Maybe this should be 5 stars because I do love this camera – the one star deduction is less for something that makes it weaker than any other camera, but rather for something that wasn’t all I’d hoped about it. Stabilization. Works GREAT for stills. Really does give me another couple of stops, and that’s lovely. I don’t like it for video. An unstabilized handheld shot drifts over a few frames this way and a few frames that way.

If you’re doing a pretty good job of hand-holding (like you learned to do it on a Bolex), handholding this camera without stabilization looks like handholding. If handheld is appropriate for whatever you’re doing, it works. If I want extra help with handholding, I throw a monopod under the camera.

The A7SII in-body stabilization works against whatever movement your body is imparting to the camera, and is constantly shifting to try and keep up. What this produces is a couple of things I don’t like.

First, there’s this perspective warp that happens because your sensor is changing axis with respect to the lens. It’s not horrible, but I notice. The bigger problem is that all those little micro corrections are imperfect. Your movements aren’t smoothed so much as corrected with each frame – so that each frame is different from the last one, but the direction in which it is different can change way faster than the direction of the movement of your body.

This gives the footage a sort of jitter – the gross movements of your body may be mitigated, but the tiny little movements that replace them are too fast to feel organic, and the result is that instead of feeling handheld, the footage feels sort of mechanical. While some folks don’t seem to notice, I find it very distracting.

That said, the color is amazing, the form factor is great, the new quieter shutter is a big improvement (over my A7R anyway), S-Log3 is an improvement over S-Log2… lots to love and I don’t regret the purchase. I just won’t be using the in-body stabilization when I’m shooting video.

Great All Around Camera.. great stills and awesome video

I recently used this camera to shoot a quick last minute promotional video for my wifes first music single; S.Marlo – Aint Got Forever. We literally went out the other day with no real plan just really to go out around the neighborhood and take some video footage of her singing the lyrics… 1 1/2hrs hours total.

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Sony Alpha a7S II review
Sony Alpha a7S II review

My wife edited the footage the same day. So we spent max 12 hrs total using only the Sony A7Sii and 1 lens, using whatever footage we had on the short unplanned time-frame. Even with the limited time, the video turned out pretty good. Thanks Sony for an awesome all around camera…

Not great build material

Sadly this was an expensive camera for my pocket and after just one year of use, one of the wheels for adjustments, now slips, its broken and I didnt make any bad use of it… I mean come on! Ive had a canon 60D camera for 7 years and its intact! a 60D, and this one that was supposed to be great breaks with nothing… not cool.

Picture This

I purchased the A7S to supplement my FS7 for pick-up shots. As a video camera, its a notch above other DSLRs, even the pseudo sacred 5D because it shoots slog and has more dynamic range. But its still a DSLR shooting video. As a still camera, i recently shot an event with the A7S.

Maybe because Im so accustomed to my Nikons I found the menus and adjustments clunky. Images are sharp but dynamic range for raw stills seems to be lacking a bit. Im happy with this device for a second shooter pick-up shot video camera but I will go to my full frame Nikon bodies for stills going forward.

Best camera I have ever used

This is my pride and joy. I bought this SONY with a metabones adaptor and Canon 24-105 L lens, so far it has got me through a variety of different jobs, out on adventure shoots and in the studio. I you are looking for a light compact camera that is an absolute beast, then this is the one for you.

Great Camera, Hard to Handle, Eats battery power like candy

I use this camera more for video than still photography. For that purpose, it is terrific. However, I plug in my Atmos Ninja blade to shoot 4K. The menu is a little overcomplicated, the design is a little clunky, but what the camera and lens can do is amazing. When the upgrade comes, I’ll sell this for the next one.

Used on travel televisions shows

The lowlight capabilities make this camera so powerful, especially for the travel shows that I work on. Filming indoors with no light? No problem. Adding a cage and the Sony XLR to hot shoe adapter makes this camera a legitimate professional rig.

Low light monster!

I finally made the switch from Canon. There is a learning curve and the autofocus isn’t as good as the Canon systems. The low light capability makes up for the flaws. It can do amazing things you can’t do with any other camera.

OK for video, but terrible for photography

Purchased instead of another 5D. Although some of the features are great, such as the low light ability and 4k, it still has a lot of room for improvement and would not buy again. For me, it will end up being a third backup in my bag, and used for the rare low light shots I sometimes need. Terrible for action. Terrible for photography. Terrible for most applications outside of low light. Focus is very very slow. Also, still have to use Canon glass as the Sony lenses are also terrible.

Definitely worth the money

So much potential with this camera and I haven’t even scratched the surface! The interface is user friendly and there are so many features on this it’s crazy. The picture quality is fantastic. This is my first large camera purchase and it was definitely worth the money.

Source: Sony alpha rumors

Sony Alpha a7S II – Love this camera, but stabilization is not what I’d hoped
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