My main camera is an FS7 and I had been using my 5dm2 for a B cam. The A7s ii is much better suited for video work than my old 5dm2. Nothing against Canon as it had served me well, but this is a much better match. The HFR recording is a real plus along with 4k.

Great for what I do

I do real estate and other smaller type production videos and this camera works great so far. The in-camera stabilization works wonders when paired with my ronin. Walking up stairs, sidestepping, even running, smoothes out the footage to make it look like I’m gliding. Also a big perq is the 120fps recording at 1080. This is great for my surfing videos – 4X slo mo baby…

Photo & Video Application review

I use this primarily for professional work. Interviews and cover conference events. Indoor & outdoor. The video features remind you why you got this camera for video. The still features are decent but also remind you that you got this camera primarily for video. Does well in low-light, video specific. Still are decent in low light – but not with the same effect as video.

After owning it for a few weeks and still trying to figure out the most favorable and effective settings (auto focus is slow on many accounts) you learn that the camera is prosumer that records (unless you go external recorder) to prosumer codecs, yet it requires you work and shoot on a more pro level. Battery life is a con. internal mic isn’t so great either. Over all a pretty decent cam. Needs to be paired with good glass etc.

FS7 + A7Sii is a great combo

I owned the original A7S and shot 35 events with it. Everything from weddings to corporate shoots and mini docs. The camera never let me down. So when the A7SII was announced with internal 4K and Slog3 I thought to myself this would be a perfect match for my Sony PXW-FS7 which also shoots Slog3. I would say in 95% of situations they are an excellent match.

The A7SII is less than half the price and only does 8-bit and yes sometimes there can be banding in Slog3, but if handles correctly it is the perfect b-cam for the FS7. The dynamic range is similar, it’s actually better in low light, it does have 120p @1080p now and the color options make it fairly straitforward to help it match the FS7. I wouldn’t use if for green screen work though. Probably my favourite thing to do is have the A7SII fly around on a gimbal while the FS7 is shoulder mounted. I really great combo.

By the way, the whole battery thing is so easy to solve it just blows me a way people can’t figure this out. By and external battery. There are a number of v-lock solutions out there that are excellent or event buy a grip. I use both depending on the situation. a 90wh v-lock will last all day.

Careful with a bug

The camera is excelente, but some are coming with a bug and mus t be prepared. Something happens the the camera doesn’t turn on. Appear a massage Thurn off and than turn on when it stars and stay in this massage for very tries. Test your camera before buy.

The best option for filmmakers

I started out with the Sony a7S as well as the Atomos Shogun external 4k recorder, but found the setup a hassle, and as a result, never used the 4k feature much. But THIS camera – I’ve had it for two weeks now and can’t believe the performance. To critique, I had initially expected to use the new S-Log3 feature predominately, but found the Cine3 profile to be exactly what I need in most situations. Again, the in-camera color without a picture profile is substantially lacking from canon DSLR’s, but if you’re able to use DaVinci Color in post you won’t be sorry!


Been using canon for 5years not and just decided i’d switch to the sony a7sii. love it overall. the ISO capabilities, and the ability to use non sony lenses was a plus coming from canon. The only CONS are ridiculous rolling shutter. Not as long lasting battery (easily fixed by battery grip or 3-4 batteries).

If you use Sony Cine Alta’s, this will match them!

This camera intercuts with my F5 perfectly in 4K, I can easily shoot great 120p footage in HD, the autofocus with Sony lenses is really good. With an external v lock battery I can run the camera all day in a remote location reliably.

So far so good

I just got one of these and have to say it’s doing exactly as promised. Excellent in low light, great slow mo. Having a lot of grain in S log 3 in low light, but looking great in xav hd.

Best Camera for the price

I’ve done quite a bit of research before making the decision to purchase the a7sii, and found nothing but praises. I’ve owned it for about two weeks now and I absolutely love it.

Can’t Export Crop Sensor Cinema Lenses to External Recorder

This is my 2nd review of the camera and it keeps going down in stars. Again image is great from the sensor, but we just discovered you can’t output Cinema crop lenses via the HDMI to an external recorder which makes the camera worthless to those of us using cinema or crop sensor lenses. I was astonished Sony would take a step backward in both build quality and features.

Shouldn’t the new model be an upgrade not a downgrade? I checked in with Sony and they said they have no info on firmware upgrade to facilitate this. Beware all you cinema users – you will have horrible vignetting on your crop sensor APS-C and cinema lenses and will have to blow up the image in post which then makes it not a 4K image.

Great camera, but hoping for dire improvements

Just purchased the A7sii back in December. Due to holiday shipping I only received it last week. First off, the body of the camera feels very sturdy and is nice and compact. My main purpose of purchasing the camera is for videography when not using a full production camera. The camera came with two batteries and I purchased two more. I can see how people think the batteries run out rather quickly… they do.

However you can actually use a portable USB charger to extend the life. I initially thought the screen would be touch screen, so when it came to connecting with a local access point, I had both difficulty typing with the manual dial, as well as connecting with access points with over 16 characters.

Additionally, I was curious to use my iPad as an external display and control for aperture and iso settings, however the Play Memories app restricts video to control only exposure adjustment settings and zoom. On top of that, all of your custom button settings are not applicable in this mode, due to the fact that the app runs on its own settings, from which I’m not able to change much. I hope Sony can update the app to allow full control for prosumers, even mirror the whole screen on iPad or PC (With menus, settings, etc).

This is important to me, as the lack of a touchscreen forces users to click buttons in order to change settings while shooting, thereby creating an unnecessary camera shake. Previous to owning this camera, I owned the Canon T2i, which with Magic Lantern was highly customizable.

However even using the GH4 and the iPad app, I felt like I had much more control. I tried reaching out to Sony’s tech department, but it has been difficult to find the right contact, and it seems the updates for the Play Memories apps has slowed down since 2012/13. Anyway, as promised the A7sii is awesome in low-light and creates a beautiful image with high dynamic range. I’m excited to use it for it’s based options, but hope that Sony steps up their game in updating their software, or even opening up their SDK for external developers.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Coming from a 5DM2
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