretty great.

Great upgrade from A7S

I owned the a7s and loved it for the last year. I didn’t really think it was possible to change things enough to make it work it. Then I got the a7sii. First off, the build is a night and day difference and the camera finally doesn’t feel like a toy. It truly feels like a well built camera. The extra addition of a new custom function button is awesome and allows even more flexibility in what is routed to the button.

Also, you can route the record button to a custom button to finally eliminate the annoying record button on a series cameras. I could go on and on but here are my main highlights. 4K internal (duh) Better body build Custom function buttons Even better low light Faster startup time and operating More AF points Great on board microphone for natural sound USB Powered The list goes on and on. Well worth t upgrade from a7s or any other camera for that matter.

My first camera since my Canon 5DM2

As of this writing, I’ve been using my Canon 5DM2 since 2009, and Canon always seemed to underwhelm with their M3 and 7DM2. While I love the Canon colors, the ability for 4K, slomo, and great low light capabilities always seemed to elude Canon.

I almost went with the first A7S, but the lack of 4K internal recording was a no-go. Only a year later, and they came out with the A7Sii with 4K internal and six axis stabilized sensor! I have no regrets in getting this camera. If the $3K price tag may seem too much, consider this: The 5DM2 cost $3,500 when it came out EIGHT YEARS ago! So the bang for your buck in 2016, is just amazing!! Oh yeah, slomo (120p) in HD!?!? SWEET.


Sony Alpha A7S II – Beyond state-of-the-art
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