Sony Rumours & news A9s canon mirrorless Samyang FE 35mm D850 DXO Sony camera Thailand


Sony Rumours & news A9s, Sony camera Thailand

Good morning everyone oh good afternoon good evening depending on where you are in the world watching today’s Sony rumors news and other things that I’ll go through I just wantto say good a from Down Under.

Sony alpha A9S

this is just a little bit of a pre-showuntil we get everyone on board isusually it takes us a few minutes for everyone to get on board so hi REO how are you good to see you here if you are watching this a little bit later just skip to where I go to the ocean the images logo and then you can actually start the show from there because we’ll give it a couple of minutes and then we’ll start I’ve got some really interesting things to talk to you about today and say hi if you are in the chat because I’d love to see who’s there.

hey I’ll trick you how are you good tosee you on board again it’s good to see now most of you are starting to make this it’s what ten thirty here are you mate which means overseas at the moment Los Angeles is, so I have this and then I’ll obviously go out for my usual morning coffee Delta

Dave’s here good I mean how you’re going good to see you here I’ve got some interesting things to talk to you today about so a few interesting rumors that I want to actually chat with you all about as well so it’s going to be interesting to see what you guys have to say just let you know too that I did do a shoot last night which was just let me take this pre-show off I just did this shoot last night on my gh4 I wanted to see how it went for portraiture I did post one pic already that you can see on Facebook.

I’m quite surprised actually how nice it looks I’m going to have a video of that up hopefully today part of it anyway that I’ll be showing you how it actually works so I’ll have that up later today for people I’ve had a number of people asked me when I was going to actually post that video up so it should be up.

soon now we’ll give another minute and then we’ll start guys so I’m just going to say hi in the chair now we will have obviously the chat will keep going as we as I’m talking and I’ll bring that back up a little bit later on

for questions and I’ll talk about that again in a second because I’ll leave a question time at the end that we can all have a chat and I’ll go through the questions that you have asked as we’ve gone on today so you can keep chatting

amongst yourselves in there as well but I will stop it at the end and give enough time to to actually come back and we can go through them all together so we’ll do that soon as well all right guys well I think we might start so I’m gonna cut over to the isolate images logo and we’ll start from there so just hang on just for a second you know everyone from Down Under

another lovely day here in Melbourne Australia I’m just actually about to start my wedding season so the wedding is actually are starting to pick up now I’ve got one wedding tomorrow then I think I’ve got another couple of weeks off I just Dave it’s fantastic I’ve got this donation already Wow that’s amazing

everything started yet Dave what’s going on that’s funny thank you so much for that I love your support it’s it’s really do appreciate it now I’ve got another wedding like I said on tomorrow which you’ll probably see if you’re actually looking on my Facebook page you’ll see how that’s going I’m not photographing this this is one of the few ones where I’m not doing fusion I’m just going in doing straight photography so that’s going to be on tomorrow and then obviously all the weddings then start to pick up I think I have two weeks off and then weddings kick in again and I’ve got a few dance things


that I’m doing and stuff like that so I’ve got a lot that’s happening over the next few months this starts to get into my peak season now so things really start to pick up I’m just to let you know the people that we’re asking about me doing the gh 5 review for portraiture

I did do that last night I actually filmed it and I’ll probably hopefully get that on today or part of it so I’d like to have time hopefully that I can get a little bit of that up so that I can show you how the results were I did put a sneak peak on Facebook yesterday so that’s there now also if you join my photography Facebook page especially tolink to this YouTube program you’ll see it in there as well and you also get behind the scenes as well so make sure

guys you do join that because that’s mportant because it sort of lets me do other things or expand on what I’m actually giving you here in YouTube so please join that as well I’ll put the link down below as soon as we finish so you’ll actually see that and I might even bring up that page at the end so we can have a look at it all together I it’s my New York accent again guys I love it I’ll catch you all later see you guys


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