This is my first mirrorless camera and it is incredible! The image quality is outstanding and Slog3 has incredible dynamic range. I took this camera to a car event and filmed everything in Slog3.

I love this camera so much

I needed a camera that could handle low light. I wanted a full frame, I wanted 4K Capability, and LOG shooting style. I needed something that worked all the time. You will need lots of batteries, and SDXC Cards, 64 GB’s of higher (I got 2 for $150 each, and 1 for $50) They have plenty of plugins, that I use when I need to.

My only dislike is, it’s not a cinema camera, like an FS7 or FS5. Getting the necessary attachments (Rod Support, Shoulder pad, handles, Monitor, Matte Box, batteries, media, etc. If may be cheaper to purchase an FS5 instead. I still recommend it.

A camera worth to buy

I’m using it only for video shooting. And after using it for several shootings, I have to say this camera worth the money. It has some cons of course, like it is too small, and several additional equipment is needed to buid a real tool (cage, v-lock, field mon, whatever), and it is WAY too sensitive.

You can feel its power when the sun goes down, but this is redicoluously true. You need ND filters to use it on a not so sunny day for outdoor shooting. 4:2:0 is not really ideal for pulling key but this is not a VFX heavy production camera anyway. But the pros are massive. Camera is well built, easy to setup and handle. Every kind of lens can be attached with affordable adapters. Its light weight saves a lot on tripod, steadicam, gimbal, slider, copter prices.

Darks are slightly noisy, but turning ISO up helps a lot. Overall picture quality with S-log3 is better than expected from a small form (DSLR or Mirrorless) camera. I like it and will use it for many productions.

Amazing video camera

Im a videographer first, photographer second. This camera takes outstanding video in low light situations, and the video is so clear that I am able to take stills from the video and pass them off to clients as photos. I have used this camera to take pictures of stars and I get great results.

Lenses for this camera are expensive! I use this camera on a Ronin-M and it is a great combo for some exciting shots. The record button is not well placed, and there are some issues with the viewfinder and LCD when you try to switch from one to the other, but these are small issues considering how amazing this camera is.

Worth every penny

Coming from a D800 that I barely used, I wanted a camera I can carry around with me with ease and quickly pull out and shoot. My needs changed and I realized I wanted a camera where I can get great pictures and video, light weighted, easy editing on the RAW files, and most of all low light. I hate flash.

And Sony delivered. Just Wow. I’ve taken more pics in the last week of owning this thing than the last year with my D800. Ridiculously sharp, great dynamic range, color, ease of use. Love it. Don’t be uncertain like I was with its still capability, it shoots great!

One very nice camera

I purchased it to put on a Steadycam Merlin 2. There’s definitely a learning curve on the Merlin 2 but I got the A7SII to balance and I’m starting to get the hang of it. The A7SII outputs great video and it’s a low-cost way to move into 4K from HD.

Need to purchase another one!

Great camera for video for the price. Packed full of features with 4k, high frame rates at 1080, and awesome latitude for the price. It’s not a FS7 or RED, but great for filmmakers on a budget.

I love this camera

So far been shooting 3 weddings with it 1 st week i watch you tube to learn all the menus and setup button the way i like it. than practice with it using sony 28 – 135 f4 lens bought at the same time and that lens is super focus is managleble – meaning i can use it but pay attention some time it would go out of focus.

But i usually use manual every thing, 1 st wedding waS IN 4TH HOLE golf course hot humid day great 1st time wedding check over heating . but none to be seen plus i was using battery grip that battery short life was a non issue .so overall loving this camera.

Outstanding, but not without flaws

I’ve used this camera a lot since I’ve had it and I just love it. It is a pain in the neck that it is so small and has no xlr inputs, short battery life, small screen, etc. It also makes it kind of expensive to buy all the accessories such as a cage, handles, external monitor, extra batteries and all the rest.

But, now that I’ve got all that stuff and my kit is ready to travel I can’t say enough good stuff about it. The picture quality is just incredibly sharp at either 1080 or 4k. I don’t even need to add sharpness in post to make the picture look good. I researched the picture profiles and made some modifications to make the color a little less red/magenta and I now find the skin tones to be more natural.

The AF works very well on walking shots which is a great help on solo jobs. It’s nice to break down the kit just to body and lens to set it up on a slider for easy use. A BIG bonus and my best tip I can share that not a lot of people know: You can power the camera on cell phone charger batteries through USB for extended tripod video shooting. This made my life a lot easier when I figured this out. I can set up quickly and travel light by just using 3 or 4 of these little guys that hold 3,200mAh and only cost $30.

They each last about 3 Sony batteries. Close to a full day shoot. It’s hard to use while on the move because they will be dangling off with a USB cord, so don’t risk damage to the port that way. Only use when stable and preferably with a cable pincher for safety. My biggest complaint is the micro HDMI port. I’ve been through 3 cables since I started using my SmallHD 501 because the tiny connector is so terribly designed. They start out with a strong connection but after 5 or 6 shoots they start to get loose and then the picture flickers.

Cable pincher is a MUST especially if you will be recording externally. You will without a doubt lose a recording. For this reason I only use external monitors and not recorders. Get a camera with SDI for recording.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Fantastic Camera even for beginners!
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