I was trully impressed with low noise and exceptional low night capability of this camera. I compare this with my Nikon D800e and even Hasselblad H4D 50MS. The picture quality is on par with the big boys providing one use a quality lens. I bought the Voigtlander 50mm F1.1 and to try out on this and it picture quality in wide open is very close to my Nikon 50mm f1.4 (or I would say a little sharper). Comparing with the Hasselblad 100mm f2 is still a bit lag of overall corner sharpness but is close.

Product needs a little improvement

An excellent product for stills and video needs a much more sophisticated WiFi Remote Control with at least half-a-mile range radius than the supplied toy like Remote Controller with few feet range for this price.

Best all purpose A7

I use this camera mainly for street photography and especially at night. It has insane iso capabilities (as you’ve all heard I’m sure). I have mine set to auto iso usually with a max of 51200. Pics are still very useable at this range although you will see a little bit of noise… but we’re talking about useable at 51200 here- that’s pretty incredible.

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The beauty of having a vast iso range like this particularly for my uses, is that even when the sun goes down I can still shoot with fast shutter speeds and freeze action as I please because auto-iso will take care of the rest. Also- 12mp is more than enough. Don’t believe the numbers hype.

Amazing Low Light Performance

I still can’t get over how good this camera performs at high ISO settings. Coupled with the Zeiss 1.8/55mm, it produces stunning color and sharpness. The documentation is horrible sLog is accessed on Picture Profile 7, and I guess it will output 4K on the HDMI when I hook it up to a Shogun (coming soon!) but you wouldn’t know it from the manual. But you don’t by technology for the paper manual, so I still give it five stars.

Great all purpose camera for stills

I love photography in low light settings. I have tried several cameras with expensive fast lenses trying to get the shot in low light situations and struggled with missed shots because the lens is searching during auto focus or the subject is moving. I chose the Zeiss 24-70mm lens with a maximum aperture of 4, for my initial lens.

Combined with this camera, I am able to capture a lot of shots in low lit areas and tight spaces. Since I mostly get close to my subjects, 12MP images are not limiting at all. I really enjoy the smaller file size too, though 16MP might have been the sweet spot. The ability to shoot in absolute silence when needed is fantastic. I can sit in a room with family members and pull off great shots without the flow of their social interactions being perturbed by the beep of the focus lock and the click of the shutter.

There have been some complaints about the focusing ability in low light in some situations: it is not an action camera, but I have barely missed a shot with people moving about and acting normally, including quick gestures with the hands in manual mode. The A7S also captures fantastic images in normal light and the images have an impressive dynamic range: another factor in my decision to get this camera.

The detail captured in the highlights and shadows is very good. This camera excels in the areas is has been advertised to do. It was not intended for action photography, which I believe is the intended niche for the A7. For my purposes, the camera is a joy to use. Using the camera mostly for stills, not video, it fulfills some specific needs suited for my tastes: great low light capture and great dynamic range. The ability to shoot completely silent is especially useful when hanging out with family and friends: hearing the beep of the focus lock and the click of the shutter really does distract people, if not annoy them, and that makes getting good shots more difficult.

I cannot think of a reason to give the camera anything less than four stars keeping my personal expectations in line with the intended uses for this camera. There are quite a few reviews honing in on its video capabilities. It is also a fantastic stills camera, provided the inherent constraints of the design work with your style of photography. I am completely satisfied with this camera.

Even Better Than Expected

After seeing a number of videos with test footage from the camera, I was very excited to try the camera out because of its image quality. I originally intended on renting the camera for a video shoot, but decided to take the leap and just buy the camera anyways. Couldn’t be happier with the camera. It does nearly everything I’d like it to do.

Big upgrade from my Canon rebel T3i. The EVF is beautiful, peaking is incredibly helpful… I’m very satisfied with my decision to buy the camera. Highly recommend anyone considering this camera to take the leap as I did and get the camera, you won’t be disappointed.

Amazing camera with awesome form factor

I use this alongside of my fs-700 as a B-cam in many professional environments. Everyone know that this cam has great low light but the image quality is brilliant. and can control the highlights like a beast. Note the battery life is not all that bad!! If you do have to shoot fast objects or more violent camera movements switch to apc mode and that takes care of rolling shutter.

Pretty darn amazing

The A7S is brilliant. Fairly light weight. The usability is OK. The viewfinder is quite good but I wish it was off set to the far left side like on the NEX 7. If you’re doing low level shots, the giant view finder blocks the center top part of the screen.

The flippy-uppy screen is decent. The battery life is average at best (which is why it comes with 2) Video wise – I can confidently shoot at 80,000 iso with just grain. The image quality and detail is still there at 80 000. Ridiculous. If you’re shooting video in stills mode (M) you don’t get an accurate preview of the noise in the video or viewfinder until you hit the record button.

Still wise – it’s not bad! Sure it’s only 12mp but that should be plenty for most people. However, out of the box, crop mode is set to auto. When you’re using some 3rd party lenses via adapter, the A7S will sometimes automatically set the camera to crop mode even when using a full frame lens resulting in lower res files (5.1mp). I unfortunately learned this the hard way when on a shoot. About a quarter of the still taken with the same lens (ef 24-105 f4l) where of lower res.

Still a great camera but I’d recommend turning off a bunch of the default auto features: Set auto crop mode to OFF High ISO NR : OFF Auto Shutter Speed : OFF (this is can cause the shutter speed to slow down in low light causing laggy/choppy video – Especially when shooing 24p) You can’t take stills in movie mode so I suggest sticking to M and record from there.

Other than the quirky default settings, The A7S is quite an amazing camera so far. I do still prefer my NEX 7 for stills because it’s faster with twice the resolution. Great all around tool with exceptional video capabilities with decent stills ability too.


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