Here are three Sony cameras due for an update: A7III, A7SIII, A5300


The big CP+ show will start on March 1.  And there are three Sony cameras due for an update: Sony A7III, Sony A7SIII and Sony  A5300

Here are three Sony cameras due for an update: A7III, A7SIII, A5300
Here are three Sony cameras due for an update: A7III, A7SIII, A5300
  • Sony A7sII: The Sony A7sIII will not be announced at CP+. Expect it to see it coming at the NAB show in April.
  • Sony A7II: The A7III is definitely coming in 2018. But we can’t be sure yet if it’s coming at Cp+ already. It will have 24MP, nearly same A9 autofocus system and use the new Sony battery
  • Sony A5100: Sony discontinued the A5000 and this might be a good sign the new A5300 could be announced soon. Or will Sony’s futur APS-C line just be made of A6xxx cameras?

Fact: Sony registered a new camera code in late 2017. This means at least one camera will be announced soon!


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Dan Pandrea
I really hope they continue the a5xxx series. Fuji just announced the X-A5 and it’s everything the a5100 successor needs to be.
LE: Sony has a chance to blow the competition out of the market with a proper a5300. The X-A5 can record 4K at 15fps, a terrible feature that reminds me of the highly DOA Nikon J5.

Sony kinda screwed themselves with A9 and A7riii first. What would they have to leave out for an A7iii to be around 2000? What ever it is people will complain for sure. Maybe they should surprise everyone and release a higher mp A7siii that would meet the needs of both a7iii/a7siii potential users. Problem then would be price. Some would complain about that. Will be interesting to see how they get out of this:)

Eleazar Liu
if they won’t announce the A7III during CP+, the earliest will be June – July. By then C/N will most likely have their version of FFML announced and ready before SEP. i believe Sony is still trying to find the right time to release the right product with the right price. from the A7R3 one can already known that the tech/body is there. now is more of a marketing and business decision.

If sony can release the a7iii with a new 36mp sensor, new body and down scale down the “rumored A9 features”. I think it’s worth the price. Sony wants the money. I wouldn’t be surprised if Sony will try to price it over $2100. The A5100 series is no more IMO

This is pure speculation on my part.
I think A7S iii is next.
A7 iii will be released as a response to Nikon/Canon mirrorless.

I can’t see an a7III having almost the same specs as the a9. Makes no sense to have two cameras which only have FPS/no blanking as the only differentiator.

Kiril Karaatanasov
The RX100 and RX1 are also due for an update.

RX100 VI seems to be the most likely camera

A7iii rumor seems strange and unlikely. The reason is that

(A) Sony have A9 camera whose sales will be undercut seriously if A7iii with identical specs is released at half price. (The camera store made this observation too – there is no room for A7iii now)
(B) The A7Rii is now being discounted to level where it is in A7iii territory,
(C) Sony seems to turn to strategy where low end models are basically the old high end models (See the RX100 models – there are 5 models released over 5 years).

So basically the mid range camera now is A7Rii and there will never be new low end 24MP camera. We can expect A9 to get cheaper in time.

So current line up is

Low end full frame – A7, A7r, A7m2
Mid range – A7m2, A7r2, A7s, A7s2
Upper mid range – A7R3, A9, A7s3
High end – A9

Do you think the sony A7III will have any disadvantages to the A7RIII for video shooters? I was going to get an A7RIII for video and then get an A7SIII when it comes out, but perhaps I should wait for the A7 to be my b cam 🤔….

I wonder if the A7III will have the option for S35…

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