I love this camera! It’s video quality is insane, i would recommend it to anyone… Now i understand why Philip Bloom is fell in love with Sony A7S. I can’t realize how Jennifer rated 1 star to this beauty.

Magic in a mini box

How in the hell does this little, fits in the palm of my hand, camera do what it does? No bigger than an early 2000’s point and shoot, the A7S boggles the mind when it comes to size vs capability. Full frame sensor in something that is as thick (if not a bit thinner) than two decks of cards stacked together?

That’s some voodoo right there!Ok but seriously : $, tiny form factor, and competes with my Blackmagic Cameras / impresses me as much as when I work with the RED Epic.S-Log 2 $ $? XAVX-S at $? The ability to obtain a properly exposed image, with little to no noise, in almost absolutely dark, at $? All this and more is why the camera gets five stars. It’s like the Alexa Mini, except MICRO!Pros : solid build construction. 60fps @ 1080. 120fps @ 720 (which it was at 1080, but c’mon…it’s tiny.

It would probably melt from overheating if it tried) super light weight (purchased as a travel camera for India trip coming up…not hauling my Blackmagic across India) yet feels shockingly durable. Cons : menu structure could be better, no way to obtain custom white balance in video mode, (need to switch to manual photos. Only takes a few seconds, but still) almost feels too light at times, and the timelapse function is sold as an app (yes, this thing has an app store. HUH!? I started shooting on an Arri S Super 16MM…cameras have app stores? How did that even happen??)Smaller cons : it has a few too many features I know I’ll never use.

Wireless transfer, (I’ll just take the card out and put it in the reader, thanks!) picture and video effects ($ cameras dont need Instagram filters)Biggest Con : battery life = like you shoved a AA battery into the camera, that you found in a drawer, that expired when Ronald Reagan was still President, and expected it to do much.

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GET EXTRA BATTERIES or the Powerbase Adapter for V Mount batteries (I am using the same Powerbase 70 that I used for my Blackmagic, just with the new adapter)Summary : this camera is like magic. Sub $ with insane light sensitivity, a complete lack of moire (I’ve yet to see it unless I tried to make it happen…meshy office chair for the win!) and a very nice codec (Not ProRes, but it hangs in there!) and S-Log 2.Buy it if : you want a great, light sensitive, camera for travel / getting shots without drawing attention to yourself.

Don’t buy it if : you are throwing up a few 1K’S on set and are lighting everything 100%. Get the Blackmagic Production Camera / URSA if your bringing your own light. The A7S brings the light for you!Note : I didn’t mention no internal 4K recording. This is not a problem until a client asks for 4K native footage. Once I tell them the price increase for 4K aquisition vs 1080, they always say oh….1080 is fine then!

Not an action stills camera, but video

Own both a7 and A7s. Bought the a7s because A7 was not very good Using ISO above 1600 in lowlight conditions. Both are exactly about the same and produce excellent photos with natural lighting on non moving subjects. The focusing is slow and even worse using adapters and non sony lens.

But with manual focus together with focus assist when using canon or Nikon lenses, produces very sharp photos. Pros : Fantastic low light and high ISO Great video Cons : Focusing is slow…better if used with lenses with f2.8 and lower. And even sharper with manual focus together with focus assist feature Definitely not good for moving subjects Horrible when used with incandescent lighting.

I would never buy this product again

My A7s is on it’s third shutter. Are others having shutter problems? I can’t believe it’s only my copy. Maybe it’s not meant to actually take stills?rather than video. There is no basis of comparison of the A7s to my Nikon D4s or D800. It’s not comparing apples and oranges, it’s comparing apples and rocks. The A7s should not be marketed as professional in competition to truly professional gear. My eyes are now opened, I see the web marketing machine for what it is and it is not pretty.

Best Camera I’ve Owned

Right off the bat this is by far the best camera I’ve used. Yes it has its faults – but at the time of writing this review I strongly believe it is the camera to beat! I own the GH4 and a range of Canon DSLRs and simply nothing can beat the A7s.

I use it predominantly for behind the scenes shooting in news studios and the low light is amazing! Having a silent shooting option is fabulous when you’re taking pictures in an environment where there are live on air commitments. My favourite feature of the A7s has to be the wireless send to smartphone option.

When I’m out in the field I can upload straight to my phone then using Lightroom Mobile colour grade and edit the pic before sending it via Facebook to social media workers who then can post it straight away – all without me having to run back to base and do a SD card dump and cull! I can’t stop raving about the power this A7s has! Audio metering, histograms, the ability to focus magnify while recording is all amazing.

My problems with the camera are numerous however. The placement of the record button is awkward, the lack of being able to use XAVCS codec unless you have a 64gb SD card is a pain. All in all – do yourself a favour, if you’re wanting a camera for video I’d pick the A7s over the 5D every single day!

I love my Sony A7s

A professional wedding videographer, I love the special features of the a7s, auto focus, high ISO, zebra exposure features, it is light, compact and produces amazing video. The controls for video are simple, shutter, f-stop and iso all are separate on top of the camera.

Love this Camera!

I had narrowed my camera search down to the c100Mk2 (based on how much I like the c100) and this a7s. The more research I did, the more I leaned to this camera.As a low-budget narrative director/cinematographer, I have a huge appreciate for fast cameras. Not only is this the fastest camera I’ve ever seen, the image quality is fantastic.I think the c100 beats this camera in terms of ergonomics, and also internal ND filters; however, not in image quality or light sensitivity.

I’m using this with the movcam cage and zeiss zf.2 lenses, and I love the results.Rolling shutter will probably be an issue at some point; however the abilty to mitigate this effect by switching to super35 sensor size helps.At this point, I’m not pushing 4K to an external recorder, but having that option is nice. The internally recorded xvac codec is fantastic.Battery life is pretty short. Two chargers and 4 or 5 batteries would probably be best.At this point, I’m only using this camera for video – primarily single-camera narrative production.


Sony Alpha A7S – This Camera is a little Monster!!!
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