Insane speed with no black out!!!

As a Sony Artisan of Imagery and adventure sport photographer, I have been waiting patiently for this camera to be released. I was in need of a faster camera… one that could shoot more frames per second.

Well, Sony delivered! Not only am I blown away by the 20 frames-per-second RAW capability with almost no buffer, but the fact the camera will do this with NO shutter black out, is unbelievable!!!

Sony Alpha A9 reviews
Sony Alpha A9 reviews

In other words, as you’re shooting stills and looking through the viewfinder, it almost looks as though you’re shooting video… a continuous image. This is of course extremely helpful for tracking fast-moving subjects.

Sony Alpha A9 – Great camera for wildlife

The first mirrorless camera that can keep up with wildlife. As a long time Nikon user I’ve had a bit of a learning curve but it has been worth it. A silent shutter is the future of wildlife photography. It has allowed me to make photos that a regular shutter sound would have scarred off. Sure would be nice if Nikon would do the same.

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They still have a better selection of lenses. Do you really need 20 shots per second? Sometimes you do. But it can really increase your editing time, so you do not want it on high speed all the time. The only complaint that I have is that it will not automatically use the second memory card when the first one is full. Hopefully Sony will fix that in a future firmware.

A new standard for mirrorless cameras

I was hoping the A9 would impress me and it went above and beyond. I shoot a lot of family events with about 20 people in constant motion. The speed of the camera is outstanding but I was surprised at how the speed of the autofocus system was improved.

I rarely miss a shot to poor focus anymore. Love the change adding a dial to the upper left for focus mode and drive mode. Makes if that much quicker to set up changing shots. The new battery really does put the old ones to shame. Guess what I like about Sony is they listen to their customers and get us what we need/want. They don’t give the camera away, but I have to say, it’s worth it.

A Perfect Balance of Form and Function

The ergonomics, image quality, and functionality of this camera are unparalleled. Naturally, different cameras work best for different applications, so there is no single best camera body. However, the a9 has incredible still and video capabilities, whether you shoot landscapes, portraits, sports, or nature.

Paired with the GM series lenses, it’s a phenomenal system. I shoot in low-light conditions, often from a distance, at classical music performances. I also enjoy shooting landscapes, portraits, sports, and nature.

For me, the a9 was the perfect, albeit expensive, choice. Expect a bit of a learning curve if you’re transitioning from Nikon, Canon, Fuji, Pentax, or another digital camera. Biggest pluses: Beautiful images, amazing continuous focus ability when using Sony E-mount lenses, rugged but light construction, high ISO capability without noise, high shutter speed for wide-open shots, complex but logical menu system, expanding collection of E-mount lenses, and the option for a completely silent electronic shutter. Small minuses: Yes, going mirrorless means a lighter body, but remember that fast, high-quality glass still has mass. Your rig will be lighter, but not like a feather.

There’s no getting around the laws of physics. Also, if you plan on enlarging your photos to wall-size murals, you’ll want a sensor with more than 24 megapixels. Perhaps the a7rII with 42 megapixels or a medium-format camera is best for that kind of specialty shooting.

Sony has made a great camera!

Very pleased with this camera. I don’t appreciate that the Log settings were left out but the ability to shoot video at 4K and 120fps at 1080p is great. For photography, the AF is improved from the a7 series and the silent shutter plus 20fps shooting is pretty unreal. Very fast and responsive. High level, professional clarity.

Dealing with the Sony RAW images is a bit of a pain in the butt because you can’t just review quickly from the laptop finder (from what I know), I have to open up Lightroom to view the files… but whatever. Sweet travel camera because of its form factor. Sony also makes very nice glass to compliment the body.

Sony Alpha A9 – Insane speed with no black out!!!
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