Not without its quirks, but this camera offers incredible bang for the buck. The 4k image is beautiful, the HD is great too, and the dial/menu/modes are easily accessible when you set them up properly, meaning you can go from 120fps in HD to 4k and back easily without needing to spend minutes diving through menus. Great camera!

Made me switch from Canon for video

Still amazed at the features that come in this little camera. Love the size and weight! Love the video features! And I particularly love how much customization you have over the controls. It really does allow you to get to things quickly. I’m keeping my 5DM3 for stills but this is my video platform now. Highly recommend.

Liked it so much – I’m buying another

I recently bought this as a transition from my Canon 5DIII for video. This camera is NEXT LEVEL people. To start, the customization this camera allows, makes every single shoot faster, easier and better. You can customize nearly any button on the camera to your liking, whether it be zoom focus, The video quality is amazing.

Especially in low light situations as you can crank the ISO. I use this camera to shoot weddings and during the receptions, I’ve never had to use additional lighting. It truly is awesome. Here’s the thing though. Yes, the camera has 4k, however, when you shoot on 4k it sucks your battery life tenfold. Also, if you leave the camera on long enough, overheating WILL happen.

However, with me, I usually just shoot in the HD and the quality is still far beyond that i’ve ever had using Canon technology. Sony really outdid themselves on this camera. With the upgrade on specs, it’s size and how lite it is. Oh did I mention, this could literally almost fit in your coat pocket? It’s awesome.

If you’re thinking about switching to the A7SII, I would highly recommend, this camera has taken my production level to nearly something you’d see on a movie screen. It does take practice to learn, but if you’re excited you’ll learn quickly as it’s not hard to get the ropes. This camera and all of it’s menus are very straight forward.

Love this camera

I believe in this proce range there is no better camera you can buy at the moment. The native 3200 ISO lets you shoot in really low light situations. The different framerates are a great plus as well. Just add a nice cage to this camera, attach your monitor and you are ready to run and gun.

The A7S II is fantastic

I’ve loved this camera so much I own two of them. The low light way better than the RED and other top end cinema cameras on the market. I love the 30min shooting time and 120fps rates. If I had to criticize something: I’m not a fan of the cropping it does when shooting 120fps, and the camera physical build doesn’t feel and strong and weather proof as the Canons.

Even the buttons don’t seem to respond as well as Canon equipment. I have had times where I’m filming a wedding or something and it overheats and shuts off, and last month it even stopped filming and deleted my last shot which was like a 15min clip of the wedding. This happens few and far between, but it does happen. Aside from those things, I love the camera. The pros outweigh the cons.

4K footage is well worth the price

I use this mainly for weddings and small commercial shoots. The internal 4k is fantastic – I upgraded from an A7s where I had to use the Shogun to get 4k footage and sometimes its not practical with the battery life and the size to get in and out of tight spots. The footage from this is great – so much sharper when doing side by side comparisons with the older A7s. I have mixed feelings about the stabilizer. For stills, its fantastic. I’ve taken pictures at a shutter speed of 15 and they look great.

But for video, it feels a little mechanical and jittery for me. Also you have to keep in mind that if you’re using cinema lenses (I use Rokinon), you need to manually go to the menu and select which focal length the lens is and make sure its set to the correct number or else the stabilization won’t work properly. Other than that small thing everything else about the camera is great, the body feels much sturdier and the custom buttons really help with ease of use.

Great for weddings and uncontrollable light situations

Though the megapixels are about a third of its brother, the A7Rii, the ‘S’ kills the ‘R’ in video and low-light sensitivity. The footage generally has a yellow tone to it, so I drop this somewhat in post. Best option is to shoot in log or cinegamma4 so you have a flatter image that protects highlight roll-off and shadows. Great camera!

Great camera

Really enjoying the camera. I Use it more to film and im very satified w the product. I have been using it for over 3 months and i can say that-buy extra batteries. Also, Ive noticed that when shooting moving objects say like from a car or train, the buildings or objects tilt. I have understood later that the camera processor isnt capable to adjust that. Anyway, also great to shoot with low light.

Excellent for what I do

I’m a former professional event photographer and these days I typically limit my paid gigs to the occasional music performance or stand up routine. I’m normally shooting in small venues with abysmal lighting.

Occasionally I’ll take on small video projects as well. This camera works fabulously for both use cases. Both the low light and video capabilities are simply outstanding. I use the camera with various adapted manual focus lenses and the newer Zhongyi lenses so I can’t comment as to the speed or accuracy of the autofocus system. I will say that the stabilization is both noticeable and effective for stills work. I haven’t done any video testing with it as of yet.

The focus peaking is great when used on the lowest setting (it’s passable on the higher settings, but too much detail gets lost and it’s difficult to nail critical focus). The zebra striping is less useful for the way I shoot, but still useful enough that I leave it turned on. Overall the camera is fairly quick and easy to get up and running with.

I read several criticisms of the menu system online prior to my purchase, but I’m yet to see what all the fuss is about. It’s simple enough once you learn how to navigate it so this shouldn’t be a deal breaker for anyone on the fence about it. Read the manual and you’ll be fine. I’m quite pleased with the camera and am looking forward to years of shooting with it.

Switched from a Canon body to Sony and couldn’t be happier

As a college student, I use this camera everyday. The low light capabilities are exactly what you think they are. It is fantastic and the ability to shoot 4K in Slog3 is incredibly useful. It is well worth the money, considering any Canon camera that comes close to any of the capabilities in the Sony a7s ii is upwards of $9,000. I cannot recommend this camera enough.

Sony Alpha A7S II – One of the best Sony cameras
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