There are cameras and then, there ARE marvelous cameras. The Sony a6000 is not merely nimble in the field, fast on the AF and brimming with customization, it has that rare capacity to become part of the photographer’s being. Why? Because when you’re shooting you want, above all else, to know that your camera has controls that are within easy reach and precise options that can conquer any unexpected moment.

The Sony a6000 follows your thought process, it thinks with you instead of demanding extra attention. Light and maneuverable in an instant, fluid in the game of getting the shot, totally accurate in AF at the dimmest level of the night and adjustable to the slightest wish, the a6000 makes creating photographic art a joy that continues, especially when you view that ‘impossible’ image you didn’t think you could get. Now, that’s a champion of a camera that offers you exactly what you need – quickly, easily and effectively.

I wish I bought this sooner!

LOVE! As a professional photographer, I want great quality images in my every day life with out having to carry my heavy, bulky, expensive DSLRs and this fits the bill. It’s light, easy to use and I still have the option of shooting RAW files. The ISO and wifi on this is also great! I’m actually sorry I didn’t buy it sooner. Definitely a great investment. I highly recommend this product.

Buy it again in a heartbeat!

Haven’t got all the WiFi stuff figured out for tripping with my phone, the sony app is not as cool as the Panasonic one. I’m sure once I get through it I’ll like it. Quality of the photographs is great! The high ISO pictures are the best I’ve ever gotten on a camera yet. Everything I do goes through Lightroom and It does a great job, the lens corrections are there and that is important too me.

Got a defect product

I have this camera only for less than two months, I just got time to try its Time Elapse app. When I try to download app, I spent hours to try to connect the camera to my iMac or Windows 10 PC. Finally, I gave up and called Sony support for the problem. I was told there is a problem with the camera for connecting to the computer and I need to send the camera to the shop.

I bought the camera for a trip in December and I bought it because it has the time elapse feature. Now I can’t use the feature for the trip. I’m so frustrated with Sony. It is basically a new product (I haven’t used it much) and is already needed for the repair. How Sony does their QA for their products? How can it be broken without much use? It is too late for me to return the product now and I won’t buy more Sony products.

Great for the price

It has a simple design, the controls are in logical places, its my first sony camera, I love the feel of the lenses. Its great for the price and also great for road trips, it does really well at concerts and night photos.

No battery charger included?

This may turn out to be a great camera bundle but I am shocked that there was not a battery charger included in the box! The instruction manual does list a battery charger as something that should be included in the box. I think it is crazy to sell a camera without including a battery charger!

Grab and go kind of camera

Super comfortable to hold, compact, lightweight; I don’t like leaving it behind when I go out (which is the way it should be). Complaints: Kit lens isn’t noteworthy.

Sony makes another great camera

I am well satisfied with how easy the camera is to set the scene and focus is so fast I am amazed. The quality of photo is great. This is my 4th Sony camera, 3 digital and 1 dslr. Can’t wait to get home and use my new a6000. Our son is getting married in November and they asked if I would take the pictures for their wedding. I am looking to put it to the test.

Easy to use

I picked this camera up a few days before we went to Rome. I’m familiar with the DSLR platform, but still a novice photographer. The pictures were incredible. The small size was perfect since we walked almost everywhere and often in large crowds.

I used the Sony 20mm Alpha E-Mount lens, which again I loved for the size and the incredible wide angle shots. I only took around 600 pics, over the course of a week in all light settings. Only had a few bad shots, due to my skills or lack there of. Would highly recommend this camera.

Great bang for the buck

It’s a great looking camera with its retro silver touches, it’s shutter speed blasts most intro/mid level dslr’s out of the water and the picture quality is some of the best I’ve seen with any camera but that’s because I’ve paired it with some Zeiss glass. The electronic view finder is much better than I had expected and I actually like it more than the traditional dslr viewfinder. It’s compact mirrorless body is so much easier to carry around than a standard dslr too so I have this camera with me everywhere.

All in all, I’m super happy with this camera. I highly recommend comparing the features with this model and the next 2 newer ones that have been released, if you don’t need any of the extra features on those I highly recommend getting this model because you’ll save substantial money for similar quality photos.

Light Weight, Easy-To-Use & Great Quality

I was originally a Nikon user, but i’ve been out of the photography loop for MANY years and resorted to using the Panasonic DMZ series while raising my kids. It was small, easy to use and the photos were decent. But of course, they weren’t great and that dang lens kept going into error mode. Well the kids are gone and I wanted to get something nice for under $1000, but everything was so big and bulky. That’s when I saw the Sony. I watched an independent video review on it and said that’s what I want. I just took it to Hawaii for a week, shot about 700 pictures and I am ecstatic with the quality!

The camera was super easy to get a quick grasp on how to use it. It obviously has many more features for me to get used to and use, but right off the bat I was doing all the things I did previously and the end result is WAY better! As the cobwebs of using all the manual features slowly clear away I am looking forward to getting experimental and not just use all the presets.(and there are a ton of great ones!) I am excited to shoot pictures again!

The Sony A6000 is A Champion – In Every Way!
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