“For travelling including hiking/backpacking, while on the heavy side the focal length range works really well for a wide range of subjects. Controls on the lens are very useful (focus hold, stabilisation on/off, and AF/manual on/off). Image quality is also excellent (I use it on an A7RIII).”

Great lens until I dropped it!

This is my favorite walking around lens! With the 12-24, this lens, and the new 100-400, there is full coverage of the zoom range. A fast wide-angle prime and a macro lens fills out the camera bag for a long trip. I do mostly nature photos–landscape, wildlife, and flowers.

I noticed the one-star rating with the focus problem. When I dropped the lens at Jackson Falls on the Nachez Trace Parkway, it apparently damaged the barrel and created an autofocus problem except when shooting wide open (f4) or in very high contrast subjects. Upgrading the software on my A7rIII, I noticed an autofocus recall on this lens. You can find it by googling, Out of Focus Repair Program for 24-105mm F4 Full-Frame E-Mount G Lens SEL24105G.

FE 24-105mm - reviews
FE 24-105mm – reviews

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The link there has a serial number check to see if your lens is covered. If you dont have the symptoms, the product support person probably wont issue the repair order. So, Im sorry that the one-star reviewer did not find that program and had to go back to the 24-240 kit lens (which I also have and which does a find job except for some chromatic aberration at the edges of high-contrast objects).

Everything is perfect BUT…

I LOVE this lens, have had it for 2 weeks now and definitely made my money back out of it. The only thing i am able to complain about is the very very outer corners having a almost black edge. Only correctable in lightroom when i use the Sony 100-400 and boost the corrections.

But after all this has been a great lens vor me and havent taken it off my camera in the last 3 shoots that i had, those being beach, a wedding, and a fashion shoot. perfect for all.


Bought this lens as a kit with A7iii, because I could not afford other FE prime lens that will fit both my need for landscape and portrait. I was not disappointed, picture came out sharp, clear and in focused. Good bokeh, DOF and range.

Looking forward to getting into the field with this lens

Shot canon for 14 years, just made the switch to sony Alpha about a year ago. Had the Sony F4 24-70 OSS Zeiss, but missed the reach I had on my Canon 24-105 F4 IS, so excited to try this one out. Build quality seems similar to that of Canon. Wish the focusing wasnt fly by wire. Also wish it had a manual aperture adjustment like some of the other higher end Sony GM lenses have. Pricey, but good optics.

Nice all in one lense

I’ve tried a lot of zoom lenses and this one is the best of them all! Great all in one lense for travel. Also good for portraits. Expensive but so worth it.

Great Travel – Backpacking Lens

I picked up this lens for my Sony A7RIII to make it more weight and size friendly lens for traveling, hiking and especially backpacking. It has fulfilled the purpose perfectly. I am very pleased with the quality of the image format. It does reasonable well in low light too. The OSS and In-body 5 Axis Stabilization of the A7RIII seem to pair up well allowing me to hand hold in low light situations. I have successfully pushed my luck past the 1/(focal length) rule for sharp crisp images. This lens has definitely become my primary lens.

New Favorite Travel Lens

Rented this for recent trip to Iceland as I knew I would be hiking alot and didn’t want to carry the 70-200 f/2.8 (my favorite all-rounder). After seeing the images I captured with it, promptly purchased when back home.

This lens is fast, wicked sharp on my A7III, and its focal length is extremely versatile for travel. Was able to capture sweeping landscapes, cityscapes, and tight portraits without swapping out the lens. Relatively small, lightweight, and easy to carry around all day.

For all you get with this lens, it simply is a GREAT value!

Worth the wait

I waited three months for this lens. I now have, or have owned, the Sony A7R2, A7R3,
RX10M4 and the RX100M6. The A7R3 with this new lens is everything I had hoped for in a travel rig. Because of the ability to crop, and the sharpness of this lens, it’s almost all I use now. Add a faster lens for low light, if desired, and you can take this almost anywhere. The RX10M4 does make the choice a little harder. If it’s budget over low light, get the RX10M4.



Sony FE 24-105mm f/4 G OSS – Great all round travel lens
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