Great camera for video purposes. Was a Nikon user and got an adapter for my glass to work on this which is a nice bonus. My only issue is the bit depth is only 8 bit which can make color grading a bit more difficult than I would like, but really not that bad. If you’re target audience is youtube, then this is more than enough.

Just a small note, if you don’t need it for a while, the Panasonic GH5 is coming out, and I would recommend that simply for the 10 bit color depth, but then again, this has a low light capability that is unmatched (so far) by any other DSLR. This means that if you want to shoot using natural light indoors, you can keep your depth of field large enough so that you can keep your subjects in focus relatively easily.

Also note that with this camera you can get 4k images from the center part of the image sensor at the size of super 35. One of my issues is that the depth of field of a DSLR can be too narrow and then you run into issues with available light and a high f-stop/t-stop. But by cropping (and still recording at 4k) you can use a wider lens to get the same framing, and use a wider f-stop/t-stop to allow more light in and keep a bigger DOF.

Do this using the settings: Gear:3:ClearImageZoom. Then use the zoom shortcut. (c3) and then the scroll wheel to zoom into about 1.4 or really whatever your choosing is.

One great camera

have been looking to upgrade from my Canon T3i (600D) for the past two years. This camera offered everything I was looking for. Its also arguably one of the best all around cameras at its price point. Solid build and a ton of reviews / tutorials online to get you started. There is a bit of a learning curve coming from Canon but after a week of shooting it feels pretty intuitive.

Fantastic camera!

This camera is fantastic, capturing cinema-quality images and will serve my work as a documentary filmmaker. I still need to improve on the features it offers, but from the little I’ve used, I was extremely satisfied and recommend it to anyone who wants to buy it. It’s worth the investment!

Switched from canon, glad I did

Love this camera. Was a canon guy for the last 9 years, started a new job and got to purchase a camera of my choice. I struggled with making the switch to sony after being a canon guy my whole career. I was really worried about the lens options but sony is starting to figure that out, I have the patience to wait on them to create some new lens. The camera body does have a lot of buttons, way more than I am use to.

But like any thing new and different you need to learn about it and understand it. Overall I am glad I made the switch. The low light it great and the different frame rates and 4k is great. I do also use it for stills and the quick auto focus is good. It takes a while to figure out all the different setting for autofocus but once you do it can be very powerful. All in all glad I made the switch.

This camera is my spirit animal

Shoots in the dark, uses a wide array of lenses with adapters, doesn’t need a stabilizer because of the internal stabilization (be sure to turn off stabilization if on tripod or using a wide lenses like a 20mm, for example). I come from the world of the Canon 7D and love this thing. No going back for making films.

4k Video. 5 Axis Stabilized. Low Light BEAST!

All the rumors about this being the low light beast are true. We primarily use the camera for production videos for marketing destination and the results are incredible. Just like the A7S but way, WAY, better. It’s really mind blowing, no exaggeration.

Love this camera, really excels at night videography

I do a lot of night time photography, both weather related as well as cityscapes and sights and sounds. I also own the Sony PXW-Z100 4K Camcorder and I absolutely love it, however, it is pretty horrendous in low light.

So, any shoots that I did at night, I would be forced into pumping the gain to levels that I just wasn’t comfortable with, which for me is anything over 9db. I initially tried out the A7S II a few times by renting it from and fell in love with it! Along with the camera, I rented the Sony FE PZ 28-135mm f/4 G OSS Lens, and the pairing was just what I needed for night time videography.

Low light, no problem!! You can bring this camera up to ISO 32000, and still retain amazing video quality. With night cityscapes here in NYC however, I don’t need to go anywhere near that high of an ISO. Usually 5000-8000 works perfectly. And it shoots internal 4K UHD on SD cards. I recommend the Sandisk Extreme Pro line for this camera. I purchased this mainly for video, but am very much looking forward to diving into stills as well.

Marvelous camera!

I like to shoot wildlife (especially deer). Usually the best time to do this is very early in the morning & on a dark day. Finally, someone built a camera whose ISO can be turned up to fairly high numbers to compensate for the low amount of light, & yet, you still get VERY nice quality pictures, without having to use Photoshop to clean up lots of unwanted artifacts etc. This is the camera I have always wanted, but no one ever previously built one that can do what the A7S ll can do.

If you can afford it buy it (I use it for filming)

This camera is incredible, low light, high light, incredible sharpness, 24 or 30 fps at 4k and 100 or 60 mbs, 60 to 120fps at 1080. 3 axis Image stabilization, customizable buttons and menus, opportunity to use a slew of cheap, incredible old lenses, great picture profiles including Cine 4, log 2 & 3. Even right out of the box, with no menu set up, this camera is incredible. All of this in a portable and light size, that i take everywhere.

Pretty amazing

I am a video guy, so I almost never take photos. This works great with 4k with focus assist. I wish the screen were bigger but I guess if you are doing a bigger production you would have a monitor. The negatives are that this thing eats batteries especially when recording video. Literally about a hour per battery. This is the future, Mirrorless.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Great camera, might be worth waiting for the GH5
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