Been shooting with this guy for about 3 months now. At first I was annoyed that my old metabones adapter wouldn’t work i 4K video mode, and some of the buttons needed repositioning (not a big deal). All if all I spent $4300 on body, cage, warranty, and new metabones.

The 4K at 100MBPS is really great, I just shot a piece on my FS700/7Q and its really hard to tell the difference. The SLog3 is great as long as your properly exposing for it. Low light is unreal, the 5 axis stabazation is really great too! Honestly, my only issue with this camera is the rolling shutter, but we cant have everything in a DSLR right?

Two Words For Sony: Amp Glow

This camera produces a beautiful image and the Full Frame aesthetic is quite superb. However if this is advertised as a low light camera why is there amp glow? The amp glow appears on most cameras on the left side of the image at approx. 12,800 ISO in movie mode. This mode is optimized for movies however with the strong color noise apparent in the image is and can be very distracting.

I really would like to see Sony admit this as an issue and fix it. It could very well be an achilles heel for more professional work and hence for this price range is a disappointment. Most would say shoot at a lower ISO however it defeats buying this camera for the purpose other than to shoot in low light. In that case if the ceiling is 12,800 it might actually be better to get the a7rii.

Little Beast

I was saving up to buy a used A7S and somehow talked myself into the A7Sii. It came bundled with the Rode mic and Lexar SD card which are great things to have. I am really pleased with the quality of this camera body, it’s solid, feels great in the hand and performs insanely well. I am so happy to have all the features and will likely have this camera for years to come. Thank you BH Photo for the great bundle!

Power Filmmaking tool

As most people know this is an incredibly powerful filmmaking tool. It definitely has it’s flaws, but overall worth it. Some downsides include the battery life which is fairly solvable by buying extra batteries and the battery grip. The size of the record button is a bit irksome as well but you can program other buttons do this. The picture profiles have their flaws as well, I’ve found it super important to test out the picture profiles that work for me and how editable they are.

Very nice. Not perfect

This camera is almost the perfect tool for those who shoot video in low light. For other uses, there are less expensive options. The sensor is awesome. Excellent IQ and it holds up very well at high ISO. Auto focus is mediocre compared to other CDAF cameras. Usability is less than stellar.

For example, the front and rear dial placement requires reaching significantly outside the natural position of the fingers. For those who can afford multiple cameras, I’d definitely recommend this as a 2nd body for specialized use (low light video). If you are looking for one all-around camera, you might be better off with something else.

Best in it’s class

The only reason I’m giving it four stars instead of five is because I upgraded from the first model. If I had just purchased the camera out right it would be five stars. In the end though I ended up returning this camera in favor for the A7RII.

Great Camera, don’t buy for Slog-3

Everything I read online was very true, except the only thing i am not very impressed with is slog-3. it is very noisy, and exposing 2 stops over every time will blow out highlights, making the dynamic range equivalent of the regular cine profiles. other than that, love the camera and would reccomend it to anyone!

Perfect Documentary Camera

Non intrusive camera, perfect for documentary setup. 4k is fantastic, high ISO is crucial for run and gun sets. I would recommend buying a cage if this is your type of shooting, check out the Tilta.

A great upgrade from the original

I mainly use this for video, and it’s all around a better camera than the original a7s. The body itself is easier to grip, the internal stabilization and 4k are fantastic additions, and more options for customizing buttons is great. On the photography side not much has changed, autofocus is still slow with a lens adapter, but image and low light are great.

Perfect addition

This camera is the perfect addition to my gear. I also have a 5dmiii. I bring this camera out when I want to shoot 4K, or in low light situations where I don’t have lighting equipment. Although I haven’t tested it out in daytime, I’m giving this camera 5 stars based off of the great image it’s gotten for me in low light situations.

So far so good

Love it so far. I own multiple of 5Dm3 for wedding cinema. This sony takes care of the other half of the creativity that canon has not privided yet. I am a canon but feel like they aren’t really picking up on the video aspects for us like sony did. So the question is who do i stay loyal to? Also will i come back to canon? Only time will tell. I’m very picky with my reaearch and so far I’m happy with this a7sii. For what you pay for we definitely get a lot more out of it.

Believe the hype

So I am not sure what I can write here that has not been covered by the many full length reviews about this camera. We use it exclusively as a video camera and so far we have not been disappointed. The image is amazing in both 4k and 1080. The low light is as good as they claim. The areas where this camera struggle are: battery life as the batteries are tiny…if you are used to GH4 run times you will be in for a shock.

The 29 minute runtime for video is also a bit of a pain, again something else Panasonic got right that Sony didn’t. Lastly the continue auto focus in video mode even with FE lens is not real good. It is contrast based only and nowhere close to as good as its relative the A7r ii. I hope this is something that can be fixed via of a firmware update. Other than this this camera is a workhorse and well worth every penny.

Must’ve moved to Sony long ago

I moved from a Canon EOS T3i. Couldn’t take this Camera out of my hand. It needs a lot of practice to get used to it, so I spend couple of hours a day to be able to use it efficiently. The level of professionalism in this camera is spectacular, the control of small detail in video production is unimaginable.

S-Log3 is something all cinematographers need indeed. Low light capability is just… amazing!!! I took an image in really low light environment, with 12,800 ISO, and the noise in the pic was much less that with the Canon at 400 ISO in a well lit environment.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Great DSLR for the price
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