Great Camera. Would have been nice to have10 bit 422 out of HDMI. I used the two A7SIIs i purchased with the metabones to canon ef mount. Terrible! I really, really wanted this to work.

BH was very helpful in trying to get me an adapter that worked but couldn’t. BH was great but the metabones was not! I had aperture control half the time i used it. I had two productions shoots with these cameras and both time i had to revert back to my Canon 5D3s.

The A7SIIs with the metabones just stopped working. I had all had the latest firmware updates just no luck so i have the sent the cameras and adapters back. I was bummed, i really liked the camera/features but not willing to invest in the Sony glass since i had so many canon lenses. If i had Sony glass i would have given it 5 stars, or if Sony made an adapter that worked i would have giving it 5 stars. I ending returning these and going with Canon C100 Mark 2s and i am very happy with them.

Great buy

I couldn’t wait to get this camera and B&H was the quickest route as at the time I bought it because other sellers were either out of stock or longer delivery time. I immediately had the chance to shoot a music video with it the following week and I have never been so impressed with the quality of images I got with my favorite PP7/S-log3.

I previously had an A7s but the A7s II just took it a notch higher for me with so much extra capabilities especially the 4k has made scaling and reframing a lot easier, awesome dynamic range and low light capabilities which is really helpful for a wedding cinematographer like me. Sony A7sII is a GO TO cam for a pro on a budget( you can’t beat the price for what it offers).

Good Camera (Overall)

Love the image quality of the camera and the SLog2. The SLog3 is a gimmic. It shoots flat but with high amounts of noise in the low lights. The slow motion also is a gimmic because of the 1.6 crop on 60fps and 2.2 crop on 120fps. Image quality suffers during slow motion shooting. But overall I love the camera.

Great camera for video and photo

Bought this camera for it’s size and ability to shoot 4K and have the flexibility of photos as well. It’s primary use is video, though, as I’d use a Canon Mark iii for photos. The quality is great. Battery life is less than other DSLRs I’ve used, but it can charge on a Micro USB which is very nice if you can rig a portable battery with it.

Great camera

I was interested in the Sony A7sii for their ability to internal 4K recording, make shots at 120 fps and take pictures of good quality. I have a couple of sessions of work done with sigma m11 adapter and the camera responds very well with my mount lenses canon. I have also conducted interviews and sound left me satisfied, working directly with wireless lavalier direct to camera, with very good results. It is a comfortable and versatile team. Even knowing for technical details.

The camera is great most the times

For video the camera its very good, with good conditions the images you can produce are very interesting, the full frame gives an extra ingredient. The only thing its the 8 bit codec that compress the image very harsh and don’t let them shine in their full potential.

Great tool for 4K video

I am using the a7s ii for real estate and wedding videos. It’s nice to know this camera can handle any lighting condition I film in with the addition of some ND filters for outdoors, it’s low light performance is astounding. No previous experience with the original a7s but I was able to get comfortable using it very quickly.

The e mount system is great because I can use just about any super 35mm or 35mm lens that exists. For video use the battery grip is a must if you don’t want to be putting in a new battery about every hour. Overall it’s a great value for what you pay.

The Best Value and bang for your buck! Totally WORTH IT!

So I purchased this camera because I’ve was tired of waiting for Canon after years of patience and loyalty! I did not want to buy this camera but Canon really left me choice, with their underwhelming releases and slow updates. With that said, here are my thoughts on the camera from someone who has filmed over 300 weddings with Canon DSLRs.

Pros: -So many different codecs and frame rates to choose from. Pick which quality/compression fits your project -Can shoot 24, 30, 60, 120 fps (However, 120fps shoots with a 2.2X crop factor! YIKES) -It has built in stabilization! if you put a lens that does not have IS, no worries, the camera will do it for you -It’s smaller & lighter than the canon line which I use to not like but now I look at as a positive. Since I travel and hand hold the cam a lot -Better low light, dynamic range & sharper than canon – Can shoot in SLog2/3 for more dynamic range and post production coloring. -You can use the EVF in video mode and don’t have to use live view!!!! That helps and I like shooting that way.

Especially in bright sun. -Screen tilts up and down, unlike the 5d and 6d. -You can customize like 9 different buttons. still need to expand what each button can be programmed to -You can dual record! Which means you can shoot 60fps and 24fps and the same time. This means you can shooting beautiful slow mo and still have an HD file at 24fps for your longer -Can punch in for focus while recording! -Has a 35mm crop mode, which can come in handy if you need to zoom in more Cons: -batteries are small and don’t last as long -color isn’t as good as canon.

However you can customize this ALOT. -the auto white balance isn’t as consistent as canon -can’t take a photo while recording video which is so odd to me. -almost too many options! There are so many icons on the screen and options in the menu. You really have to spend time with it to understand everything and what each feature does. -right now Sony is limited on lenses It works for.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Great Camera, but…
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