Coming from a Canon 5D mk III this is so much better for video. The internal 4K is wonderful, the image quality is great (even at 8 bit), and having 1080p at 60fps for slow motion is a nice option to have (I don’t use the 120fps since it’s cropped). It’s also nice to have S-Log options for color grading. The gamma assist is nice, but it would be even better if we could load our own LUTs on the camera.

The menus are a little difficult, but I spent a good chunk of time setting up all of my shortcuts and function buttons so now it’s fine. The rolling shutter is pretty bad, but I don’t plan on doing a ton of handheld work anyway. And other than that the only other con I can think of is the amount of native lens choices…right now I only have one native Sony FE lens, but then I use an adapter for the rest of my Canon lenses.

A great tool for low light with a compact size and weight

I’m a stills photographer for film and TV, I choose this camera for it’s low light abilities and it’s silent mode, both of which I’m impressed with.Silent mode utilizes an electronic shutter which has a few limitations. This is a very well engineered camera though I don’t think I’d choose this if it were my only camera having owned and still using Nikons.

The silent mode is great although in that mode it limits it’s FPS (frames per second). When I need to shoot action scenes I always switch to my Nikons. The batteries that this camera uses are small and I go through 2-3 over the course of a 10-12 hour day exposing between 400-600 images.

I am blown away by it’s low light capabilities having regularly made good balanced exposures between ISO 5000-16,000. I’ve tested it’s ability to expose at 50,000 and while not noiseless it’s pretty darn good! This camera has been rated to over 400,000 iso!!!! The A7SII about one third smaller and almost half the weight with the 24-70mm lens vs my nikon 800 with 28-70mm lens.

I’m disappointed that when in silent mode my FPS rate decreases substantially. I would also like to be able to review the histogram as I zoom in to an area on the LCD screen as I can on my Nikons. I’m impressed with the manual focus features of peaking guide and enlargement focusing aid which I use with my metabones adapter for my nikon lenses.Manual focusing using those aids have given me sharp images.

Great camera! A bit too much hype…

I use this camera professionally as a videographer. So far, I’ve used most of the film modes (4K, 1080p 120fps, 1080p 60fps). And I’ve tested the low-light functionalities. The 4K looks fantastic. No complaints at all. The 1080 looks great – the APS-C crop for 120fps is unfortunate – need a wider lens. The 1080p 60 is awesome. The low-light abilities – as far as max ISO is concerned – are statistically impressive.

However, when it comes to actually using high ISOs, there is A LOT of noise – more than I expected. But compared to the competition, I think this camera still has better low-light performance. So: I recommend the camera. But don’t expect it to be an ARRI or RED.

Awesome Camera for Video

I got this camera with the intent for using it for video, and it is an amazing video camera. I went from a canon Dslr to this and I never knew how I went so long without all of the features this camera has to offer. I have no complaints for it video wise. But, it is clearly not meant for still photography.

Very impressive, with a few issues

The video quality is amazing. I got this camera mostly to shoot in low light and for astro-timelapses as I use an fs700 with a Odyssey 7Q recorder as my workhorse, but with the slow motion and audio of the FS700 aside, the image quality of the A7sii is so good it would be hard to justify the bigger camera. Photos are very good as well.

Here are the main problems I’ve run into. -Batter life sucks (well documented at this point) -It’s very easy to get dust on the sensor. I’m not sure why this is, but I’ve never had dust issues before and it’s been a real pain with this camera.

Another filmmaker I know with this camera said he’s had the same problem. -Limited lenses. I mostly us canon glass with a metabones, which is fine for video, but autofocus doesnt work for photos (technically they communicate but it’s so slow that it’s basically useless). With the limited sony glass available, this is a major drawback for the photography uses of this camera.

My favorite dslr for film making

I paired this with the Rokinon 35mm and I can practically shoot in the dark. The AVCHD files are a fantastic upgrade in quality over the simple mp4’s from my old canon. This will be my primary camera for shooting music videos and live concert videos, and it is more than capable for the job.

It IS a bit of a battery hog, so have a few spares hanging around if plan on shooting for more than 30-35 minutes. Overall, this is my favorite dslr I’ve ever owned. I would rather shoot with this than a Canon c300.

Perfect for my needs

Too many features to discuss. Basically any bad reviews for this items are ridiculous. This camera will take care of your needs. The user interface was a bit different at first but really not that complicated after a day. Quality of video and photos are top notch. Battery life could be better with any item that takes batteries, no big deal for me to buy a few extra batteries for superb results. That’s the least of my worries.

Remarkable camera

I’ve used my original a7s in many situations and thought I would not need to replace it. Once I shot with the a7s II, that all changed. The internal UHD recording is a huge plus, but the improved noise floor knocked me out. The imagery is smoother in low light situations and cannot wait to take it out during the day with a variable ND.

The a7s line has incredible dynamic range and records so much detail in day exterior locations which feature a great deal of contrast, such as in the shade of a building with a bright street in the background. Getting these kind of shots in 4K using a small camera is almost more than I can imagine.


Only camera of its size and capabilities. I love the 4K and 1080 at all the frame rate. Things to take into mind when buying this camera: -It will overheat when recording 4K internally. Mine does around 40 mins. (Sony fixed this with the A7rII recently so hopefully it’ll be fixed with this soon).

Use an external recorder during long event recording for uninterrupted recording without overheating to combat this issue. -File naming sucks. Every time you format the card the file starts from C001 again. This is only for video files, not photo. Use a renaming software like Adobe Bridge. -You cannot use the shutter button the record. Instead I have remapped the AEL button to record which is similar placement to Canon DSLRs. Other users use C1 or C3 often.

These are all of the issues that I have with the camera and as you can see they aren’t really issues. They have workarounds and if you know what you need with this camera then it won’t be a problem.

Sony Alpha A7S II – Love It for Video
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