The camera sees in the dark. Once you get it dialed in properly, with the right lens, you can do incredible things with this camera. High ISO (by that I mean no higher than 10,000) can still look amazingly clear.

None of my Canons could come close. In-camera stabilization means I can use a non-stabilized 50mm plastic fantastic, or a vintage 55mm Pentax lens handheld, and still get smooth shots. Love that, too. I give it 4/5 stars for a few reasons: I have a lot of Canon glass.

So I use a Metabones Mark IV adapter. Even with the latest firmware update, the Metabones makes A/F basically useless. For video that doesn’t bother me so much, because I don’t use autofocus with video. At the same time, I usually have to disconnect the lens and reattach if the camera is turned off, because the Metabones just doesn’t communicate that well with the lenses. That sucks. Not Sony’s fault; but something I think a lot of other shooters might encounter.

Also, battery life pretty much sucks. Two batteries isn’t enough for a real shoot. You’ll need a battery pack or tons of additional batteries. Lastly, the placement of the record button is as stupid as it was on the A7S. Just awkward and dumb. Bottom line, the camera creates incredible images in very low light.

With decent ND filters, you can shoot SLOG (minimum ISO 3200) which enables tons of flexibility in post. And I have no doubt that the low light performance (especially with the in-camera stabilization) makes a huge difference with stills because you can shoot a much slower speed. But buy Sony lenses for that. The Metabones adapter, at least in November 2015, ain’t gonna help you with that.

Good upgrades inside – steep decline outside

It has what everyone wanted as far as features go – but the build quality is a couple notches down from the a7s: plastic cheap body, dials that feel like the delicate plastic they are. The HDMI ports now have cheapo plastic covers which get in the way when you hook up your external 4K recorder.

Annoying that you can’t shoot internal 4K on APSC crop lens – which is pretty much most cine lenses. Yes the camera is even more light sensitive with lower noise – but it would be nice if the professionally priced camera was professionally built.

Noisy video – bad batch?

I wanted to love this camera, but you are taking risk buying this. The video coming out of the a7sii I received is unusably nosey at all setting and picture profiles. I have seen fantastic videos across the web from this camera, but there is a defect in many that cause the noise. I upgraded from an old 7d and incredibly get better pictures out of the 7d. I have a gig this week and will be using my 4 year old 7d instead of the a7sii (that says alot). I will be returning the camera ASAP.

Crop Factor at 120fps

I am new to Sony cameras and like the camera and the quality from it. My only complaint is about filming at 120fps. Maybe this is ignorance on my part but when filming at 120fps using the Sony 24-70mm FE full frame lens there is a significant crop factor, probably 2X.

I called B & H and the support person did not know anything about the issue but I later had a support chat with Sony and they said this is normal when filming at the high frame rate and the only solution is to press record then re-compose your shot. This makes filming slow motion a little more of a challenge but it still works and the shots come out great.

Detail w 12 giant MPs on A7S ii, no need for 42 MP A7R ii

This Camera is the best camera I’ve ever owned! Reading the reviews, I had concern for softness due to the low pixel count compared to the A7r II’s 42 MPs, Not to be concerned, this cameras’ full frame and light gathering ability stopped to F4. (sweet spot on my old manual nikon F1.4 Lens) has every bit of detail in 4k video and stills!

The ability to sharpen the image at night stopped to F4 and have practically no noise is unheard of. I bumped the ISO up to 2000 to 3200. (of course the ISO can go way beyond this) but this was the sweet spot for me for incredible sharpness at night, street light lighting only, no noise, what a beast this is in a small package. It is so sharp across the lens at F4 with all my old Nikon lens! who needs AF and who needs high MP count?

No overheating

Got the camera and ran a few tests, shot it in 4K at the highest bitrate and no overheating. Made it for the entire 30 minute record rescriction. I didn’t do a second test after that though. The camera was a little hot to touch. One downside is the 2x crop when shooting at 120fps it’s a bummer but no real deal breaker there. Crazy awesome camera!

Got it all, almost

Really beautiful picture, HD and 4k and a ton of options with the picture profiles, real pro – Love autofocus in video, and it is ok fast and exact with the right lenses. I use flexible spots, and if we were able to move it with a touch screen i would have given 5 stars, but there is different shortcuts in adjusting the buttons, to make it work eventhough.

Disappointed in low light performance despite the hype

What I like: Handles nicely, compact, great viewfinder and LCD, both of which are stellar in low light. What I don’t like: Performance at moderate ISO e.g. 1000-6400K was no better than my Nikon D610. At ISO 25K there was perhaps a 2 stop improvement over the D610. Above about 32K there appeared a significant purple band of noise on the left side of the frame. Finally the battery life is atrocious.

True performer

Coming from the original A7s, this updated version has been on my radar before it even got announced. I already purchased the A7RII and was impressed with the 4K quality in S35. But the FF 4K footage was disappointing, especially when turning up the iso. In terms of noise, the 4K footage from RII (S35) and SII is comparable up to about ISO 12.800. The A7SII is what I was hoping for with the addition of Slog3. I can see a slightly improved iso performance compared with A7s and the camera is faster in operation. Slog assistant screen profile is a welcome new tool. Get heaps of batteries for this thing.

The ability to thread power into the camera over the USB connector is great. When shooting on a shoulder rig or with a gimbal, I will for sure be using this feature (vis USB power bank). Bottom line, this is a stunning product, super performer in a impressively compact body. I did get FE 28-135mm with it, hoping that won’t have been a mistake.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Camera is incredible
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