Cheap, after just under 2 months the eye viewfinder has stopped working. This camera is far from Pro. Sony is a joke to work with. I will never buy Sony anything ever again this includes candy from their main office.

Good camera

The camera is really decent. For the price though I really think there were some things that could be better. The screen is not touchscreen and the focus peaking is not anything like my GH4. The shutter button not being used for a record button is pretty annoying as well.

Overall though the camera seems good I haven’t gotten down editing in S-LOG 3 yet but it looks great when others use it. One other drawback is when shooting in 120 FPS the camera goes into crop mode.

Made the switch from Nikon

I bought this camera after having an allegiance to Nikon for a long time. I am a news video journalist looking to add some more creativity into my work with a new videography venture. This camera seems to be the perfect start to my new gear setup. I was originally a stills photographer and debated on getting the a7rii for the much larger 42MP. And I would recommend that camera for people looking to do stills.

However I wanted to use this for probably 90% video work and loved the low light capability. I am new to shooting slog video and I am excited about the few test runs I have tried. There is a great range of options and customizable functions on this camera.

Pretty good but needs some tweaks

The camera is really great in low light as advertised. The trade-off is the 12 meg/pix which makes crop mode almost useless for photography. (it is about 5 megs). My other large complaint is that the auto white balance is really bad with florescent and LED home lighting. You really need to white balance manually with those lights.

The dead silent mode is great in situations where you need that. I just wish that there was a better indicator telling you that you have in fact taken a picture. The viewfinder is really great for focusing with vintage lenses. The peaking is very helpful Proprietary (?) raw picture format does not go directly into Lightroom and needs a poorly written Sony program to convert to TIFF.

Not the FS7 but…

If you are looking for the same color depth of the Sony fs7 guys you are out of luck. It’s not happening. Let’s face it we got this camera because we want the low light capabilities that’s been hyped (definitely not all that don’t be fooled).

And I say hyped because it’s not useable unless you De-noise it and as a result your video looses sharpness. So if you are looking for an fs7 in this camera do not waste your time and money. Also the battery life is not good on it. And super jello effect in 4K. Okay that was the bad part. Now the good part. Coming from a sony a7, canon 5d or 6d side this camera is insane.

The ability to shot in s log 2 (some ppl like slog 3 but is very noisy on this camera and suffers more when grading) and then bring it to the NLE is really really simple and not hard to correct. I am stunned with the features such as focus peaking, zooming to check focus while recording, and all of this theough the EVF. Also, changing from a full frame to apsc is just so helpful. Get this camera if: 1. Most of your work will end on the Internet 2. You are tired of the dslr look (crushed blacks) 3. Need a b camera for your fs7 4. Image stabilization 5. Shoot handheld Special tip: When shooting in slog 2 or slog 3, before you do ANYTHING with color correction or grading in premiere pro. Do the following : *On your timeline* Select one clip Go to effects Fast color correction Adjust the black output to 10 ( default is 0) Adjust the white output to 235 (default is 255) and bingo you may continue doing your thang.

Reason ? S log is not read in premiere , resolve or final cut. Conclusion: loveeeeeee the camera. Love it for video! Any further questions my Instagram is Fullyc.

Best Camera I own

This camera was my upgrade after Canon t2i. It is my first full frame camera upgrade. I do not regret my purchase at all. The shots are MUCH WIDER and If there is a shadow on my talent, it does not ruin the shot as my canon t2i. It feels almost as if it would take effort to ruin a shot. I feel like this camera is an instant cinematic shot.

Negatives: -If your lens is an EF-S cannon lens, it will have shadows on the side of your screen. -Autofocus seems to take multiple tries to succeed. Those are my own concerns at the moment, I have loved everything else from a non technical point of view.

Couldn’t be happier

This camera totally exceeds my expectations. 4K is beautiful, and the LCD and viewfinder screens are amazing. Be sure to get lots of high speed SD cards!

Wow just wow

I am a videographer at heart, I like most shooters rode the DSLR phase. I went from a standard professional HD video camera to a DSLR, mostly working with the Canon 5D Mark II and the Nikon D800. I have been waiting for a camera that met my needs. My needs are probably like many out there: interchangeable lenses, superior low light, and high frame rate options.

I was reluctant to jump on this camera because it’s not a video camera but it is not a DSLR either. It is something all on it’s own and it stands on it’s own. It is quite impressive. The image is beautiful, the options are extensive and you have the option to build it up. I am quiet happy with my purchase from B&H and when i have more money i will start to build this into a custom beast.

Best Camera I ever owned

I recently sold my Canon 5d2 and Panasonic Gh4 and puchased the A7sii. This piece of gear is brilliant. I am a videographer always on the move and the internal 4K recording delivers breathtaking crisp images. Most of my client want Slog 50Mb images for broadcast. The A7sii fits right in this bracket. The 120fps option also delivers beautiful images. Sony delivered what we asked for, a compact 4k Camera with a 35mm sensor made for traveling. Thank you Sony!!


The A7s II covers 9/10 bases. I use it for run and gun shoots, so I need to be mobile and fast moving. Because of the light footprint of the a7s II I can do this. Love the 4K, and the IS makes using an 85mm lens handheld a breeze! Of coarse the low light and S-Log kick butt as well! The only thing thats a drag is some of the features are buried in the menu and take a little bit of time to access on the fly.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Garbage camera
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