I bought the Sony A9 to replace a seldom used A7ii, and as a companion to a much used A7Rii. After two weeks, the A7Rii may be the spare, despite its many fine qualities. The A9 is easy to use, and nothing gets in your way.

The high shooting speed and quick AF are everything Sony promised. It is also nice to discover bonbons in its operation not otherwise promoted. It is ready to shoot after about a second from a cold start, even quicker to wake up. Battery life is better than advertised. I shot a mix of single and high speed shots in the first week on one battery charge – over 1500 images.

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I bought one spare battery, and probably won’t need another. It does not have a built-in GPS, but it couples with an iPhone via PlayMemories Mobile to record coordinates on each frame, and set the camera’s clock. Aside from action photography, the high speed mode can capture the right expression and posture of an active subject somewhere in a .5 to 1 second burst. A 5 shot bracketed exposure (for HDR) can be executed automatically in half a second. There are many options for focus tracking, and I’ve found 2 or 3 that suit my needs perfectly.

It will even track a bee in a flower patch. The dedicated video button can be programmed to be active at all times, ready for an imprompu clip or so. For serious video, in the video mode, the shutter release button can be used. No fumbling around to find the tiny red button.

Sony Alpha A9 – The A9 is a DSLR-Killer
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